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Profession:  Tollbooth operator Portrayed by:
Jennifer Ferrin
Family:  Nancy Lewis, twin sister
Connections:  Isaac Winters
Seen In:  The Road Not Taken
Death Episode:  The Road Not Taken
Status:  Death by combustion
Remarks:  Her death by self-generated immolation flashed into the parallel universe and managed to incinerate her counterpart there, along with the counterpart twin sister, that was in roughly the same spot at the same time

Susan Pratt died from a self-generated pyrokinetic surge after fleeing a bus acrowded bus


  • Birth name Susan Lewis
  • She attended the same daycare center with Olivia and was a subject in the Cortexiphan trials there. (Jacksonville)
  • Her unique ability to generate heat was being expolited by sinister forces in order to develop weaponized human forces


"Open the door! Oh, my god. Please, please help. Somebody. Oh, my god. I can't breathe. Oh, my gawd!" - to fellow bus passengers (The Road Not Taken) (just seconds before she spontaneously combusted into trans-dimensional flames)

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