The Human Kind

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The Human Kind
Season: 5 Episode: 8
Air Date: 07 December 12
Written by: Alison Schapker
Directed by: Dennis Smith
Starring: Main Characters
Guest Cast: Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark
Jill Scott as Simone
Shaun Smyth as Anil

Kett Turton as Briggs
Nathan Dashwood as Stratton
Claude Duhamel as Carlos
Eliza Faria as Darby
Chuck Zuckermann as Stabbed Observer
Jason McKinnon as Loyalist Guard
Colby Wilson as Uniformed Loyalist
Brian McBride as Tea Spiller

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The Human Kind is the eighth episode of the fifth season of FRINGE. It first aired on December 7th, 2012. The team uncovers another videotape and Olivia sets out to recover a large magnet from a clairevoyant woman. Windmark tracks Peter to Henrietta's apartment and is lead down a path to his future demise. Walter and Astrid determine that the device in Peter's head may not be removed if he evolves much more.


  On a cold rainy night in New
Pre-Owned Neck Tech
York City, Olivia sits in her vehicle and waits nervously for Anil to join her. Anil has been busy, but shows, and he has exactly what she was looking for - the same type of Observer implant that Peter introduced into his brain stem. One of Anil's Resistance Fighters removed it for a souvenir, a war-trophy of sorts, from the base of an Observer's skull. If Walter can figure out how the tech works, Anil would be delighted to here about it. Olivia accepts the device to take back to Walter, and Anil wants to make sure the two of them are alright... he honestly didn't know what Peter was up to, implanting the tech in his own brain. Olivia is fine with Anil. Even more so when he provides some fresh ammo to replenish Olivia's dwindling inventory. Nearby, Resistance posters featuring her daughter are being removed in favor of Observer propaganda.
  In Henrietta Bishop's apartment, her father continues his calculations of probabilities that will deliver Captain Windmark to the right
Time To Take Out The Trash
place, at the correct time, for assassination. In the corridor outside of Henrietta's apartment, Windmark and one of his lieutenants step through a trans-dimensional portal - on the hunt for Bishop. Peter looks at his latest calculation and makes one last entry, based on the probabability of what he suspects is just now occurring in the hallway outside. Windmark comes to an intersection and points down a new corridor to Henrietta's apartment. There. The two Observers step through another portal into the apartment, only to find it empty... with Peter's calculations posted and ready for review. Closer inspection tells Windmark that Peter has gained the ability to run futures. The latest prediction places Windmark 'in the apartment at 5:42'. The digital clock in the background confirms it. Safe on the street outside, Peter stares up at the apartment where he has just informed Windmark his head is on the chopping block... no warning next time.


