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Mentioned: Frequently in Season 3
Focal point of Season 4
Age: Considered Ancient Technology
Events: Activated in Reciprocity
De-activated in Worlds Apart

The Wave Sink Device is a large mechano-organic hybrid device primarily associated with the adjusted timeline, Peter Bishop's erasure, the parallel universe, the First People, and the trans-dimensional bridge on Liberty Island.

  At one point, Secretary Bishop controled the device, or a copy of the device, and was intent on place it in service to eliminate the damaging temporal rifts manifesting in his universe, unconcerned with the damage it might inflict elsewhere. Components needed to make the device operational are being discovered in covert burial locations in this universe.


  • In Over There, Part 1, the Observer leaves a paper with a sketch of the Wave Sink device for Olivia. Walter explains to Olivia that the Observer once warned him that Peter should not be allowed to return to his original universe. Other than the sketch of the device, the paper also contains a sketch of Peter with his genetic make-up in the background. Walter believes that Peter will be used to destroy this universe.
  • Olivia, Walter and Broyles confront Nina Sharp about the drawing. She is familiar with the technology, it may be Bell's, however, it was not built by Massive Dynamic.
  • An elaborate technical blueprint of the device is left by Secretary Bishop for Peter to study.
  • In a Department of Defense chamber, the Wave Sink device is complete. Secretary Bishop reviews a schematic for the mC Wave Sink No. 3 device, and handles one of the missing components that needs to be replaced.
  • In Over There, Part 2, Secretary Bishop explains to Peter that the device is older technology, which can be used to solve the problems of the parallel universes. Peter later realizes that an organic interface (him) is needed to power the device, after many metallic parts start attaching to him magnetically. When Olivia rescues him from his new quarters, he tells her that is the reason his birth father retrieved him (Northwest Passage) - to 'eliminate' the problem - one universe.
    The Box
  • In The Box, Thomas Newton hires two men to recover a box buried beneath a home.
    Buried Component
    The apparatus inside the box emits lethal ultrasonic energy to most anyone nearby. It is one of the missing pieces of the Wave Sink device. Bolivia reports to the Other Side that Peter has the first piece and that he is actively engaged. A deaf man survived his encounter with this ultrasonic component of the device. The skull of a man with poor dental care exploded after prolonged exposure to the ultrasonic component. Peter shares what Secretary Bishop told him about the device - it is ancient technology.
  • In 6955 kHz, after decoding the Numbers Broadcasts, Astrid finds fifty-nine locations where components of the Wave Sink Device may be hidden. The book by Seamus Wiles, The First People, refers to the Vacuum - Walter believes that the Wave Sink Device may be the same device referenced in the book... a potential source of all creation, and destruction."
  • In Reciprocity, while assessing the Wave Sink Device in a Massive Dynamic hangar, Peter's nose begins to bleed and the machine is activated briefly. Peter is convinced he triggered it.
  • In 6:02 AM EST, Secretary Bishop used chromosomes from Henry Bishop's blood to activate his version of the Device. Peter attempts to enter the device, and is thrown from it and is badly injured.
  • In The Last Sam Weiss, Sam Weiss suggests that the device is 'hot wired', that it already thinks Peter's inside when he's not. Olivia access her unique abilities to open the machine.
  • In The Day We Died, Walter thinks he may have created the device, then sent the dismantled components through a wormhole into the past. Peter uses the machine to create a stable bridge between universes and stop the rift between universes.
  • In The Consultant, Colonel Broyles receives a device from David Jones to place on the control panel of the device that will sabotage it and render it useless to both universes.

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  • Was Peter altered (physically or genetically) to interact with the device?
  • Did William Bell have a hand in developing the technology for this device?
  • Did Secretary Bishop build this device strictly according to ancient technology?
  • Has Bell been plagiarizing ancient technology during his stint in the parallel universe?
  • Is Peter the only one that can operate the device?
    • If so, what specifically links Peter to the device?
    • If not, who else can operate the device?
    • Is Bolivia's son able to interface with the device?
  • Has any testing been done on the device to determine its age?
  • How many components need to be recovered to make it operational?
  • If the device is activated in this universe, will it resonate with a device on the other side?