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First Seen: A New Day In The Old Town
Seen In: Momentum Deferred
The Man From The Other Side
Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?
Amber 31422
Last Seen: Reciprocity
Place Made: Alternate Universe (assumed)
Events: Used by Shape Shifting Soldiers's

The Shape Changing Device is a device used by the Shape Changer to morph his appearance to that of someone else.

  The device consists of a control box attached to two sets of wires terminated by three prongs. The prongs are inserted on one side in the roof of the victim's mouth and on the other side in the roof of the Shape Changer's mouth. In A New Day In The Old Town, a broken device is recovered by the FBI. Peter gives
Shapeshifting devices
the device to Broyles with the caveat that he uses it to positively influence the Senate oversight committee seeking to close down Fringe Division.

  Another device is recovered (Momentum Deferred) from a shape changer killed while stealing frozen heads. The device is found by Peter to stream a large quantity of data. This device and the previous one are also analyzed by Massive Dynamic. MD scientists believe that each device is tuned for a specific individual. They are able to retrieve from the first device an image of the last victim of the Shape Changer: Charlie Francis.

appears that the shape changing device is carried within the embryonic shapeless mass of a Shape Changer when it is transported from the parallel universe (The Man From The Other Side).

Ray Duffy kept his personal device (Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?) in a wall safe in his home. He removed the device and took it to Massive Dynamic on his mission to retrieve a data storage disk. He had the opportunity to steal Walter Bishop's identity, to gain access, but chose to maintain his police officer facade.

← Jackie Bermudez is stalked and assassinated (Reciprocity) by Peter Bishop as she attempts to evade capture by robbing the shape of a homeless man in a back alley. Peter locates her and terminates her as she is completing her identity theft of her latest victim.