  In his lab, Walter sits with Astrid and watches videotape #8 in the grand plan to defeat the Observers. The mission, according to the tape, hinges on recovering a large electromagnet from the town of Fitchburg, forty-six miles Northwest of Boston.
Tonight On America's Most Wanted... The Scientist That Likes Pie. Will He Kill For It?
Olivia is just finding her way back through the steam tunnels to Walter's lab and crawls up through the ducting to join her peers. Walter can see that Olivia is upset. Once she hands over the Observer tech and explains the circumstances, Walter grows concerned too. When did Peter implant himself with the tech - and is he manifesting any of the Observer traits. Olivia has seen Peter read time like the Observers and anticipate what she is about to say, also. If Walter can test this new device, maybe they can find a way to neutralize the technology - but he'll need organic material to run diagnostics. He has some of Bell's experiments in the basement. The brain of a preserved porcupine-man should do the trick. Peter calls Olivia and Walter insists on taking the call. Walter needs Peter to return to the lab so he can study what is happening to him. Implanting the tech may be really dangerous, and more than that, Walter needs him back to help him through the rough patch he is experiencing himself. Peter called primarily to warn the rest of the science team not to return to Henrietta's apartment, it has been compromised. About the implant, Peter is experiencing so much new capacity, and he is in complete control of it. After the call, Peter looks up at a nearby building, six stories above street level, Walter’s image appears on large billboards – as a wanted fugitive. Olivia needs to do something productive. She will head out to Fitchburg alone and try to locate the electromagnet that may, or may not, be waiting for them. Time to stick with the plan and not go rogue like Peter.
  In Manhattan, Peter patrols the streets and attempts to determine a possible outcome that will alter Captain Windmark’s navigation through the urban confusion. Peter visualizes himself with a
There, There Little Observer - No Need Crying Over Spilled Tea
cup of tea, then placing it precariously on the edge of a trash canister. In the vision, Windmark may make it through a crosswalk without having to wait at the curb for the next light. Peter puts his test in motion. At a street side cafe, Peter repositions a cup of tea from a service tray to a nearby trash can. The cup, just an inch or so from falling, is placed so that someone might clumsily knock it to the ground. Peter clears off around the corner and turns to watch if he predicted accurately. Windmark and his aide walk along the sidewalk seconds later and a man coming from another direction accidently knocks the beverage onto Windmark shoes with his shoulder bag. More than apologetic at the minor infraction, the man quickly offers his sleeve to help wipe up the messy footwear. Windmark dismisses the man and continues to the crosswalk at the intersection. He missed the light by only a few seconds and has to wait. Peter checks his watch to confirm his calculation. Good enough.
  On the rural side of Fitchburg, Olivia finds the scrapyard that Walter was referring to in his latest recovered video. The overgrown lot is lined with metal dumpsters and an assorted quantity of other industrial implements. As Olivia drives up, a young girl runs parallel through the rusting wreckage - excited that they have a new visitor. Olivia parks and walks to the center of the compound. Carlos is unloading a pick-up truck and greets her. Olivia comes to the point of her visit... she is there to barter for a heavy-duty industrial electromagnet. Carlos wasn't expecting that - he needs to go fetch the boss for this exchange. Inside the business, Simone is on the phone trying to work a deal with a potential customer who needs piping. She can sell the piping, but really needs to deal in food, not cash. A lot of folks depend on Simone and they are hungry. After the call, Carlos calls-up the security footage of Olivia waiting outside - she wants the magnet. Simone is exasperated - it's her. Carlos gets additional
No. I Was Just Kidding About The Electro-Magnet. Really, I Am Just Wondering If There Is A Ladies Room Around Here I Could Use?
orders to support their new customer. Send them now.


