The Consultant

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The Consultant
Season: 4 Episode: 18
Air Date: 13 April 12
Written by: Christine Lavaf
Directed by: Jeannot Szwarc
Starring: Main Characters
Guest Cast: Jared Harris as David Jones
Curtis Harris as Chris Broyles
Karen Holness as Diane Broyles

Chilton Crane as Mrs. Lee
Daryl Shuttleworth as Mr. Lee
David Lewis as Brian Bauer
Scott Vickaryous as Jeremy Delman
Wesley Salter as Jones' Operative
Josh Blacker as MP
Stephen Huszar as Sergeant Wheeler
Broadus Mattison as Bridge Sentry
Carolyn Anderson as Nancy Guerring
Ryan Swanson as Clerk
Adrian Neblett as Cab Driver

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The Consultant is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season of FRINGE. It first aired on April 13th, 2012. Walter visits Fringe Division in the alternate universe to lend his scientific expertise to the investigation of a recent destructive breach in the fabric between the two universes. David Jones initiates the next phase of his master plan. Colonel Broyles unknowingly raises suspicion with a DoD colleague.


Burial Of Captain Lee

It is a somber affair in the alternate universe as Captain Lincoln Lee is buried by his fellow military members, civilian co-workers and immediate family. The dark, overcast day and constant drizzle has many under umbrella as the Honor Guard and Casket Escort pay respect to Lee and his family as he arrives at his final resting place. FD Agent Farnsworth and FBI Agent Lee wait in the car during the procession and delivery of Lee to his parents. Farnsworth is sad at the loss of Lee and is decidely uncomfortable at funerals, having buried her father only a few months earlier. She never knows what to say at a funeral. Lee is hanging back not only because he is new to the close knit Fringe Division family, his presence and image, identical to Captain Lee, may disturb family and friends at the ceremony. Lee assures Farnsworth that there is 'nothing you can say' at a funeral. Captain Lee's parents struggle with the weight of their loss, while nearby, Colonel Broyles struggles with his own burden - having dealt them the loss of their son. Mrs. Lee's axiom, children shouldn't die before their parents, hits a nerve with Lieutenant Dunham - Fringe Division will bring Lincoln's murderers to justice. That promise falls on Colonel Broyles ears as well... his ethical burden just doubled.

  In her holding cell at Fringe Headquarters in Manhatan, criminal provocateur, Nina Sharp gets a visit from Agent Dunham once she is back in civvies and on-task to make good her promise to Mr. and Mrs. Lee. The jump-suited Sharp, sitting across from Dunham in the windowless room, studies the electronic tablet Dunham brought for her. The document on it, signed by Secretary Bishop, is an authentic plea bargain that is on the table for Sharp to accept, or not, if she wants a reduced sentence for the crimes felonious she was caught committing in violation of the Liberty Island Bridge Treaty. Dunham encourages Sharp to take the deal – in exchange for revealing who exactly the mole that David Jones has embedded in the Department of Defense. The offer from the DoD boss is a one-time only deal that is getting ready to expire the second Dunham leaves the tiny cell. Just tell us who it was that tipped you guys off about the location of the shafeshifter prisoner transport, resulting in the death of Captain Lee. Last chance. Unless you want to stay here and rot with Jones and the rest of your crew? Sharp isn’t buying what Dunham is selling. She is not worried at all. Her face says as much. Sharp knows something big is about to happen… she definitely won’t be here much longer. The world is about to change. You think things are bad now – just wait – they are going to get much worse.

Back in this universe, in Manhattan, Jeremy Delman’s workday has gone from zero-to-sour in less than a minute. Senior Executive Brian Bauer has assembled his subordinate team leaders in one of Aartz Holdings conference rooms with the sole intent of chastising and reading Delman the Riot Act in front of his peers
Falling From The Corporate Ladder, Bauer Relinquishes Control Of His Division To The First One That Can Fill His Shoes
. Delman is staring at demotion, or unemployment, because of his failure to produce an expected presentation earlier in the day. Riled and bitingly sarcastic, Bauer looks like he is about to rip someone’s legs off because of the resulting loss of one of the corporations’ major clients. He and 'Hamilton' were supposed to be on a flight to Baltimore, but had to cancel because of Delman's incompetence. As Delman takes his thrashing and starts to acknowledge his short-comings in the fairly public forum, Bauer really loses it. Not his frazzled temper, but his life. An unseen force rips him from his chair and raises him to the suspended ceiling. He appears to be shifting rapidly between dimensions in what seems to be one of the rifts that were abated when the two universes established the trans-dimensional bridge on Liberty Island. After only a few seconds in the anomaly, Bauer is violently deposited on the conference table below him – most of him that is. His legs seemed to have travelled elsewhere. Meeting adjourned.


