The End Of All Things

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The End Of All Things
Season: 4 Episode: 14
Air Date: 24 February 2012
Written by: David Fury
Directed by: Jeff Hunt
Starring: Main Characters
Guest Cast: Jared Harris as David Jones
Michael Cerveris as The Observer
Monte Markham as Leland Spivey
Eugene Lipinski as December
Steven Weller as March

Amos Stern as July

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Previously: A Better Human Being
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The End Of All Things is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of FRINGE. It first aired on February 24th, 2012. Nina and Olivia face torture at the hands of David Jones. Peter and the science team treat the injured Observer before he is snatched from the current timeline by his colleagues. Peter shares a synaptic interface with the Observer and learns what he is ultimately destined to do.


  Following Olivia's abduction, Peter is confident
Spy Cam
he can find something in her apartment that will lead to the responsible party. Agent Lee tags along but isn't terribly concerned about finding a clue in his partner's home. Lee is more concerned with Nina's role in the matter and the influence Peter has seemingly projected onto Olivia's personality. Has Peter been selfishly robbing Olivia of her own identity? Peter's diligent search locates a security breach in one of the ceiling-mounted smoke alarms -- a wireless, closed circuit camera. The camera has a back-up memory disk that may provide degraded imaging from the past few days. Lee plans to interrogate Nina while Peter gets the covert camera data back to Walter's lab for analysis.
 In the abandoned Plainfield Memorial Hospital, Olivia and Nina Sharp discuss the events that led to their abduction and subsequent imprisonment in a dilapidated isolation cell. Sharp claims she was kidnapped in the middle of the night, and that one of the intruders looked exactly like her. Olivia deduces that means a duplicate Nina must have visited her in her apartment when she was ill and is now posing as the authentic Nina Sharp at Massive Dynamic. Sharp claims the entire time she has been held he has never mentioned what he is after.... On cue, master criminal David Jones makes his grand entrance into the makeshift cell and greets Olivia - someone he has waited to meet for a very long time. With memories for Peter's previous timeline, Olivia has Jones at a disadvantage - she knows
Getting Drilled With Nina
who and what he is. She even watched him die once. Jones senses a trend - she is not the only one recently who has said this to him. Regardless, Jones gets to his business. The migraines Olivia has been suffering from - yeah..?. that would be him. The Cortexiphan he has been giving her will do that. Jones needs Olivia to activate her latent abilities from childhood, and knows how from the notes Walter took during the testing in Jacksonville -- Intense Emotion. To get the ball rolling, how about a little torture? Jones gets-out his trusty electric drill with a tapered bit. Torturing Olivia won't
Sorry Boss. Larry, Moe And I Agree - No More Thai, Indian Or Jamaican. From Now On We Only Lunch Hawaiian Style. Pineapple & Pu-Pu Platters
help, but drilling into Nina Sharp's robo-arm may encourage Olivia to let loose with the super-human skills. A few seconds of screaming agony and Olivia yields. She will cooperate with Jones.


  In Downtown Boston, a small meeting convenes in an urban plaza, just a few yards from the public ice rink. The four bald men wearing Fedoras and carrying briefcases need to compare notes on their recent findings. December wants to know if their target has been located. No. The lingering question is why their trusted colleague failed to follow orders and erase the remaining traces of Peter Bishop from this timeline. Only September knows the reasoning behind his actions - in effect, it is almost as if he is responsible for Peter's return... having repeatedly intervened on young Bishop's behalf against all warning. Not being able to isolate September means one thing - the Observers wait and grab him when he resurfaces. The consequences promise to be dire.

