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The band Violet Sedan Chair was first mentioned by Walter in Grey Matters. He refused to go to the hospital and instead asked Astrid to return to the lab to retrieve their debut album. He claimed that their songs help him come down from a Valium high.

In Northwest Passage, Walter picks up his Seven Suns vinyl record by Violet Sedan Chair. The music played in the episode is entitled "She's Doing Fine".

In The Firefly, Walter met the keyboardist of his favorite band, Roscoe Joyce. Roscoe explained to Walter that the band broke up after he lost his son in a car accident, the same night when he was performing with the band at a club in Harvard Yard. Broyles has never heard of the band, so Peter assures him that Joyce is one of Walter's heroes... up there with Einstein and Tesla.

In Novation, Malcolm Truss quietly sings Seven Suns while working in his garden. It is the first reference to this fictional music after the timeline was reset by Peter (The Day We Died). The music was not attributed to the fictional band and may be a product of some other collaborative effort.

In The Real World

The fictional band was first mentioned publicly by the one of the creators of the show, J.J. Abrams, in an issue of Wired Magazine. In this issue, Abrams remarked that the Seven Suns album of the band is missing an eleventh song and that the track is rumored to cause hallucinatory effects when played on multiple turntables. Prior to the airing of The Firefly, a number of vinyl records of Seven Suns were sent out to selected independent record outlets in United States. The album consists of ten songs in the style of psychedelic and folk.

Track Listing      

Side One:

  1. Seven Suns (rising)
  2. Slow Vibration
  3. Hovercraft Mother
  4. She's Doing Fine
  5. Long List of Lovers

Side Two:

  1. Keep Climbing
  2. 500 Years
  3. Last Man in Space
  4. Seven Suns (setting)
  5. Re Fa Mi Si Sol La
  6. Greenmana - missing track


  • Anagram. Violet Sedan Chair is an anagram of Olive Can Read This.

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