  Rarely away from his lab in Boston, Doctor Walter Bishop has ventured far from his science rectory with Agent Astrid Farnsworth at the helm of the standard-issue Bishop family land yacht – a four decade old Vista Cruiser station wagon. Destination: Aartz Holdings in Manhattan. Perturbed after the long drive, Walter chides 'Ascot' for her daredevil ways behind the wheel… who drives that fast ? – the speed limit! Farnsworth disregards her ward with the typical respect her Teflon® ego brought to this baby-sitting assignment. As
<Walter thinking...> You Have Been Making Up For Lost Time You Old Dog. I Can Tell - You Smell Like The 'Seventies' Man
they leave the vehicle parked curbside and make a path through the first-responder vehicle that have converged in the high-rise neighborhood, Walter’s bipolar social pendulum swings to delight mode as he spots his son Peter and Peter’s girlfriend navigating toward them. With all the subtlety of a beauty salon gossip, Walter asks if he and Olivia have been ‘’making up for lost time’’ <wink-wink-nudge-nudge>. Astrid could care less, she just wants to know what the mission is... what are we in for? Olivia briefs the science team on what has been learned so far, Bauer and a second victim in the building died simultaneously. In both instances, each victim was lifted several feet in the air, then driven back down to the ground, dying on impact.
  Inside, a good thirty stories above the surrounding city in Aartz’s conference room, Walter begins his initial forensic review of Bauer. The bones in the lower half of
Peter. This Man Is Not From Our Universe. There Is Absolutely ZERO Cotton Is His 'Fruit-Of-The-Loom'® Boxer-Briefs'
Bauer’s body are completely shattered. Astrid confirms that the second victim (Hamilton?) has suffered similarly – so why only these two guys? Walter quotes religious scripture – citing a passage of divine wrath against the unrighteous – a Hand of God theory, if you will, against sinners. These injuries, however, are not consistent with the eyewitness accounts. A crushed spinal column and hip bones pushed up through the torso means high velocity impact, not a drop from about ten feet. The collapsed heavy-duty conference table beneath Bauer supports that supposition too. Nearby, Olivia spends a few moments with Delman, who shares his impression of the volatile proceedings that were underway when the boss got tossed to the table. Bauer was one to flare, but this time he was at his worst when he died – it seemed like an ‘invisible hand’ swooped him up and spiked him. Olivia steps away from the interview when she gets a cell phone call. Walter continues the autopsia cadaverum and asks Astrid to check her corpse too… yep, they both have significant abrasions laterally across the abdomen. Peter recognizes immediately what they have here – seatbelt injuries that one would get from a high speed vehicle crash. Olivia joins the conversation following her call from the office: Broyles just received notice of a third victim with identical injuries who died at the same time as these two… except he, a pilot, was a half dozen miles away on the other side of the East River – in his Brooklyn apartment. Walter sees it now. These two were in a plane crash, the third victim – their pilot. How can that be, Walter? The team waits and watches as Walter theorizes silently. His reflection in the big screen television on the conference room wall suggests the probable explanation. The crash originated in the parallel universe.

Back at Fringe Division Headquarters, Agent Farnsworth reports to Colonel Broyles in his office with an update on their immediate findings following a communiqué from the science team in this universe. Farnsworth confirms
<Farnsworth> Sir. Why Did You Send Agent Dunham Out To Taco Bell® To Pick-Up Lunch? This Is Not 'Taco Tuesday' - It Is 'Fish Friday'. We Always Order-In Long John Silver® On Friday. Protocol, Sir. Protocol
there was a plane crash at a nearby regional airfield at about the same time Aartz Holdings received their trans-dimensional corpses. Broyles wants the wreckage and carnage, three males, under federal confiscation… coordinate with the NTSB for that. Agent Dunham joins the pair as Farnsworth gets her marching orders and returns to the Situation Room. Alone with Colonel Broyles, Dunham hands over a list of personnel on the books that have the credentials to qualify as Jones insider. There are 108 individuals on the list, each with the level of operational access needed to be in the loop regarding the prisoner transport attack. She wants to start background checks and electronic surveillance on them right away, in order to plug the leak and avenge Captain Lee. The Colonel is noticeably less gung-ho than his Lieutenant – many of the folks on her list are part of DoD, and high ranking. If she wants to cut through all of the red tape to begin such a large surveillance detail, he will make the effort, but it will take some time. In the meantime, Colonel Broyles needs Dunham to take point on the Division’s case-of-the-day… the Teaneck, New Jersey, plane crash that seems to have pierced the trans-dimensional brane between the two universes. Her first task is to head out to Liberty Island with Agent Lee and meet the science consultant they are sending across the bridge from this universe’s Fringe Task Force.

