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First Seen: Peter
Last Seen: Brown Betty
6:02 AM EST - Sam Weiss version
Date Made: circa 1985
Made By: Walter Bishop and William Bell
Destruction Episode: Peter
Destroyed By: Walter Bishop
Events: Abducting Peter
Pilfering Advanced Technology
Saving Michael

The device provides a view into the parallel universe by, stretching the membrane between the universes, and capturing errant photons.


During Walter's recollection to Olivia (Peter), in 1985 he explained and demonstrated the device to three General Officers at US Army Research Headquarter's in New York City. He and Carla Warren allowed the men to look through the device while standing on the roof of their tall facility. They saw a very different skyline, one with dirigible airships operating amid the skyscrapers. Later in Walter's recounting to Olivia, he said he allowed his wife Elizabeth to look at the living version of her son in his parallel universe bedroom. Walter made use of the device in his lab, where he observed his alternate persona develop a cure to Peter's genetic illness. Frustrated at the course of events, he destroyed the photon imager. In his briefing to the senior military officers, Walter says that he and William Bell developed the imaging device after having made findings over several years about the parallel universe. Walter demonstrates the device to the military because he needs additional government funding.

During Walter's telling of a fictional tale to Ella (Brown Betty), his story included the imaging device in Nina Sharp's home. There, she communicated directly with William Bell while he was in the alternate universe.

In 6:02 AM EST, Sam Weiss had a viewer similar to the one Walter had. He used it to monitor/analyze a developing vortex in this universe

In Liberty, the science team uses it to observe Liberty Island in the parallel universe to determine if the invading Observers have modified the facility, or anything that might inhibit their plan to liberate Michael, the anomalistic young Observer.