  Still waiting for her electromagnet in Fitchburg, Olivia looks around the premises and notices she is gaining more than a few stares from the workers and their family members. Apparently her arrival has caught the fascination of everyone in the immediate area. Simone walks out to greet Olivia. Exhilirated, Simone has been expecting her for twenty-one years. Simone leads Olivia around to the side of the workshop and pulls the tarp off a heavy duty flatbed loaded with a large industrial electromagnet. Simone has been watching over the truck all this time because her mother made a deal with a gray-haired man that said he needed the huge magnet to defeat the Invaders. Simone was young and doesn't remember if Walter was the one that made the request. Her mother spent hours with the man making the request and she wanted to make sure the magnet was ready to go at any time. Before Simone's mother passed-away, Simone promised she would make sure the magnet was ready when someone finally came for it. It has been so long
Can't We Just Strap It To The Top Of My Prius?
that the group was tempted to sell the magnet and/or the truck when they fell on hard financial times, but Simone kept the faith just like her Mom. The only thing keeping Olivia from leaving the lot is that the vehicle needs diesel fuel... which has already been sent for. Simone seems to know Olivia somehow - she has visions around other people and knows that Olivia has a very important slug from a bullet in her pocket. Simone has always had this gift.
  In the lab, Walter
"Kids. Just Say NO! To Observer Tech"
and Astrid begin their experimentation on the tech device Olivia recovered from Anil. The brain specimen isn't ideal, and appears to have suffered to some damage in its preserved state, but they need to see if they can generate any measurable results that might help Peter. Walter preps the specimen while Astrid fine tunes the three-dimensional imager that should provide readings once the Observer tech is inserted. Walter holds the device close to the specimen brain, trying to determine the best way to insert. Before he can decide, the small probe implants itself - flying from Walter's grasp and burying itself in the specimen. Ugh. In just a few seconds, the imager shows the brain starting to morph and reconfigure the lobes on either side of the cerebral cortex. After less than half a minute, the embedded device stops affecting the transition. That probably means the small probe didn't think the decades old porcupine-man brain was suitable. Astrid has enough data from the test to extrpolate a more complete survey and let's the computer run a few iterations. The best guestimate shows that more ridges are forming on the brain and that the cerebral cortex is growing so thick that it would likely override the portions of the brain used to control emotions... essentially controlling the evolution of anyone who has this technology in them.
  In the salvage
<Olivia>    What Am I Thinking Now?                  <Simone> Tall Diet Coke. No Ice. Twist Of Lime. <Olivia>    Damn - I Guess You Are Psychic
yard, Olivia is still waiting for the fuel truck that will let her diesel her way back toward Boston with the magnet. Simone worries about the delay, but Carlos doesn't - they'll be here soon. The young girl that has been hanging around is fascinated with Olivia, so Darby doesn't hesitate to stop by for a chat. The gossip in the compound is that Olivia has a bounty on her head on Reward Wire. Carlos calls Darby away before any more gossip is shared and Simone joins Olivia with a big glass of water... in case she was thirsty. The stares, the gossip about the reward, following on the heals of the tidbit about the group struggling to feed themselves gets Olivia highly paranoid. Olivia is certain she is being set-up. The diesel fuel that never arrives - what's in the water? A sedative? Simone is disappointed at the accusation - she has been operating in good faith, not setting Olivia up for capture. Olivia draws her pistol to keep Simone from getting any closer. Simone shows that she is good at her word - she drinks the water herself, no sedative. Simone has known since she met Olivia that the Fringe agent has no faith. All Olivia wants is to leave with the magnet, but she is more than welcome to leave now. If Olivia needs more people to secure the magnet, bring them back... the truck will be here. Simone looks into the heart of Olivia again. She sees that Olivia has lost her daughter - twice. The fuel arrives and Olivia takes pause at Simone's insight - then lowers her weapon.
  Back in New York City, Peter continues to stalk and plan the demise of Captain Windmark, this time from an abandoned office building overlooking Windmark's routine path from his office. Peter does a few advanced calculations in his head then visualizes Windmark leaving his vehicle on the street and appearing in the abandoned office space directly behind him - which Windmark has just done. Facing his would-be assassin,
You See... If You Are Ever In A Vancouver Hockey Fight, This Is How You Grab A Guy. No Elbows. No Fists. Instant Sleeper-Hold. Got It Chuck? Chuck!?
Windmark taunts Peter. You are not the only one that can manipulate someone elses future. Windmark knows that Peter was the one that exchanged the deadly briefcase that killed his men. The deal with the spilled tea earlier today - we know that was you Peter. Windmark takes credit for getting Peter where he stands right now... he has adjusted his own routine to lead Peter here for this intentional confrontation. With lightning fast speed Windmark attacks Peter, only to come face-to-face with a structural beam when Peter, with equal speed, is able to anticipate and flip out of the way. Both men continue and land punch after punch as they crash through and into things in high speed. Both use their skill to step through trans-dimensional portals to regain the advantage during the battle royale, appearing behind one another to inflict more damage. Bloody and battered, Windmark gains the upper-hand and punishes Peter with Henrietta's final thoughts as he was preparing to kill her. Peter sees what Windmark shares telepathically... the idyllic day in the park that three year-old Henrietta was having with her parents, minutes before the invasion by the Observers started. Windmark puts a knife to Peter's neck but is knocked back before he can start slicing. Peter turns to defend himself and Windmark's lieutenant steps through a portal directly behind Peter, wraps his arms around Peter and stabs him in the left clavicle. Windmark charges back in to finish Peter off and receives Peter's boot to the chest. Now one-on-one with the lieutenant, Peter generates his own trans-dimensional window behind the Observer and uses the man's own knife to stab him in the chest and kill him. Injured, but not having lost his life to Windmark, Peter exits the building through another trans-dimensional portal. Windmark looks at his dead colleague and decides to take it to the streets and look for Peter himself. Windmark's portal drops him at a busy intersection nearby to study traffic, pedestrians and the entrances and exits of surrounding buildings. Peter is farther away, blending in with the foot-traffic on a narrow avenue. That stab wound is going to need some attention.