Back on this side of the Liberty Island Bridge, Olivia escorts science consultant extraôrdinaire, Doctor Walter Bishop, through the security screening process established by the Treaty between the universes. Giddy with excitement, Walter uses the lavatory before the ‘lengthy trip’ to the parallel dimension, aka. fifty feet down that hallway over there. With his hand on a portable lie detector, the interview with the MP on sentry duty goes quickly; Pacemaker? No. Smallpox? No. Tuberculosis? No. Malaria? No. Medications? Mostly recreational. That seems like it might be a showstopper… Olivia gives it a quiet wave-off, no worries Sergeant. Alright then, clear to pass –
I Am Sorry, Sir. Agent Dunham Here Put Me Up To It. It Is Just A Joke - There Is No Proctology Exam Required
remember Doctor Bishop, you will be subject to the same laws and regulations as any naturalized citizen of the other side, in accordance with the ‘status-of-forces’ clause in the treaty. Set to go, Walter takes Olivia’s arm and steps into the scanning chamber with briefcase in hand. The bright lights and computer-generated voice startles the Doctor on his first venture through the portal. The whole event
takes only a few seconds and, once across, Olivia deposits Walter in a nearby conference room along with the medical bag she was carrying. Before she leaves, Olivia double-checks with Walter on her standing offer - you sure that you don't want me to go with you? Walter will be fine, besides he needs her to facilitate Peter’s efforts back at the lab with the corpses that are going to be delivered there. He just needs to get the samples from the victims here so they can compare them. Not to mention – the new love birds, she and Peter, could use a little time together. Walter is very appreciative of her trust is this instance, given his reclusive eccentricities since his release from St. Claire’s, this is a big step in his social rehabilitation. Olivia smiles in agreement. Agents Dunham and Lee arrive to assume escort duty with their consultant and share smiles and platitudes all around. Bolivia wants to move along and heads for the exit with Walter. Olivia takes a few seconds with Lee - - how is her counterpart doing with the loss of her Lincoln Lee? As well as can be expected... considering, she is really motivated to find the people responsible. Olivia offers Lee a little motivational perk… Dunham is lucky to have his help. Oh, and take care of Walter. Done.
Still on Liberty Island, Dunham escorts Lee and Bishop to the ferry dock for a short ride to
Will This Thing Tell Me When The BoSox Are Scheduled To Play The Yankees Next. I Do Enjoy A Good Trouncing
the mainland. Wheeler checks her credentials and grants the trio access through the security bottleneck and onto the pier. In the waiting area, Walter studies the electronic status board on prominent display. The board lists all of the local hot spots where the rifts between the universes were worst. That news sombers Walter some, but Dunham puts an upbeat spin on it for him… things are getting better, and this Bridge is healing her world. Wheeler offers his sorrow to Dunham about losing her partner. The
Rut Roh Ralter. Rooby Roo Ruves A Raystee Rasserole… What? You Guys Don’t Have Scooby Doo In Your Universe?
Captain was a good man. Walter concurs on the sorrow issue – he was hoping to bring along a casserole to help her quench her grief. Alas, hauling perishable food stuff between universes is forbidden by treaty. As the three begin their long walk to the end of the dock, Lee starts the problem-solving process with a question for Walter – what theory explains a plane crash in one universe killing people in the other universe? Walter thinks back to things he and William Bell accomplished, transporting matter from one side to the other and even merging tiny portions of both universes, but it never occurred to them that events in one universe could cause a reaction in the other. Dunham’s instincts tell her that David Jones might be involved somehow. Prisoner Sharp warned that things were going to get a lot worse, and then an hour later, this plane crash thing happened and qualified her prophecy. Walter doesn’t discount Jones involvement, but if he is part of this, then Jones is working in scientific territory he and Bell never conceived.