  The fun and games at Fringe Division Headquarters are just beginning as Broyles joins Nina Sharp for a candid interview on her involvement in Olivia's disappearance. Nina seems genuinely sincere when she asks about Olivia's fate - she raised her like she was her own daughter. Broyles doesn't tolerate any of the usual innuendo and semi-truth Nina typically offers - sit down - cooperate. Nina is incensed that anyone could possibly suggest that she has anything to do with dosing Olivia with Cortexiphan or for her apparent abduction. Phillip must know Nina better than that, in fact, Nina
Phil. Tell Your Pit Bull Here To Back It Off A Few Notches. I Have Hemorrhoids Older Than Him That I Like Better
wants to be released from custody so she can engage Massive Dynamic resources to assist in the search for Dunham. Agent Lee joins the strained interviewed with fresh data for Broyles. Data that raises new questions about Nina' involvement - like the last time she was in the secure facility housing the Cortexiphan samples. Nina remembers clearly, before her visit yesterday with Lee and Walter, she hasn't been to the Deep-Containment Facility in years. Well that's not what the security logs say. Her biometric access, along with eyewitnesses, have placed Nina Sharp inside the Cortexiphan storage locker twice during the past three months. Nina won't accept that verdict - she must have been compromised by a shapeshifter. Broyles knows his science - if a shapeshifter had duplicated her - she would be dead now. Agent Lee isn't taking the abduction of his partner lightly - What are you doing with Olivia?! Nina can see the writing on the wall - she is being railroaded... time to lawyer-up and get her legal counsel in here. She's not saying
Aardvark. Could You Be A Dear And Come Open This Jar Of Stuffed Green Olives To Go With My 'Candy-Man' Sandwich... If You Please?
another word without her attorney present.

  In Walter's Lab in Boston, Astrid and Peter get busy trying to figure out a method to recover any useable footage left layered in the memory chip of the camera he recovered from Olivia's apartment. Walter, focused on his white bread, butter and rainbow sprinkle sandwich, is grumpier than normal and gives Peter only a slim chance of finding what he is looking for. The grumpy stems from Walter's certainty that Peter is responsible for altering Olivia's consciousness. The laboratory is where Olivia should have remained - not out on a case where she was vulnerable and ultimately kidnapped. Peter doesn't want to hear Walter's snipe just now - finding Olivia is Job One. Walter gets a little more 'user-friendly' once Peter finds a latent image buried in the data chip. A ghostly image of Olivia wanders through her home... a good sign that more images can be recovered, but they will need to dig much deeper into the layering.

  In Plainfield, Jones and his team join their captives and remove Nina from the room. Olivia offers herself instead - you win - you have me so please leave Nina
<Olivia> Thank You David. I Have Wanted To Do That For Decades. <Jones> So That's Your Motivation. Leland! Remove Ms Sharp's Chew Toy
out of this. Jones stays with Olivia - Nina will be her incentive to perform well for him. The box he has contains that test, and in the adjoining room, Nina will ensure Olivia does her best to satisfy Jones. He spins Olivia around in her chair so she can get a better view - Nina is being strapped onto a metal box spring from an old bed. The electrical connections attached to the grating promises that Nina will not be treated well in the near future. Jones removes Olivia's test from its container... a wooden box with a hinged lid. Inside is a 7x7 grid of small lights and Olivia's test will be to - - Olivia knows the challenge, although Jones hasn't tasked her yet. In her previous experience with Jones, a past he never experienced, she is expected to turn the lights on with her mind - an assessment in developing her ability to cross between universes with her Cortexiphan-induced talents. Yes. However, Jones is confident that her potential is far greater than even she expects it might be. Nina shouts from the other room - don't listen to him - which promptly earns her a gag in the mouth. Jones insists Olivia display her ability on the light box. Olivia takes a breath, studies Nina's situation on the torture rack, then settles her focus on Jones' test. After several concentrate efforts with no results, Jones provides some of that motivation he was hinting at - his man Spivey drops the 'positive' clip from jumper cables onto a car battery - and the sparks start to fly, along with Nina Sharp. Twitching and screaming before Olivia's eyes, Nina's suffering gets Olivia motivated: not just to turn on the lights, but to kill Jones as well. Olivia doesn't have it in her, she is exhausted from the ordeal Jones has been putting her through and needs rest. Jones can understand that, having abducted her the night before and keeping her strapped to a chair in the meantime. One hour of rest is what Olivia will get, then it is back to testing.
  In Walter's Lab, the research on the recovered data chip is going slow and just about everyone needs a break. Peter believes there aren't many layers left to dive down through
<gasping for air> Pamplona... Spain... Running... Of... Bulls. - - Don't... Try... At... Home...!
for recognizable imaging when he decides a change in chrome and saturation levels might yield better results. The change in technique from color to black-and-white sepia almost immediately allows the facial features of one of Olivia's home intruders to clearly present itself. Astrid needs a copy of the image to run through the FBI and international databases, maybe they can cross-reference the face with a name. Walter is livid that Nina could be involved with Olivia's disappearance. Peter isn't worried about that as much as who Nina might be working for, or with. In Peter's previous experience, from the timeline only he endured, David Robert Jones was the culprit behind dosing Olivia with Cortexiphan? Maybe he's trying to do the same thing again... activate Olivia's latent abilities. Before anyone Peter was talking to can respond to his supposition, The Observer states definitively - yes - Jones goal is the same. Appearing suddenly amid the trio, bloody and bleeding from the chest, the bald ally of Team Bishop collapses to the floor. Weak and fading, he can't answer any of Peter's questions about Jones - just that Olivia needs him.