  In Fitchburg,
How Does It Go, Simone? ♫ Eastbound And Down, Loaded-up And Truckin' - We Gonna Do What They Say Can't Be Done ♫ ...Ten-Four Girl-Buddy
Olivia has the fuel she needs and is preparing for the drive back to the Boston area. Any lesser soul would have walked away from Olivia by now, but Simone won't. She knows Olivia's faith is shaken, but if Olivia will just allow it to find its own intuitive way, her faith will return. Olivia recognizes Simone's latent gift - seeing what others don't, her vision and insight, but it wasn't bestowed on her. Simone, you are an anomaly. Take it from another anomaly. Olivia reels through the odd, bizarre and otherwise strange happenings she has experienced in the decades she has been a Fringe agent - not a gift. Calling it a gift is a device to make you feel better, reassured, comforted. Olivia doesn't seek that reassurance, she can't afford to fool herself - she knows way too much. Olivia has to hit the road and hops in the truck to go - thanks for the magnet. Simone hasn't given up on Olivia and smiles at her. You can't know everything Olivia... Simone's faith is still firmly intact.
  Back in Walter's lab, he and Astrid, continue working
Peter. Did You Just Flick-Out Your Tongue And Catch A Fly In Mid-Air, Like A Lizard?
on the recovered Observer implant when Peter quietly returns. Astrid stops and quickly retrieves the medical kit that Walter will need to treat Peter's stab wound. As bad as it looks, Peter isn't feeling any pain in his current augmented state. Walter tends to the first-aid back in one of the offices and briefs Peter on what he and Astrid have discovered. They ran a diagnostic simulation of an Observer tech implant similar to his, and it's not good. The device completely reshapes the brain, and territory usually reserved for processing emotions is being co-opted in favor of logic functionality. Like an automaton reciting an encyclopedia, Peter is familiar with the process he has inflicted on himself. The nucleus accumbens in his limbic system is shrinking and emotional memory is being suppressed in favor of higher rational thought and expanding his cerebral cortex. Peter has no regrets about what he is doing and he is certain that Walter, of all people, can appreciate what it might feel like to tap into the full potential of the human brain. What has Walter worried is that the changes Peter has initiated by implanting the tech device is his brain stem may soon be irreversible. There won't anything Walter can do to get Peter back to normal. Peter is undeterred in his mission to avenge his daughter. He will manipulate Windmark's future - setting him on a path of Peter's design...
Three...Two...One... Ready Or Not, Here I Come. Fair Warning! I Shoot Almost Everyone That Crosses Me In The Head. Not A Pretty Funeral!
a path to assassination. Walter wants Windmark gone too, but the plan on the videotapes is the way to make that happen, and it won't happen if Peter is lost to the tech in his head. Repaired with a few stitches - Peter needs to return to New York, his father's passionate plea falling on emotionally deaf ears.

  On a rural backroad through the woods leading out of Fitchburg, Olivia drives the large flatbed truck carrying the enormous electro-magnet needed to defeat the Observers. She places a call to Anil in New York with a request for some logistical support by the Resistance forces. She needs a place to store her rather cumbersome cargo. Anil can help - they have a warehouse outside of Boston. He will coordinate a rendezvous with someone that will meet her and lead her to the place, once she is a little closer in. Olivia ends the call early. Up ahead on the narrow road are a couple of vehicles that look like they have collided. Thru-traffic is blocked. On the turf are what looks like the dead, or injured. Olivia stops and hops out to investigate. She flips a body over and it is just a mannequin positioned to look like someone that was injured in the crash. Two highway robbers pop-up and ambush Olivia before she can defend herself. What's in the truck? Do you have any money? Caught at gunpoint, Olivia has her weapon taken from her and her image scanned into a portal handheld reader. The reader quickly seals her fate - she is money, or at least the bounty for her on Reward Wire is. Unwilling to submit, Olivia delivers a few kicks and punches before a pistol-whipping to the face drops her where she stands.


