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Profession:  Secretary of Defense of the United States In The Alternate Universe Portrayed by:
John Noble
Also Known As:  Mister Secretary, Secretary Bishop, Walternate
Family:  Peter Bishop - son, Elizabeth Bishop - wife
Connections:  Thomas Newton, Dr. Brandon Fayette, Reiko
Seen In:  18 of 100 episodes
Status:  Relieved that the Bridge is helping heal the temporal rifts of his world
Remarks:  Attempting to discover other shapeshifter infiltators in his government
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Secretary Walter Bishop is a leading US Government official (DoD) from the alternate universe.

  • In Peter, Walter watches him through his inter-dimensional viewer and finds a cure for Peter's disease. The Observer distracts him and he does not notice that his efforts to save Peter have succeeded. Walter does. Knowing the cure, Walter travels to the alternate universe and abducts Peter, to cure him.
  • In The Man From The Other Side, Secretary Bishop is brought to our universe by Thomas Newton.
  • In Northwest Passage, he and Newton intercept Peter in a motel room.
  • In Over There, Part 1, he offers Peter the chance to return to his original universe. Peter agrees. His role as the alt-universe US Secretary of Defense is introduced where he is headquartered on Liberty Island with the Statue of Liberty, in New York Harbor. He authored a ZFT book in 1995 in his universe.
  • In Over There, Part 2, he explains to Peter that he needs to get the power source working to run the Wave Sink Device. He is holding Olivia in a padded cell.
  • In Olivia, he attempts to implant false memories into Olivia while she is in his custody.
  • In The Plateau, he explains to Broyles that they need Olivia to subject herself willingly in a series of experiments to learn her special ability on travelling between universes. He recommends Brandon to use a sensory deprivation tank to calm down his experimental subjects.
  • In Amber 31422, he convinces Olivia to conduct a test to travel to the parallel universe using a sensory deprivation tank. He also explains to Broyles that the amber victims can be revived.
  • In The Abducted, he tries to pull Olivia out of the field then has her sedated after she breaks into Brandon's lab.
  • In Entrada, he suggests to Brandon to narrow down the harmonic field to one person to successfully transfer Bolivia back to their side.
  • In Immortality, he denies Brandon's request to use children as Cortexiphan test subjects. He confides with Reiko on the difficult decisions he faces.
  • In Subject 13, he discovers the whereabouts of his lost son when Olivia confesses on her visit to the parallel universe and hand him the drawing of her and Peter in the white tulip field.
  • In Bloodline, he is forced to give out the details of Bolivia's mission on the other side to Lincoln. He receives the blood sample of Dunham's newborn son from Brandon.
  • In The Day We Died, he materializes in this universe along with Bolivia and Brandon Fayette after Peter builds a bridge between universes, then confronts Walter after Peter vanishes.
  • In Back To Where You've Never Been, his aid is solicited by Peter to help return him get to his timeline. He deactivates Doctor Fayette after discovering he is a shapeshifter.
  • In Enemy Of My Enemy, he oversees the interrogation of David Jones, before releasing him. Later, he leads the meeting in The Bridge conference room and encourages expanded cooperation.
  • In Everything In Its Right Place, a short press video has him touting the new era of relief from the destructive forces that were consuming his universe.
  • In Worlds Apart, he


Secretary Bishop formerly worked as a scientist in the same parallel universe Boston area lab that Walter currently uses. He was famous for being the architect of the Star Wars defense system. Prior to becoming the Defense Secretary, he worked at Bishop Dynamic.

In 1985, he tried to synthesize a compound that would cure his son's genetic disease. When he failed, Walter Bishop abducted his son and cured him in this universe (Peter). Six months after the abduction incident, Walter was unable to accept the loss of his son and relied on alcohol. The incident causes a fracture on his marriage (Subject 13).

In 1995, he wrote and published ZFT... The Natural Decay Of Our World. He admits to his current Fringe Division team in Manhatan that the book is a half-truth and that the tears are not natural decay. The tears lead to something on the other side. (Over There, Part 1)


  • Nickname. Called "Walternate" in 1985 by Bell and Walter, the reference is frequently utilized by Agent Broyles' science task force.

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  • Does Secretary Bishop's actions represent the will of his government, or is he conducting a personal vendetta against this universe and Walter?
  • Has Secretary Bishop tried to retrieve Peter Bishop from this universe prior to their Noyo County meeting (The Man From The Other Side)?
  • Did Secretary Bishop visit Walter during his stay at St. Claire's (The Equation)?
  • Where (or from whom) did he get the plans for the ancient Wave Sink Device weapon?


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