  In Walter's lab, the science team quickly gets to work trying to save The Observer's life. They get him off the floor and onto a table where it immediately becomes apparent he has been shot in the chest. Peter feels around to his back and doesn't find an exit wound - the bullet is still inside his torso. His pulse is weak and there is no respiration from his left lung - it must be
Peter. Do You Smell That? Carbon Monoxide. And Are These Developing Porcupine Quills? His Physiology Reminds Me Of Belly's Whacky Scheme
collapsed. Walter thinks for a second before he acts... maybe this man's physiology is different than ours. Peter can help in that regards, in the previous timeline that only he experienced, his Walter told him that the Observers are biologically similar. That is good enough for this Walter, why would he doubt himself? Astrid wonders if they need to call the EMTs. Walter thinks the man will have a better chance of surviving here with him - but they really need to slice the offending projectile out of him soon and reinflate the damaged lung. The looming question is - why is he here now? Observers only show-up at significant events. And who shot him? Why? Peter is convinced it has to do with Olivia and her disappearance. Agent Lee calls from Fringe Division with an update on the image that was retrieved from the hidden-camera. The image was really weak and he doesn't know if they will get a match from the database - it could take awhile. A the deal with Nina - it just got tougher to crack. Nina has her attorney on-scene and anything short of revoking her civil rights means she won't be cooperating anytime soon in matters that may incriminate her.
  In their holding cell at the abandoned Plainfield facility, Nina has been returned from her electrolysis session to the apologetic Fringe Agent. Olivia is incredibly sorry Nina is suffering at Jones' hand because of the Cortexiphan inquisition underway. Nina is inclined to let Olivia off the hook. William Bell fired Jones for this exact mindset - he is unhinged and capable of all sorts of bad things. Olivia is still intent on relieving Nina's burden under torture - help me activate my Cortexiphan abilities. The only problem is that Olivia's
Why'd I Have To Call You Ms Sharp For All Those Years? From Day One, My Little Sister Rachel Got To Call You Mom. Oh Cruella! You Liked Her Best
memories are so vague in her current condition that she can't really get emotional enough to generate her paranormal skills... her distant past with Nina is lacking clear detail. Nina recalls the day Olivia and Rachel moved up from Florida to live with her. Olivia was having troubling that first night and Nina came and sat with her. They talked about how Olivia felt, after having left the nastiness she endured as a child. Olivia kept calling her Ms Sharp, even thought they were a family now... after a long talk and a kiss on the forehead, Olivia starting calling her Nina. Olivia isn't feeling the emotional bond yet that might induce her Cortexiphan ability. Hearing about their history seems more like looking at someone else's photo album. Besides, the only time the Cortexiphan triggered her skills - Peter was the emotional bond she was concerned with. Aaagh! Help! Nina is suffering severe pain and needs medical attention. Spivey and his thugs join them with pistols drawn in case this a ruse. If Nina perishes, then Jones has no leverage to get Olivia to 'perform'. Spivey concedes and orders a gurney to haul Nina away for medical attention. With Olivia locked alone in solitary confinement, Nina hops from her 'ride' out and grabs some water from the cooler. In no pain at all, Nina is joined by her colleague Jones for her assessment on Olivia's state. Nina has what they need - the best way to activate Olivia Dunham is to haul in Peter Bishop and put him under extreme duress... not her. Jones had an idea that Bishop might be a factor. Curses.
  In his lab, Walter looks after his patient as Broyles and Agent Lee join the festivities. Broyles shares something Olivia had asked him to keep private. The Observer here visited her a few weeks earlier when she was waiting for Peter and Lee to return from the alternate universe. He popped-in to warn her that in all possible universes he had witnessed - she was going to die. Walter imagines that he may have been referring to her disappearance, here and now. Peter hopes that if that is the case, he may know where Olivia is exactly. Walter doesn't know
Peter, Hand Me That Permanent Marker. I See The Pattern Now. The Moles On His Chest - If We Connect The Dots - They Form A Very White Tulip
if, or when, the Observer will be conscious... he is in septic shock and his organs are shutting down. There is nothing anyone can do to improve his condition. Astrid returns from her office with good and bad news. The good news is that the man caught on camera in Olivia's apartment has been identified by the Bureau... he is Leland Spivey. The bad news - Leland Spivey has been dead for three years, following an auto accident. Astrid can only imagine that Spivey isn't from their universe, he is a cohort of Jones' from the alternate universe. So if Spivey is a dead-end lead to finding Olivia, Peter deduces that The Observer is the only lead they have now. The Observer may be dying, but he isn't dead yet - he has brain function. Walter sees where Peter is going with his reasoning - establishing a synaptic link to find out what is in the dying man's mind. Is that possible? Maybe. But the mind of The Observer may operate in ways they can't even imagine... and if Peter is connected to that mind when it dies - Peter may die along with it. A chance he is willing to take to recover Olivia.