  In a good-sized mechanical
I Really Need To Get Out Of These Ropes In The Next Few Minutes. This Underwire Is Killing Me And I Can't Even Get A Satisfying Scratch Going
workshop out in the rural forest, Olivia strains to listen-in as her two 'bounty hunters' discuss how they plan to cash in their new fortune - her. Stratton wants to stay away from the authorities and take whatever money they can get from selling the truck and scraping the magnet. Briggs is dreaming bigger - turning over Tier-1 Fugitive Dunham will score them a hundred times more money than the nickel-'n'-dime stuff they usually subsist on. Briggs gets his way and calls the Reward Wire Hotline to negotiate his terms. Olivia is tied-up in a smaller workshop in back, but gets close enough to hear that she is headed for a meeting with Loyalist enforcers. Briggs sets out his term to the operator on the other end of the call - he will hand over the fugitive at a 'Truth Church', that way he won't have to reveal where his criminal lair is - he can't be scanned there. They'll get their fugitive once he gets his money. The operator is reluctant, this is an extremely non-standard request. Someone further up the food chain will have to approve it... who is the fugitive? Olivia Dunham. - - Hold, please. Olivia hears her name go out over the comm and decides it is time to act to secure her own freedom. She needs to get her hands free of the rope binding them behind her back. A tall drill press with a long, sharp bit in the smaller workshop she is in should do the trick, so she starts the process of slicing through the thick rope.

  In his office, top security dog Windmark gets word of the Reward Wire call that is underway to claim the bounty on Dunham. He hears the caller's terms to get the money upfront, before handing over the captured fugitive. Windmark thinks for a brief moment... but yes, the terms are acceptable.

  From the rural workshop, Briggs hears what he was hoping to hear. He can turn in Dunham at the Truth Church in Sector 7, about an hour away. Done deal - call complete - that's how you do it Stratton. Still alone in the back, Olivia gets free of her bindings and needs to somehow fashion a weapon to
I Hope I Timed This Right. Kat From Accounting Always Takes A Smoke Break About Now. She's Cute, Always Flirts With Me & Reeks Of Nicotine
help her chances of escape. She looks around at the well-stocked mechanical workshop and decides on pneumatic power, flipping the valve on a large compressor to let the PSI build.
  In the Observer precinct building in Manhattan, Peter has found his way to one of the electrical service bays in the heart of the structure. With a few tools, he pops the cover off of an electrical circuit box for an elevator and opens a wiring panel inside. After a quick check of the watch, to make sure his calculations work correctly, Peter snips a few specific wires to achieve the result he desires. Upstairs in the office space, Windmark approaches an elevator for a ride to a different floor. After pressing the call button several times, with no resultant elevator, Windmark decides he'll take the stairs instead. Peter waits in the electrical room, looks up and visually hypothesizes he was successful in getting Windmark to take the stairs,
I Wonder. If I'd Just Asked Them To Help Us Kill The Observers And Save The World - Maybe They'd Have Let Me Go? Oh Well, Too Late Now
then quickly reinstalls the circuit box cover and leaves.

  Knowing she doesn't have much time left before she is hauled away and incarcerated, Olivia moves quickly to takedown the two profiteering felons holding her and Walter's electromagnet. After soaking a rag with a flammable liquid and placing it on the floor, Olivia configures the compressor with a hose and a long narrow tube - enough to fire a makeshift projectile at one of her new friends in the main workshop. Of the many projectile quality objects in the mechanical workshop, Olivia chooses to stick with an old family friend - the bullet her daughter had carried for years in memory of her. Olivia slides the deformed slug in to the makeshift barrel and sets her trap. A spark on the flammable cloth starts a cloud of smoke wafting about the shop. Briggs is inside the building, gathering his stuff for the drive to Sector 7 and rushes to see what is causing the smoke. With his pistol drawn he demands to know what is going on. Olivia is standing with her hands behind as if she were still tied-up. Before Briggs can finish his sentence, Olivia stomps on the foot switch she rigged, and her favorite slug finds its target - the middle of Briggs forehead, dropping him like a sack of potatoes. Olivia secures his pistol and heads into the larger shop to get the drop on Stratton as he returns from an errand outside. He wants to smooth-talk and quick draw Olivia in one move, but she shoots him before he can get his hand on his weapon. Boom! Olivia knows she needs to get going but takes a second to see where her heirloom slug wound up. Former felon Briggs was nice enough to let the bullet pass clean through his skull and lodge in the wood trim behind him. Olivia finds it and plucks it out to take with her. Sweet.