It is after dark in Manhatan and Walter is just getting started with the
<Dunham> So Let Me Get This Straight, Doctor. You Run 27 JiggaWatts Of Power Thru This Hand And It Will Sit Up And Start Singing The “Candy Man” Song? . . . Bull$%#t !
corpses from Teaneck that were delivered to Fringe Division HQ after NTSB coordination. His first act is to attach metal clamps with electrode leads from the dead passengers, back to a small bank of commercial grade tuning forks that are interfaced with several precision sound attenuators and control components. The sound that emanates from the first cadaver is a “perfect G". Now for the comparison, while Walter did not have room in his medical bag for a casserole, he did manage to import the severed (perishable) hand from one of the victims he inspected earlier that day with Peter. After he hooks the hand to the sound sampling apparatus, Walter knows that something is out of kilter. What is wrong is that the hand should be vibrating at a “perfect C”, not a 'G', like it is. If the two parallel victims had swapped universes, then they would be expected to continue to resonate at the same frequency as their respective origin universe, even in death. Somehow, in this case, both vicitms now resonate at the harmonic constant of this universe. The folks that were drawn here from Walter’s universe have been retuned to match this universe. Walter is fairly certain that the plane crash is the true cause of death, and not the ‘retuning’ they suffered, still, the two events must probably be linked. Lee has an idea, gather any flight-related recordings they have for analysis. Lieutenant Dunham can handle that - satellites record all in-flight communications in her universe.

Not much later, the trio gathers in the Situation Room around Agent Farnsworth as she plays the recorded radio conversation of the doomed aircraft from earlier in the day. Air Traffic Control is directing the departure of the small commercial plane at eight thousand feet as it proceeds to the Southwest. The pilot is concerned about the turbulence he is experiencing and is asking for clearance
<Jones> Good Tea Bubba. I Found It In The Parallel Universe On My Last Visit. I Think They Call It - ‘Long Island Iced Tea’ – It Really Dampens The Pain From That Magic Bullet Olive Dunham Put Through My Neck…. (hic)
to a higher altitude. Background noise increases substantially as the routine radio chatter becomes panicky fear – onboard systems are failing and the vehicle begins to come apart as the pilot declares an emergency. The transmission is garbled, then goes silent. No need to listen to that again. Walter hypothesizes the whatever merged the frequencies of the two universes also destabilized the aircraft. Some sort of device must have been attached to the aircraft. Dunham carries the theorem further – if this true – was this an assassination of those onboard? What is the threat? Is someone trying to prove something? Walter doesn’t have enough information to speculate further.

Elsewhere in the metropolitan area, David Jones sits on a public bench in a busy late night district, sipping his tea. His colleague is late and apologizes for the tardiness as he sits with the master criminal. Jones is fine with the delay… this tea is one of his favorites and will be missed once everything changes. Jones’ cohort has positive news – their experiment with the aircraft that crashed turned-out better than they had anticipated. About the next experiment… does Jones have a preference for the target? Handing over the briefcase he brought with him, Jones does not, and welcomes the surprise of his accomplice’s choosing.→


It has been a long day for Colonel Philip Broyles when he finally makes it back home to Glen Cove and his family. A kiss and a hug from his wife, Diane, makes the day better in almost every way. She is curious about the ceremony
Dad. Dad. Look! Doctor Jones Brought Us A Big Old Book About Wine. What Are Grapes? I Thought They Were Extinct After ‘The Blight’
for Lincoln Lee – how was it? Broyles grabs a few extra seconds of honey–hugging… the funeral was difficult. How has their son, Chris, been doing today? Diane takes delight in her answer – their boy is getting a bit girl-crazy, she just wishes he would direct half as much effort toward his schoolwork. Diane reports that Chris is occupied in the living room with one of Broyles friends that stopped-by. Broyles was not expecting anyone and treks across the house to find one David Robert Jones sitting across from Chris and chatting pleasantly. Jones is pleased to finally meet the young apple of Broyles’ eye. Fiercely focused on the unwelcomed intruder, Broyles remains silent in front of his child. After getting Jones out of the room and behind closed doors, Broyles angrily reminds Jones they have established procedures for making contact… and arriving unannounced in his home is definitely not within protocol. Duly contrite, Jones grants that the intrusion might be worrying to Broyles, but qualifies the visit when he produces a small leather valise with four large injectors in it. Somewhat overdue, Jones wanted to make sure that he, personally, delivered the remarkable drugs that have been repairing Christopher’s failing health. You know, avoiding the ultimate parental nightmare – a dead child. Menacingly, and with sinister undertones, Jones callously reminds Broyles of the blackmail relationship they share. Their collaboration has seen multiple casualties, and, Jones concedes that the death of Captain Lee was unfortunate, but, he also knows that Broyles love for his son makes him vulnerable, and human - and malleable. Broyles accepts his fate - some day he will have to account for his sedition and treason. As he leaves Broyles’ home for the evening, Jones suggests that he will be calling on the Colonel very shortly for additional ‘collaboration’.