  In the lab, Walter has Peter in a reclined position next to The
Stop It! - Stop Touching Me! - Dad! The Creepy Bald EEG Keeps Touching My EEG
Observer with both men hooked-up to monitoring equipment that will keep track of their synaptic activity as they share a single consciousness. Peter gets the drug cocktail Walter has concocted for the occasion and the thoughts of the two quickly converge into... ethereal environment where conversation is possible, somewhere in the recesses of The Observer's mind. Peter opens his mind's eyes and finds himself standing in a clear glass observation platform in the deep, dark void of outer space. One window draws Peter's attention as millions of light years away, yet clear as day, a large gaseous cloud explodes into the cosmos and billions of stars ignite into existence. Behind Peter, his hosts explains - the beginning of all things... something he has been privileged to witness. They both agree that the Observer is dying from his gunshot wound, but Peter need not worry about who shot him. Peter needs to know where Olivia is - again, that is not relevant. What The Observer needs is for Peter to listen and understand what he is about to share with him, there is not much time before The Observer goes. He is a member of a scientific team from another time - his codename is September. He comes from an era many generations after Peter's - an era that is just one of many possible futures for humanity. The technology they employ affords them the unique ability to travel within, and outside of, time in order to observe their beginnings. Peter knows they have done more than just observe, they have been involved in some of the pivotal events they were visiting. Admittedly - yes. September's infraction was the unintended distraction of Peter's biological father in the alternate universe. The observation windows around Peter fill with images of the night in 1985 that his real father met with September in the alternate universe lab. The
This Is One of Your Many Nuggets From Many Olivias, A Few Rachels, An Occasional Pie Shop Waitress. This Is A 'Deadbeat Dad' Intervention
brief verbal interchange they share is just long enough so the cure Walter was testing to save Peter's life succeeds, then goes unnoticed as a failure. That brief distraction twenty-six years earlier was the mistake September has been trying to rectify. Peter knows this already... but why? September has been trying to correct the error, not allowing his biological father to cure him, because of the ripple effect throughout the subsequent timeline. Saving Peter in the immediate aftermath, from drowning in Reiden Lake, allowing this Walter to cure him, all of these corrective measures only culminated in further corruption of the timeline. The bottom-line is that Peter is important. And with all of the drastically altered destinies in both universes as the by-product... one specific child was created that was not meant to be - Peter's son, Henry. His birth to the wrong Olivia Dunham irrevocably altered everything that was to come. This! Peter did not know - he has a son. Had. When Peter made the sacrifice and stepped into the ancient device to heal the rift between the universes, not only did he cease to exist, the infant Henry was erased too. Another thing that September failed to account for is that Peter managed to return in physical form to the timeline where he healed the two universes - this timeline. More urgently... it seems that the Olivia Dunham from this universe is the one he is meant to share his future with. Find a way to make that happen. Before he can explain any further, September becomes alarmed over potential intruders that only he can sense. The observation platform they have been sharing begins to dissolve and chaff away in a growing storm - they are coming. Which means Peter is going. A substantial lightning bolt rocks the imagined facility - tell me where to find Olivia! Go home. Peter gets that... yes - home to my timeline, but not before he rescues the
<Walter> Whoa! Whoa! Someone Tell Him To Get Back Here Right Now. His Medical Insurance Didn't Check-Out And This Doctor Needs His Cash To Buy His Quality Dope
Olivia from this timeline. Unable to resist the synaptic dominance of The Observer, Peter is forced from the shared consciousness with a final directive. Go...

