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Walter Examining The Isolated Phenomena

The Beacon is a cylindrical, bullet-shaped object with a helical groove around the exterior casing. It is made of solid Iridium, and emits a frequency at 2 MHz, and again at 4 MHz.

  • In The Arrival, the Beacon reportedly appeared after an explosion at Quantico in 1987. Colonel Henry Jacobson was the head of the investigation of that occurrence. It was only studied for about forty-eight hours before it exploded down into the ground. In the episode, it came up through a gas line at a construction site and knocked over a crane. It reappeared in a grave yard and descended before it could be recovered. →
Seconds Before Burrowing Back Underground
Appearing In Front Of Peter
Save The Beacons - - Save The World
  • In Brown Betty, in the fable created by Walter to amuse Ella, the Beacon is used by Watchers to track down Olivia and Peter. It appears and sticks through a wall in Peter's Home. It is suggested the Beacon was created by Walter. →
  • ← In A Short Story About Love, Peter discovers a tracking device left for him in the Observer's home, then uses it until he reaches a glade in Foxboro. Several seconds after he arrives, the Beacon comes up through the ground and stops. After taking it home and connecting it to electrodes, the Observer appears in a light that emanates from the device. The Observer vanishes when the Beacon departs, apparently incarcerated by the device.
  • In Five-Twenty-Ten, the videotape Walter made two decades earlier on how to defeat the invading Observers highlights the need to recover two Beacons from William Bell's secret lab buried under their old Kelvin Genetics facility. The science team manages to gain access to the lab with clandestine support from Nina Sharp and then access to the vault in the lab with bio-metric support from Bell's severed hand that was Ambered too. The vault, when opened, did not contain the Beacons promised in the segmented videotape... however, within seconds, both Beacons erupt to the surface through the floor of the secret laboratory -- summoned by the bio-metric opening of the vault.→
  • ← In An Enemy Of Fate, the two Beacons find a purpose. The plan is to use them in the mission to send young Michael precisely to 2167 A.D. to nip the Observer timeline in the bud, before it comes to be. One of the beacons will be sent through a wormhole singularity. Their gigantic electromagnet will precisely target and stabilize the device while the second beacon will remain here and anchor the wormhole in 2036, awaiting Michael's departure with a chaperone.
Silver Bullet - First Shot Fired In An Observer Home Invasion
♫ Now You Can Tell By The Way Use My Walk, I'm A Beacon Man - No Time To Talk ♫

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  • Does it 'mark the way', acting as; a reference point, trans-dimensional marking point, and/or a 'soft spot' locator between universes?
  • What 'message' did it deliver?
  • Is it remnant technology from the First People?
  • Is it related to the device Walter designed to eliminate occupying Observers after the Purge of 2015?
  • Does it use the same technology used by Jessica Holt to trap The Observer on a stasis platform?
  • Are the frequencies it uses designed to hold Observers between the separate frequencies that each universe resonates at?