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- Season 5 of FRINGE began filming in the second week of July 2012 in the same studios as Season 2, 3 and 4 - Vancouver Film Studios - and is under the same management, FB2 Films Inc. The abbreviated season allowed the production staff, crew and cast to be permanently released from the studio by December 11th. Post-production assets (sound, edit, music, SFX) in Southern California were tasked through early January 2013.
Production Highlights
- 25 April 2012, the TV network officially renews its distribution license/contract with Warner Bros for an abrreviated fifth season, returning in the same Friday night timeslot that it ended Season 4.
- 19 June 2012, Bad Robot Productions CEO Jeff Abrams announced FRINGE's initial hands-on senior executive producer, Jeff Pinkner, decision to migrate away from the show to develop a separate project. This allowed junior executive producer, Joel Wyman, to serve solely in the vacated show-runner role for the remainder of 2012, developing his own unique professional style while leading the creative staff in Santa Monica and coordinating with the Warner Bros studios on production issues.
Creative Notes
- The final episodes of FRINGE were written by Joel Wyman, Alison Schapker, Graham Roland, David Fury and Kristin Cantrell. Cantrell, previously a script coordinator for the team, was given her big break with the pivotal, humorous and intriguing FR#509 - Black Blotter. The final production run was story-arced and developed much like a feature film, only with thirteen installments. Closing many of the open storylines from previous years, the final episodes followed the emotional odyssey and personal sacrifices of Peter, Walter, Olivia and the remaining main characters.
- Episode #419, from earlier in 2012, was the lead-in, standalone, presentation that introduced the science team to the desolate future mankind was forced to endure in the team's absence. Along with key character introductions, the episode established the tone, set design, production values and 'hostile environment' for the finale season.

In April 2013, the 39th Annual SATURN Awards nominated FRINGE Season 5 as the Best Network Series. Nearly all of the original crew were nominated, including: Joshua Jackson as the Best Actor In Television, Anna Torv as the Best Actress In Television, John Noble as the Best Supporting Actor In Television, and both Lance Reddick and Blair Brown as the Best Guest Starring Roles In Television for their limited reprisals in a dystopic future under oppressive rule.

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Prequel – (Transcript)
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Episodes – (Transcripts)
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507 Five-Twenty-Ten – (t)
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509 Black Blotter – (t)
510 Anomaly XB-6783746 – (t)
511 The Boy Must Live – (t)
512 Liberty – (t)
513 An Enemy Of Fate – (t)


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