  ...home. Peter's eyes open and Agent Lee is standing nearby as Astrid and Walter struggle to keep their gunshot patient from dying. In convulsions, The Observer's heart rate is spiking. Broyles looks after Peter - was he able to learn the whereabouts of Olivia? No. Walter orders a syringe of Propafenone for his ICU ward, and before Astrid has a chance to respond - September bolts forward on his table and seemingly vanishes in less than a blink of an eye. Agent Lincoln Lee is still fairly new to Fringe phenomena, so he has to ask - what the hell just happened?


<Astrid> Walter! Have You Been Doing Drugs Again?
<Astrid> Walter! I Said - Have You Been Doing Drugs Again!? I Have To Get A Picture Of This So You Can See How Zoned Out You Get On LSD
looking like a small tornado just ran through it, has the team scratching their collective heads. Peter figures that those looking for the Observer finally nabbed him, but not before the warning to Peter that he had to get back to his own timeline and his own Olivia. Broyles is looking for answers now and wants Agent Lee to lean on Nina for some constructive information. Walter is grateful that Peter's conscience was not still linked to the Observer when he disappeared - - who knows what state that would have left Peter in. A fresh thought dawns on Peter: The message was that Peter needed to get 'home' - maybe that was meant literally, not figuratively. Go to my house? Could it be that simple? Maybe there's a clue at his house that can point Peter in the direction of Olivia.
Yes Peter... Doctor Jones Has Your Resumé. You Are Definitely One Of His Final Three Candidates For The Intern Position. We Just Have One Question... We Checked Your M.I.T. Reference - They Have No Record Of You Ever Graduating
returns to his unlit campus home and definitely finds something he was not expecting – Jones’ henchman, Leland Spivey. Calling for Olivia, Peter senses he is not alone and turns as Spivey flips on the lamp on the desk he is sitting behind. Peter angrily approaches demanding to know where Olivia is. Before he can reach Spivey, another of Jones’ men thumps Peter on the back of the head and he crumbles to the floor.
  Back at Plainfield Memorial, Spivey’s men drag the handcuffed
<Peter> You Think This Is Impressive Jonesy? You Should Have Brought Sparkie's Step-Dad In Here For Coercion. She Would Have Flash-Fried The Whole Joint For You
and unconscious Peter through the dilapidated halls to the same room that Nina Sharp is being held and tortured in. Olivia hears the activity in the adjacent room and calls to gain some attention. Peter has been deposited in the chair behind the safety glass as the metal screen divider is cranked up and out of the way. Spivey stands smugly across from Olivia as she calls for Peter. Regaining his senses, Peter claims he is well enough. She claims the same. With Nina still attached to the torture rack and Spivey holding a skinning knife to Peter’s neck, David Jones joins the festivities. Intent on encouraging Olivia to demonstrate her unique abilities, Peter here should provide the needed emotional motivation to get Olivia on task. Unless of course she doesn’t mind seeing pieces of Peter sliced off. Peter tells Olivia to ignore Jones’ demands… but she won’t. She turns and studies the little box of small bulbs beside her and concentrates briefly, and soon they all light up. Jones is satisifed with the demonstration, then becomes much more impressed when Olivia starts to kinetically manipulate the lighting in both rooms. The circus has just started as Olivia focuses on Nina – she knows her secret – she is NOT her Nina Sharp.
<Peter> Olivia. Sweetie. Show Doctor Dave What You Can Do To His Buddy Leland - You Know, The Guy Who Has Secretly Been Dosing You With Cortexiphan For A Few Months Now...
Olivia’s Nina would remember graduation day when she stopped calling her Ms Sharp and started calling her Nina… one adult to another. Olivia really turns the voltage up on Team Jones as electricity starts to arc between fixtures in the room they are in. Jones orders Sharp’s evacuation and she steps clear of the torture rack she was apparently never tied to. Before Spivey can clear the room, he takes a lethal dose of amperage from his surroundings and collapses just a few feet from Peter. Still restrained in a chair, Peter hits the floor too, having received a collateral portion of the damage Olivia was doling out to the cross-dimensional criminals. On the other side of the safety glass, Olivia slumps to the ground in exhaustion. The fireworks display is over and the little bulbs in the test box dim and go dark.


