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Selectric 251 (Over There, Part 2)
The Selectric 251 is an electronic typewriter used to communicate between universes. It is first seen in A New Day In The Old Town, when the Shape Changer uses it to request new orders from his unseen superiors. The typewriter is located in the back room of a vintage office equipment store and access is granted by the store owner who has a "deal" with the First Wave soldiers.

Bolivia uses the same electronic typewriter to receive orders from the parallel universe (Over There, Part 2) and reports her progress (The Box)/(6955 kHz).

In Entrada, Walter refers to the typewriter as a quantum entangled telegraph. Peter removes the ink ribbon from the typewriter and finds out that Bolivia is heading towards Penn Station.

In The Last Sam Weiss, the machine repeatedly types a message while it sits in Walter's lab. The message coincides with the science team's arrival at the Wave Sink Device on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. Astrid finds the message and reports that it says "Be a better man than your father". Olivia was previously unable to telekinetically activate the machine when sitting next to it.


  • The typewriter model used for the "Selectric 251" is an IBM Selectric II, first manufactured in 1971.

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  • Was the Selectric 251 brought to this universe, or was it made here?
  • Why had it gone unused for six years before A New Day In The Old Town?