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Profession:  Bowling Alley Manager — Full-Time,
Therapist & Healer — Part-Time,
Wave Sink Device Subject Matter Expert — Life-Time,
Resistance Operative & Soldier — War-Time
Portrayed by:
Kevin Corrigan
Also Known As:  paternal pen names include - - Seamus Wiles, M. Weiselauss...
Connections:  Nina Sharp, Olivia Dunham
Seen In:  7 of 100 episodes
Status:  His wallet/ID were found with a rotted corpse in Central Connecticut in the adjusted 2036 timeline
Unknown in the restored 2015 timeline
Remarks:  Assumed that he died protecting the relayed radio signal coming from Thimble Island while the Science Team was encased in Amber near Columbus Circle

Sam Weiss is the manager of a local bowling alley and has had a unique acquaintanceship with Nina Sharp over the past few decades.


  • Nina directs Olivia towards Sam following Olivia's physically traumatic return from her first visit to the parallel universe. Sam has a talent for helping people recover from just about everything that bothers them — even things they didn't know they were suffering from. Slow to identify his true talents and family heritage to her, Sam runs Olivia through a series of seemingly benign tasks, all of which are designed to help her harness her own emotional and psychological shortcomings. Never mentioned as a doctor/master in any field, medical or otherwise, Sam projects more of the 'wise sage' persona than anything else. He seems well-researched, and is more likely to offer a pragmatic approach to problem-solving than an optimistic one. Pessimism does not appear to be part of his agenda, while congenial illusiveness does.
  • As the war between the universes starts to bleed into both parallel existences, Sam is drawn back into the fray when Nina deduces his connection to the multi-lingual First People volumes. She confronts him and learns that he has specific intimate knowledge about the ancient device that may save this, or both, universes. When temporal rifts start decimating portions of this universe, Sam correctly suspects the worst, then closes the bowling alley and ventures off to investigate the damaging phenomena. Certain that the prophetic data he and his family has been guarding for more than a century, he returns to civilization and finds Olivia - she needs to trust him and offer full disclosure on the status of the ancient device. The last in the long line of Samuel Weiss' professorships, he reveals all he can to Olivia as they attempt to recover the remaining few components needed to activate, and then control the ancient device. After going through his family's burial sight, and then a museum containing needed antiquities - the duo have what they require to adequately suspend the devastation the planet is experiencing. His expertise depleted, Sam is sadly 'down-sized' from his short-term law enforcement gig and returned to civilian status as the Fringe Task Force mission ploughs on toward Liberty Island.
  • After the ancient device is deployed, and subsequently deactivated, timelines are corrected and reset. Sam's contribution in the initial timeline must have made a significant impression on the rejuvenated science team... as he was a key team member involved with Walter's plan to defeat the Observer's following their invasion and the purge events they inflicted. The true nature of his original bond with Nina is never explored, nor is her knowledge, or suspicion, of why Sam might be the likely subject matter expert associated with the First People legacy/conspiracy.
No! I Am Not Foreshadowing Your Investigation, Olivia. I Just Really Love Board Games
NOT... the Christmas Carol Song Book You Wanted To Buy On E-Bay
  • Nina Sharp recommends Olivia meet Sam Weiss following Olivia's initial return from the alternate universe. According to Nina, Sam is not a psychologist, but he was able to help her recover from the ordeal with her arm. Olivia later discovers that Sam works as a bowling alley manager. During their first coy meeting, Sam predicts that Olivia will suffer headaches. (Night Of Desirable Objects)
  • Sam Weiss helps Olivia recover from her cranial trauma and trembling hands by asking her to tie shoelaces. He tells Olivia that he helped Nina Sharp control her robotic arm by teaching her how to eat French Fries. Sam realizes that Olivia is not sleeping well, and she confesses that the headaches he predicted could be coming true. He explains that Olivia might be experiencing acute nominal Aphasia and that some of her memories are still inaccessible. Her legs recover after confronting Sam for playing mind games on her. (Fracture)
  • Sam tasks Olivia to collect business cards from people wearing something red. He later advises Olivia to circle one letter in each name from the cards, both first and last name, then decipher a phrase from the letters she randomly selected. His exercise unscrambles the phrase - YOU'RE GONNA BE FINE - just after she departs the cemetery, easing the grief she has been feeling since Charlie Francis's death. (Dream Logic)
  • Olivia again visits Sam in the bowling alley, seeking advice for her sleeplessness and for help in uncovering the hidden secret she feels she might subconsciously be repressing. Sam makes a housecall to hang-out and unwittingly helps Olivia crack the case (the victims were Cortexiphan test children) when he shares his childhood memories during the Clue - Classic Detective game they are playing. (Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.)
  • Nina Sharp visits him at the bowling alley and challenges him with her intimate knowledge of the rare books she has been compiling at Massive Dynamic. The names of the various authors of The First People books seem to indicate that he wrote them. He avoids answering that question and addresses her concern about the device and its various components. (Concentrate And Ask Again)
  • He suspects that the fabric of the universe is starting to disintegrate, closes the bowling alley, moves out, and starts to monitor the vortices as they occur. Olivia eventually locates him, when he locates and joins her at the Berkshire County Hospital - he needs her to take him to the Wave Sink Device... it is time for her to start trusting him. (6:02 AM EST)
  • He and Olivia track down an ancient 'key' in a museum that identifies her as the second human interface/factor involved with controlling the Wave Sink Device. He explains his heritage in the grand scheme, but is left behind as non-essential personnel when the Science Team relocates to stop the devastating events. (The Last Sam Weiss)
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Adjusted Timeline

