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Profession:  Interrogates and Assassinates Portrayed by:
Kirk Acevedo
Also Known As:  George Reed, Lloyd Parr, Charlie Francis
Connections:  George Reed - (Victim), Lloyd Parr - (Victim)
Olivia's Nurse - (Victim), Charlie Francis - (Victim)
First Seen:  A New Day In The Old Town
Last Seen:  Momentum Deferred
Death Episode:  Momentum Deferred
Status:  Deceased, shot in the head by Olivia.
Shape Changer    

The Shape Changer is an entity able to take the appearance of another life form, or at least of a human.


  • In A New Day In The Old Town, the Shape Changer is first seen at the scene of an accident as the driver of a car which just collided with Olivia's SUV. At that point, he has the appearance of George Reed, a resident of Lexington. Reed is found dead in his apartment.
  • The Shape Changer rapidly leaves the scene of the accident and enters a nearby apartment where he kills Lloyd Parr. In Parr's apartment, the Shape Changer begins to manually reconstruct his own face, crunching cheekbones, getting ready for the next step. He returns to Parr with a small device. Two wires hang from it, both with three prongs on the ends. He forces the prongs into the roof of Parr's mouth, then does the same to himself with the other prongs. After activating a switch on the control box, he begins to convulse and physically morph his own features to that of Lloyd Parr.
  • The Shape Changer gets to a typewriter shop and asks the shop owner for a Selectric 251, a non-existing model. But this request is meaningful to the shop owner, who recognizes the Shape Changer as "one of them". He mentions that it has been six years and shows him the way to a back room equipped with a chair and a desk with on it a Selectric typewriter next to a big circular mirror. The Shape Changer types on the Selectric and responses are received back also on the typewriter (in that case keys are only visibly pressed in the mirror). The Shape Changer learns that Olivia is still alive and he is given instruction to interrogate her and then kill her.
  • The Shape Changer gets to the hospital, kills a nurse, hides her body and takes her appearance in order to get to Olivia's room. He asks Olivia a few questions but she does nor recall much. He then tries to strangle her but is interrupted by Amy Jessup. While pursuing the Shape Changer in the basement of the hospital, Charlie shoots at her. When the rest of the group in pursuit arrives at the scene, what appears to be the Shape Changer lies on the ground (as the nurse), dead, next to Charlie. The device used to morph appearances is found next to the body. It is suggested later that the Shape Changer likely killed Charlie, took his appearance, hid his body and retrieved the nurses body to put on the floor: when alone, The Shape Changer (as Charlie) retrieves Charlie's body and burns it in the hospital furnace.


  • There's More Than One Of Everything. Anonymously, as the vehicle driver that appeared to miss ramming Olivia during her trip to meet with Nina Sharp
  • A New Day In The Old Town. Character-centric. Extracts the physical qualities of four people (3 male, 1 female), including the anonymous vehicle driver from the previous episode.
  • Night Of Desirable Objects. Retains the physical qualities extracted from the last person on the previous show, Charlie Francis. Wounding seems persistent, morphed qualities may be regressing.
  • Momentum Deferred. Is dying from being in one body too long. Extracts mercury from pharmaceutical thermometers to prolong life. Attempts to kill Olivia after learning the whereabouts of the head he needed, but is subsequently shot and killed during the confrontation.

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  • What is causing the Shape Changer's physical discomfort?
  • How long did the Shape Changer pursue Olivia in Boston before following her to New York?
  • Did the Shape Changer attempt to assassinate Olivia before ramming her vehicle in New York?
  • If the universes have to exchange equal mass... was there an exchange when the Shapeshifting Soldiers came to our universe?


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