Back in this universe, in Springfield, Massachusetts, Jones’ accomplice retains the briefcase he was given and has found a taxi cab to serve as his next test sample. Sitting in the back of the cab, the man fiddles
You Called For Clean-Up On Aisle 3 Boss… Do I Need A Mop, Or Can I Let The Puppies Out To Lick It Up?
with a few switches near the handle of the briefcase, slips it under the seat in front of him, then calls for the driver to pull over – this is where he wants out. The damp night has passengers needing rides, and Nancy Guerring quickly slips into the taxi for a fare to nearby Liberty Heights, unaware that the device not far from her feet has just activated. In the parallel universe, where Walter and Agent Lee have established temporary residence in support of the cause, their version of Nancy Guerring is doing a little late night shopping for pet supplies in a quiet retail store.Guerring’s taxi on this side begins to shake violently as the device starts to shrill. As Nancy on the other side goes to pay for her pet needs… Jones’ device activates and sends Ms Guerring hurdling half way across the pet supply store as if she had been in a violent wreck. When her body comes to rest, nearly half a liter of river water drains from her lungs.


Alright. Move It Along Here. Nothing To See. Nothing To See
next morning, in this universe, Peter and Olivia have made the ninety mile drive to visit the scene of the crashed taxi cab containing Nancy Guerring. Local law enforcement has hauled the sedan from the river near the Liberty Heights neighborhood in the northwest corner of Springfield. Olivia notifies Astrid that she and Peter have arrived under the hundred foot high bridge that the auto plummeted from. Peter’s check with the police confirms that the crash occurred at the exact same time that the parallel Nancy Guerring was curled across the pet store floor in her universe.
  Inside one of the conference rooms on Liberty Island, Astrid has made the trip from Boston and meets with her counterpart, Agent Farnsworth, so they can coordinate with both Guerring crime scenes simultaneously in their respective universes. Astrid presents her parallel self with the gift of coffee, something the Fringe Division technician thought she would never have the pleasure of experiencing again - - a delightful
If It Is Money, Remember - Half-sies. That Said. If Is Dirty Laundry, Walter Gets It. Coffee - Farnsy Gets It
offering that has been permitted as an exception to the trans-dimensional contract against importation. The ladies settle at the table as they establish communication with their respective field teams at the taxi crash site and the retail pet supply store. Agent Farnsworth begins a dialogue with Agent Dunham in the pet store as she tracks down Walter, who has fixated on a large bag of animal chow… for pet badgers, nonetheless. The two Astrids compare facts as they pass details from the field to one another. First, they confirm that they are both dealing with the same victim, Nancy Guerring. Next, the injuries. A broken left arm. Check. Peter has a question – what exactly does Walter have him searching the vehicle for? Is the device large, or small? Unknown. Walter isn’t sure. Peter finishes his inspection of the trunk of the cab, then moves to the rear passenger section where he finds the briefcase left by Jones’ man. Olivia joins him as he pries the case open and finds the actuating device – a large metallic plate with multiple electronic leads to a familiar power source. It is Amphilicite – which confirms that Jones is behind all of this.
After investigating the incident at the pet store, Agent Dunham leads her team back to Headquarters for a face-to-face with Colonel Broyles. He is curious to learn if the crash in his realm of responsibility, the aircraft in New Jersey, had a similar device to the one that Peter found in his universe. Dunham tells him no, but postulates that it was likely destroyed because of the excessive damage during
Yes. They Do Call Me Doctor Cranky-Pants. But Only When I Don't Get Quality Pie, Quality Hallucinogens Or Quality Sleep. My Sleep Numbers Are: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 & 42
impact with the ground. Broyles wants to hear Walter’s thoughts – what is Jones up to? Walter shrugs, but Jones did implement his criminal act once in each universe… that must mean something. When pressed for Jones’ motive, Walter snips in frustration at the Colonel. Sorry. Walter immediately recognizes his inconsiderate posture toward his host and makes amends - the work has been tiresome and Walter could use some quality rest. Displeased with his accommodations the previous night, Walter gladly accepts Agent Dunham’s offer to utilize her spare bedroom this evening – he’ll even refrain from sleeping naked. Everyone else in the room raises an eyebrow, sighs a little in relief, and quickly changes the topic… its good info-sharing there Walter, but maybe too much. Dismissing themselves from the Colonel’s office, Lee and Dunham step out to wrap up a few things before leaving. Walter starts to follow, then turns back to have a private chat with Broyles. An apology is in order for the snappy attitude. Walter in not angry with Broyles, he is angry with himself. Jones could not be doing what he is doing, if Walter had not created the environment both universes suffered in after he selfishly made his trans-dimensional visit several decades earlier – his failed journey to save his son’s life. Broyles quietly reflects on his own parental dilemma as Walter starts to exit, then stops the Doctor for a personal what-if moment. If Walter were to be presented the chance to repeat what he did decades ago – would he? Walter thinks about recent events and the return of Peter from beyond death. Before Peter’s reinsertion into this timeline, Walter would not have taken the ethically questionable actions he did. Now that he knows his adult son – he probably would not have done anything differently so long ago. Broyles reflects on the honest assessment and considers the path and choices ahead in his future.
  In the
Agent Dunham. Good News & Bad. Bad. The List Of Names Doesn’t Indicate Anyone In Captain-Captain’s Death. Good. I Get To Drink Coffee At Sunday Brunch
Situation Room, DoD personnel are busy at the their workstations, while Agent Farnsworth updates Agent Dunham on her findings about the suspected security leak that led to Captain Lee’s assassination. Farnsworth, after Colonel Broyles received approval, started to investigate the 108 names that Dunham suggested as a potential mole. So far, after running the list twice, nothing of consequence was noted in the phone records or electronic communications of those identified. Diasappointed at the lack of progress, but well aware of Farnsworth’s attention-to-detail aptitude, Dunham relieves the young specialist of any tasking involved with reviewing the database a third time.
Doctor Jones. Again You Have Violated Protocol. Who Is The Bald Guy With The Fedora? Your New Security Goon?
  It is after nightfall in southern Manhatan, and this meeting with Colonel Broyles in a public venue was planned. David Jones has a fresh assignment for the Colonel – one that only a few individuals could accomplish. Avoiding their typical faux-polite banter, Jones hands-over a small mechanical device with two lengthy prongs extending from the palm-sized gizmo. Jones won’t explain what it does, just that Broyles needs to follow his directive of placing it on the control panel of the Machine on Liberty Island - the one that established the stable space-time environment that both universes now enjoy. Does Jones realize that machine is healing both worlds? He does. Does Broyles need to be reminded who Jones is healing. Take it… install it tomorrow before sunset. Reluctantly, Broyles accepts the tasking.