  Once she finds the energy, Olivia gets free of her enclosure and makes her way to the room Peter collapsed in. Stepping through the double doors, and around the medium-rare corpse of the sidekick formerly known as Leland Spivey, Olivia snags a set of clippers from a table and cuts away the zip-ties that are holding Peter’s wrists and ankles to the chair. Just coming around, Peter, already having a pretty good idea how she did it,
Karate... C H O P !!!
asks how she concentrated her powers like she did. She doesn’t know for certain, but thinks she may have done something similar when she was young. And – that his presence might have helped induce her to do it again… other than that… who knows? With Peter released, they race from the room attempting to locate Jones and Sharp. Not far away, the two are quickly packing what they need to rapidly vacate this universe – Jones sends one of his thugs to intercept Peter and Olivia and keep them occupied long enough to facilitate his get away. Before they can find anyone, Olivia begins to convulse violently and falls to the ground. Peter stoops to help her and Jones’ thug rounds the corner with his pistol drawn. Before a shot can be fired, Peter whips around and knocks the pistol loose. The two men throw a few punches, wrestle for control of one another, then freeze when Olivia recovers enough to grab the pistol and demand an end to the battle. Before she can shoot, Peter cold-cocks the thug with a head-butt and he and Olivia continue after the outbound Jones.
  Unflustered, and with typical arrogance, Jones establishes the trans-dimensional window in short order and offers ‘ladies first’ to Nina as they finish their getaway.
<Torv> Hold It Right There Harris. Only Permanent Cast Members Get To Make 'FRINGE' Benefits Jokes On Set. It Is In Our Contract.... (blam)... Oh Crap. I Didn't Think It Was Loaded. Josh - Help
The comparable medical facility in the other universe is staffed, well-maintained and ready to receive them. Just as Nina Sharp crosses back to her native universe, Olivia finds Jones and, at pistol point demands he not move. Still in gloat mode, Jones confesses that he was duly impressed with Olivia’s demonstation – her love for Peter must be something quite profound. Olivia wants Jones away from the portal a few feet behind him, but his confidence suggests he knows more about what is going on than she does. When he turns to step across, Olivia fires one round through the back of Jones neck. The spent bullet exits the front of his throat and leaves him just a little raspy-voiced. Good-bye. What he knew, and she didn’t, was that his multiple trips between universes has reassembled his body at an atomic level to the point where what would normally be a fatal case of bullet-related lead poisoning, isn’t. Jones waves adieu and crosses-over. The portal evaporates behind him and Olivia starts to convulse again. Peter helps her from the building and calls for medical support to address the symptons she is presenting – she will need Diazepam.
  As they exit onto the poorly lit grounds surrounding the abandoned hospital, Olivia declares
<Olivia> What Do You Mean "it is me, not you", Peter? Don't Give Me That - I Invented The "it's me, not you" Routine...
she is feeling better - however, all the energy she expended did a number on her nervous system. Peter thinks it may have been his presence that sent her so far off the deep end. Peter still isn't satisified with the circumstances surrounding her abduction at the gas station. It seemed as if they were both prepared to commit fully to one another, which now, in retrospect, might have been a mistake. Peter doesn't want that to happen again. He saw in her - HIS Olivia - the one and only Olivia that destiny wants him to be with. Olivia doesn't understand what's happening any more than he does. But she does know that when he looks into her eyes, he can see that she genuinely is his true Olivia. Trying to bridge the difference in perceptions, Peter is convinced that she only has the memories of the Olivia he is supposed to be with - a projection of the woman he loves from his timeline. And that Olivia is waiting for him - sorry, but for now, maybe Peter needs to steer clear of any further contact with her. And just maybe Walter can fix her up somehow and give her back her life. But for right now, it's better if he just stays away. Olivia can't, or won't, give Peter up. She loves him and is unable to turn that sentiment off now and doesn't want to lose him. As the first responders arrive around them, Peter leaves - for now - he is headed home. Who knows after that?