  Before leaving the
What Do You Mean What Happened To MY Face?! No Olivia. I Wasn't Being Mean. You Have A Rather Significant Boo-Boo That Needs Suturing
rural workshop, Olivia gathers what she came with and makes a video call back to Walter's lab in the Harvard restricted zone to check-in and report her status. Walter answers the call and can immediately see that Olivia has had a rough day based on the large abrasion on her cheek. Olivia reports that she recovered the electromagnet and that she is heading back toward Boston and a facility Anil is arranging to store it in. Walter's shares his day with her - Peter came back. Walter tried to convince Peter to remove the Observer device from his brain... and that if he didn't do that soon, the process might be irreversible. Peter could not be swayed one iota and Walter is at wits end for what to do next. Olivia studies the bullet slug Henrietta carried around her neck for so long - maybe she can get through to Peter on this issue. Walter, do you know where Peter is?
  In the pouring rain of Manhattan, Peter crouches on an isolated balcony five-storys above the evening foot-traffic in the plaza below. With his binoculars, he can see the comings and goings a couple of hundreds of yards away. Walter knew exactly where Peter was and Olivia made the long trip south to try and talk some sense into him. She knows that Windmark nearly got the
Sonnuva Wow! Holy Shitake Mushroom! Ay Carumba! There's The Pain! Excedrin Headache Number Three Point One Four One Five Nine...
better of him today during a surprise attack. Emotionless, and still on-task, Peter reports that his encounter with Windmark has already been turned to an advantage. In a few minutes, the Observer he plans to assassinate tomorrow afternoon should walk up a set of steps below and pass the fountain. If he does, Peter knows that he adjusted Windmark's future path, sending him on a trajectory that will allow Peter to snap his neck at 5:13 PM... avenging their daughter's murder at his hand. Olivia appreciates that Peter has become a master of running futures with his advanced analytic skills - but at what cost? If his brain becomes permanently evolved and he loses all emotional capacity - then he won't retain the feelings he has for her, or Henrietta, or anybody for that matter. Olivia doesn't want to lose him again like she did when Henrietta went missing during The Purge. With what little emotion he has left, Peter recounts his battle with Windmark earlier that day - Windmark passed him the vision he drew from Henrietta just before he shot her... it was of her parents. The three of them were playing in the Park when the invasion began and life went wrong. Henrietta's last thoughts were her childhood memory of Peter and Olivia. So, tomorrow - Windmark will die. If Peter removes the implant in his brain before then, Windmark will survive tomorrow. Olivia is sticking to her guns. What if tomorrow is too late for the implant and it becomes permanent? Their daughter is not gone, she's still here with us. The love they carry for her, and share
♪Who's Marching Down The Streets Of The City? Who's Reading 'Natives' He Meets? I'm Gonna Kill Me 'Pete Bishop' - Everyone Calls Me 'Windy'♪
with each other keeps her alive. That love is invulnerable to anything, and yes it hurts having lost her, but that's what makes us human. Peter sees emotion as a weakness. Olivia won't hear it - it is a strength. It is the one quality they have an abundance of - and the Observers have none of. Olivia loves Peter and doesn't want him to become like the soulless invaders running the planet. If he doesn't get the device out of his brain stem soon, he will never again feel the love he has for his daughter, or for Olivia. Below in the plaza, Windmark climbs a few steps and passes the fountain exactly as Peter had calculated - the assassination late tomorrow can go forward as planned. Time for Peter to make a choice... as visions of his young daughter fill his mind's eye. More visions remind him of his loving life with Olivia and the brief time he had with Henrietta after they were reunited a few months back. Peter makes his decision. The knife comes out - which means the tech implant is coming out too. He reaches around to the base of his skull, carves open the scar that has just started to seal, then reaches in and plucks-out the implant that has been driving his cerebral evolution for the past week. The pain receptors are on max volume again and Olivia is the recipient of the blood tech device. For his effort, Peter is rewarded with the heirloom bullet slug their daughter wore on a necklace... it's his now. The warm embrace from the woman he loves does help the pain some.