After another worrisome day at the office, Philip Broyles returns to his home in Glen Cove. His son, Chris, has had another stellar
… and Then I Hit The Ball Over The Fence To Win The Game. But One Of The Bullies Saw The Tube In My Neck, Said I Was Jacked On Steroids, Then Started Calling Me Names. Who is “A-Rod Bonds”?
day on his road to physical recovery and shares the dish with his Dad as he prepares to tuck into bed for the night. Young Master Broyles is ecstatic that he was chosen first at recess to play Hitball by his peers… a proud honor for any wannabe athlete – plus – his team won. His father is duly impressed. As good as that is, a young lady in his class shared a secret with his buddy – she likes Chris. Wow. No girl has ever been interested in him before. With Jones’ secret drug in hand, Broyles takes an injector from the valise left for Christopher and administers a dose through the IV port taped to Chris’ clavicle. Stacy likes you? That does sound like a good day. After a peck on the forehead and lights out, Fringe Division’s top-dog admires his son as he nods off… this is how life should be – which is going to make it tough on both of them knowing what he has to do next.
Much later that night, in Agent Dunham’s apartment, Walter slips from his guest room vectored on a bladder relief mission to the adjacent bathroom. Sitting on the floor in front of the living room coffee table, Bolivia Dunham, normally averse to hard alcohol, has
I Can't Read Any Of This Doc. Frank's Lousy Scotch Has Me Half Blind. Bring Some Of That Awesome MacCutcheon Stuff The Next Time You Visit (hic)
had a few sips too many of the good stuff, and is starting to feel the grief of the loss of her partner, Lincoln. Wallowing in nostalgia, what really has Dunham knocked-for-a-loop is the evidence from Lee's murder - everything points to a traitor within the ranks. But she has no leads and is pressed to give Lee’s parents what few items he kept at work; a Certificate of Valor and an ID badge. Dunham wants to give them a solved case, not mementos. The few sips she just imbibed in were meant to foster a touch of courage, instead, the booze only summoned a touch of nausea. Walter feels her anguish and thinks he can help…
Good Breakfast Wally, But I Sure Could Use Some Badger Sausage. What? You Don’t Think We Raise Them As Family Pets, Do You?
with the nausea at least. Eggs. Nature’s Sponge. The two reconvene the conversation in the kitchen where he has a big skillet of scrambled protein ready to serve in only minutes. Dunham is stressing over the fact that her instincts are telling she has missed some critical detail in her investigation. Walter is familiar with the sentiment – remarkably, sleep helps the brain in most instances, allowing one to process evidence while they are resting the body. Yeah. Maybe, but she doesn’t have any evidence to start with, nada. Walter hearkens the fictitious tales of Sherlock Holmes… one of the detective's axioms was - ’No evidence, is evidence, in and of itself’. Suggesting? Dunham starts to process the concept. No evidence might suggest that?... only a really high-ranking mole would have the authority to cover their tracks, or the latitude to ensure that zero evidence were available – someone who could alter classified details. Off the top of his head, Walter targets the top dog. How about Colonel Broyles? Dunham immediately rejects the speculation. No way. Broyles? Walter reminds her, particularly in the case of a double agent, no one should be above suspicion. Dunham’s face droops as the concept sinks-in. Maybe it is Broyles.