"When you made the sacrifice to step into that machine, you were not the only one who ceased to exist. So would he. I believed at the time that would be the end of it. I cannot explain, but it is clear that I was wrong. You have managed to return in physical form. I suspect... this will provide an opportunity for you to put things right. She is the one... The Olivia Dunham from whom your shared future was meant to spring. This must be, and everything will be as it was intended. You must find a way." - The Observer (to Peter, during a synaptic transfer where the future destiny of mankind appears to rest on Peter's shoulders)

"You have her memories, or you have my memories of her. You're a projection or -- I don't know what. But when I looked into your eyes, what I saw was what I wanted to see. I know she's out there... my Olivia, in my timeline, waiting for me. And I let myself forget that, so I’m sorry, Olivia. And I'll be sure that Walter can fix you up somehow and give you back your life. But for right now, I think it's better if I just stay away." - Peter (to Olivia, after an 'on-again' moment before she was abducted - now 'off-again'. uncertainty following his synaptic transfer with the Observer)


  • Doctor Bishop Jr. - Peter rightly calls for Diazepam following the events surrounding Jones departure. The drug he targeted for Olivia is used to treat anxiety, panic attack, and seizures, including epilepsy. Its pharmacological action enhances neurotransmitter acid. Adverse effects include amnesia as well as paradoxical effects such as excitement, rage, and worsening of seizures. Diazepam is a core medicine in the World Health Organization's Essential Drugs List.


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  • Why is Peter convinced that this Olivia is not the specific Olivia he left behind in the timeline he previously experienced?
  • Is the Nina Sharp that David Jones is collaborating with the Nina Sharp from the alternate universe, a clone, of some other aberration?
  • Is The Observer acting on personal motive, or is he acting for the benefit of all of future humanity?
  • Is David Jones attempting to improve his own personal lot in life, or is he acting for the benefit of all of future humanity?
  • Who is coming after The Observer during his shared consciousness with Peter?
  • Why is the replacement Spivey operating in Plainfield, where the original Spivey was from, and people might remember that he has been dead for three years?


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