"I have moved things with my mind. I've lit things on fire. I’ve caught bullets midair. I've seen things that people only dream about. I've seen... the seams between universes ripped apart, things that humans shouldn't see. People make up explanations... assign meaning to things without knowing, because it's reassuring. It's comforting. But I can't do that... because I know too much." - Olivia (to Simone, on her lack of faith and the harsh reality the invading forces have brought to her life)

"When I was fighting Windmark, he showed me ‘Etta's last thoughts before he shot her. She thought of us... that day in the park before they invaded, before everything went wrong. Her last thoughts... they were of us. I will kill him tomorrow." - Peter (to Olivia, committed to his mission, seconds before Olivia convinces him to remove the brain stem probe that would let him assassinate Windmark)


  • Power Tools. The petty criminals that hijacked Olivia back to their tool-laden workshop, Briggs & Stratton, are name play on the popular toolmaking corporation of the same name.


    In the crane structure above Kelvin Genetics (Five-Twenty-Ten), the spray-painted tag Oracle foreshadows the importance of Simone - an oracle of intuition, vision and divine knowing in the overall plan to defeat the Observers


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 2) Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.

  • Did Walter meet with Simone's mother twenty-one years earlier and arrange for the electro-magnet?
    • If not, what other gray-haired gent made the arrangements?
    • If so, what did Walter say/do to convince her to build and store the device, then suffer the financial hardship of doing so?
  • Was Simone's mother a psychic anomaly too?
    • Did she know Walter years before he came to her with a request for the electro-magnet?
  • Does Simone see something in Olivia's future that she did not share with Olivia?
  • Did one of Simone's people call the hijackers and warn them that a Tier-1 Reward Wire Fugitive was headed their way?
  • Did Peter retain any of the speed, strength, agility or mental prowess associated with the implant, once he removed it?
  • Does Peter have an advantage over Windmark now that he has removed the Observer tech from his brain and is capable of more emotional, or less logical, decision-making?


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Season 5 : Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11In AbsentiaThe RecordistThe Bullet That Saved The WorldAn Origin StoryThrough The Looking Glass And What Walter Found ThereFive-Twenty-TenThe Human KindBlack BlotterAnomaly XB-6783746The Boy Must LiveLibertyAn Enemy Of FateSeason 4 : Neither Here Nor ThereOne Night In OctoberAlone In The WorldSubject 9NovationAnd Those We've Left BehindWallflowerBack To Where You've Never BeenEnemy Of My EnemyForced PerspectiveMaking AngelsWelcome To WestfieldA Better Human BeingThe End Of All ThingsA Short Story About LoveNothing As It SeemsEverything In Its Right PlaceThe ConsultantLetters Of TransitWorlds ApartBrave New World, Part 1Brave New World, Part 2Season 3 : OliviaThe BoxThe PlateauDo Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?Amber 314226955 kHzThe AbductedEntradaMarionetteThe FireflyReciprocityConcentrate And Ask AgainImmortality6BSubject 13OsStowawayBloodlineLysergic Acid Diethylamide6:02 AM ESTThe Last Sam WeissThe Day We DiedSeason 2 : A New Day In The Old TownNight Of Desirable ObjectsFractureMomentum DeferredDream LogicEarthlingOf Human ActionAugustSnakeheadGrey MattersUnearthedJohari WindowWhat Lies BelowThe Bishop RevivalJacksonvillePeterOlivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.White TulipThe Man From The Other SideBrown BettyNorthwest PassageOver There, Part 1Over There, Part 2Season 1 : PilotThe Same Old StoryThe Ghost NetworkThe ArrivalPower HungryThe CureIn Which We Meet Mr. JonesThe EquationThe DreamscapeSafeBoundThe No-BrainerThe TransformationAbilityInner ChildUnleashedBad DreamsMidnightThe Road Not TakenThere's More Than One Of Everything