None the worse for wear, Agent Dunham makes her first priority in the morning a girls-only chat with Ms Sharp in her jail cell. Sharp, more concerned with what’s on the menu, takes notice when Dunham enters her cell, disconnects the camera on the wall and starts a casual ‘didja know’ dialogue with her prisoner. Dunham identified the mole – sorry – and has Colonel Broyles in custody now, and he is telling
<Farnsworth> He Is Guilty. I Am 98 Point 2-3 Percent Sure Of It. My Maxwell House® Dark Roast Went Missing At The Same Moment His Tracker Stopped Transmitting. Let’s Nail The Bast…
Fringe Division everything he knows about Jones’ master plan. Broyles will definitely not be available to get her out of custody, in case she was counting on that. Sharp takes the bait and falls for Dunham’s ploy… Philip was irrelevant, just another pawn in the master plan... confirming the suspicion that Walter had implanted in Dunham just a few hours earlier. Sharp is confident that Jones is still her benefactor - he will come for me. Nothing has changed. Dunham serves Sharp her breakfast; food for thought mostly… perhaps you Ms Sharp - - are just another pawn.

Back in the Situation Room, Agents Dunham and Lee confer on her little chat with Sharp. Did Sharp just confirm Broyles involvement? Or was she lying? What does she gain by lying? Lee
<humming>♫ Well You Can Tell By The Way I Use My Walk, I'm A Seditious Man, No Time Talk...♫
suggests that Sharp might have recognized Dunham’s bluff and just fed her some false intel. Agent Farnsworth joins the duo with an update on her tasking: Nobody has seen Colonel Broyles yet, plus his subcutaneous tracker has been disabled for two hours.

A half mile West of Liberty Island, Colonel Broyles sits in his parked vehicle in the lot next to the excursion ferry pier – his only method of access to the trans-dimensional bridge and the Wave Sink Device that he has been manipulated into sabotaging. With the pronged handheld electronic device given to him by Jones, Broyles leaves his vehicle and walks to the security checkpoint for the next departing vessel. There is resolve in his cadence.


On Liberty Island, Colonel Broyles, wearing civilian apparel, approaches the Sergeant manning the security checkpoint immediately prior to the Bridging area between universes. Broyles presents his identication
credentials for verification and, after a few angst-filled moments, is granted access to the core of the facility along with a crispy salute from the Non-Commisioned Officer. Broyles retrieves his credentials and continues to the classified control room.

 In the Situation Room, Agent Farnsworth has been keeping an eye on current operations and receives an alert that Broyles I.D. just processed through the Liberty Island database. Dunham is on the phone to Diane Broyles, who has no idea where her husband is or what he is up to. Farnsworth reports the data hit and Lee and Dunham speculate that the Colonel may have any number of targets he would be after on the island.

 Broyles makes entry to the main control room just before Dunham and Lee scurry past the sentry access point demanding to know where Colonel Broyles got off too. With Jones’ device in his pocket, the Colonel stands before the three story tall Machine with a mission on his mind. Not far behind, Lee and Dunham sprint to catch their suspect before he can breach any of the facility systems. The Colonel pulls the device from his pocket as Dunham and Lee slip into the containment vestibule for finally entry. The two race onto the hangar floor housing the Wave Sink Device and find a familiar face has already intercepted the transgressor.
HLS Agent Phillip Broyles has stepped across The Bridge to accept Colonel Broyles surrender and to confiscate the pronged device Jones ordered attached to the controls. Dunham’s once noble leader has one thing to say to her… he is sorry.

 After all of the dust settles, Walter makes his way to the island and prepares to step back into his own world. Dunham and Lee are there to see him off. Her ear-to-ear smile, big daughterly hug and heartfelt thanks lets Walter know he has a solid friendship the next time they scramble eggs together. Walter offers a little fatherly advice before he goes – don’t judge. Like Broyles, one can’t be certain of how far they’ll bend or break the rules when it comes to saving the life of a loved one. This is one topic Walter is quite familiar with. After Walter steps away, Dunham questions Lee… what? You’re not going to cross back over with Walter? Nope. Lee is in it for the long haul. Shapeshifters murdered both of their partners and until they nail those responsible (Jones), Lee is staying put. Plus, he can help her with her immediate grief.

Oh. Here It Is. My Recipe For Badger Sausage. I Thought I Had Left It At Reiden Lake
Processed, handcuffed, restrained and jumpsuit adorned, Colonel Broyles is escorted to his holding cell, #324, just two doors down from his co-conspirator, Ms Sharp, in #326. Their shared glance as he passes suggests neither of their futures will be anything like what David Robert Jones promised them. Free of his restraints, Broyles settles into his room for a lengthy stay.

Finally back home in his lab after three days in the parallel universe, Walter discovers what Jones might have in store for the rest of humanity. Peter and Olivia hurry to join Walter after he summoned them while they were away. Walter believes the two incidents, one in each universe, were tests… not to see what damage could be generated, but primarily to measure readings; readings of a generated frequency that could link both universes. Jones isn’t trying to figure out a way to cause simultaneous damage on both sides of The Bridge, his plan is more grandiose than that. Jones objective is to collapse both universes.


"You couldn't bring over a casserole, but a severed hand is okay? " - Agent Lee (to Walter, still utterly amazed at what passes for normal in the presence of the eccentric scientist)

"I buried an Agent today. A good man. And I’m also well aware that Agent Lee isn't the first casualty of our... collaboration. Some day I’ll have to account for what I’ve done." - Colonel Broyles (to David Robert Jones. prophetic following the loss of Captain Lee and preceeding his voluntary surrender to friendly forces to reckon for his crimes)

"Don't judge him. No one can be certain exactly what they're capable of, how far they'll go to save the ones they love. I know this more than most. Keep an eye on this universe, will you? I've grown quite fond of it." - Walter (to FD Agent Dunham, reflecting on the circumstances that allowed him to help her arrest Colonel Broyles for sedition, treason and murder)


  • The Observer climbs the stairs behind Jones when Broyles meets him to take the device for Liberty Island
  • Bad Robot Lore. The creative team behind FRINGE, Bad Robot Productions, also created the popular LOST television series. Heavy in mytharc, threads from LOST were used as trivia teasers here. The 108 listed individuals mentioned by Agent Dunham and repeated referral to Aartz, a popular character, are prime examples.


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Season 5 : Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11In AbsentiaThe RecordistThe Bullet That Saved The WorldAn Origin StoryThrough The Looking Glass And What Walter Found ThereFive-Twenty-TenThe Human KindBlack BlotterAnomaly XB-6783746The Boy Must LiveLibertyAn Enemy Of FateSeason 4 : Neither Here Nor ThereOne Night In OctoberAlone In The WorldSubject 9NovationAnd Those We've Left BehindWallflowerBack To Where You've Never BeenEnemy Of My EnemyForced PerspectiveMaking AngelsWelcome To WestfieldA Better Human BeingThe End Of All ThingsA Short Story About LoveNothing As It SeemsEverything In Its Right PlaceThe ConsultantLetters Of TransitWorlds ApartBrave New World, Part 1Brave New World, Part 2Season 3 : OliviaThe BoxThe PlateauDo Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?Amber 314226955 kHzThe AbductedEntradaMarionetteThe FireflyReciprocityConcentrate And Ask AgainImmortality6BSubject 13OsStowawayBloodlineLysergic Acid Diethylamide6:02 AM ESTThe Last Sam WeissThe Day We DiedSeason 2 : A New Day In The Old TownNight Of Desirable ObjectsFractureMomentum DeferredDream LogicEarthlingOf Human ActionAugustSnakeheadGrey MattersUnearthedJohari WindowWhat Lies BelowThe Bishop RevivalJacksonvillePeterOlivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.White TulipThe Man From The Other SideBrown BettyNorthwest PassageOver There, Part 1Over There, Part 2Season 1 : PilotThe Same Old StoryThe Ghost NetworkThe ArrivalPower HungryThe CureIn Which We Meet Mr. JonesThe EquationThe DreamscapeSafeBoundThe No-BrainerThe TransformationAbilityInner ChildUnleashedBad DreamsMidnightThe Road Not TakenThere's More Than One Of Everything