Rotting Corpse - Authorization To Drive Only After It Renews Its Insurance Coverage
  • Olivia finds a corpse in an RV near the clandestine radio relay transmitter in Northeastern Connecticut. Several Loyalist corpses, along with an Observer mort, surround the vehicle in the remote, thickly-forested venue. Along with a spent pistol, the wallet in the vehicle contains Sam's driver's license from two decades earlier. The implications are that Sam was a valued associate of the science team, and of Walter and September in particular, as he was tasked to help in the complex plan to protect the whereabouts of young Michael in the grand scheme to defeat the invaders. Sam was not referred to, or seen, in any other context following The Purge events of November 2015. (Black Blotter)
Rotting Senior Citizen Corpse - Still Has His Turn Blinker On


"You're giving up? I tell you he met a girl and moved away, and you're just gonna give up?" - (to Olivia. her first quirky lesson from Sam. this one about persistence, and maybe his sense of humor, before she realizes who she is talking to or that she was being given a lesson) (Night Of Desirable Objects)

"The short version... the headaches mean you've finally sparked the battery. You've been experiencing... an acute nominal Aphasia, Agent Dunham. It's common with head trauma. Parts of your brain are still asleep. Once they wake up, all that memory will get flushed out." - (finally offering some solid information after the odd bonding tricks he had been deploying during their initial meetings ) (Fracture)

"Lay them out in front of you like you're playing 'Go Fish'. Take a pen, circle one letter in every name, both first and last. When you're finished, take all the letters you've circled and write them down on a piece of paper. Got it?... ...Now Jumble. Jumble. Anagram. Word Puzzle. Find the phrase... ...whatever it is you need to hear. You'll figure it out." - (to Olivia. during a phone call about his psychological exercise to help her garner a hidden message from random business cards, revealing a truth she already knew, but was repressing. another lesson she didn't realize he was teaching ) (Dream Logic)

"I can't tell ya. You have officially gone beyond my field of expertise. But I believe I can tell you why you're not sleeping. And it has nothing to do with your accident. You're a cop. And you must make a dozen decisions a day, many of them life and death. One of them you're not happy about. You think you did the wrong thing. I'm right, aren't I?" - (to Olivia. coaching her down a path he is fairly certain she must follow, on the road to a destiny he suspects will serve all of humaity ) (Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.)

"Okay. What I can tell you is this... that device can either be used as a 'tool of creation' or as a 'weapon of destruction'. Depends on your point of view. And Peter Bishop is uniquely tuned to operate it. Whatever frequency Peter's vibrating at will determine how the machine reacts. " - (to Nina. privately in his bowling alley, giving her the 4-1-1 on the Wave Sink Device and The First People tomes he and his forefathers have been publishing for more than a century. setting the tone for the rest of Season 3 and all of Season 4 ) (Concentrate And Ask Again)

"I know. And I need you to take me to it... have to trust me now, please. We don't have a lot of time." - (to Olivia. after he spent the past day tracking Fringe phenomena associated with what he suspected was activation, and she spent the past day trying to warn him that the Wave Sink Device had become active in the battle between the parallel universes ) (6:02 AM EST)

"It wasn’t supposed to happen this way... ...It’s already on... ...So how can that be? This doesn’t make sense... ...How did they turn it on in the first place? This machine was built for Peter. Only he can operate it... ...all this damage out in the world. It’s not a Doomsday Device, but it’s acting like one." - (to Olivia. standing before the device. brainstorming as they just start to figure out that the alternate universe's Fringe folks have constructed their own Wave Sink Device and are actively fiddling with it ) (The Last Sam Weiss)

"A machine with the power to create and destroy worlds shouldn’t be taken lightly... ...Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this at all. The "Crowbar" is not to be used unless something goes wrong with the machine... ..The timeline’s not right. Maybe this is a cosmic hiccup. Maybe it’ll course-correct on its own." - (to Olivia. as they politely pilfer his family mausoleum - the eternal resting place housing at least six generations of "Sam Weiss"'s. he verbally toys with the concept of 'key' and 'crowbar' without having a clue (yet) of their figurative implication, vice literal meaning) (The Last Sam Weiss)


  • A chalkboard in Secretary Bishop's old Harvard lab (Over There, Part 2) has the phrase "A DEMON'S TWIST RUSTS" written on it. One anagram for this is "DON'T TRUST SAM WEISS". The 'End Act' or commercial break glyphs for the episode also spell "WEISS".
  • Seamus Wiles (6955 kHz), author of the fictional book The First People, is an anagram for Samuel Weiss. M. Weiselauss (Concentrate And Ask Again), author of the German Version - Die Ersten Menschen is another anagram for Samuel Weiss.
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  • When did he help Nina in their previous association?
    • What did he specifically help her with in dealing with the loss of her arm following the initial Reiden Lake incident?
    • What is the nature of his extended relationship with Nina?
  • Did he work for Massive Dynamic at some point, or did she find him herself?
    • Was he recommended to her by someone we might know?
  • What did he mean, or imply, when he said he is older than he looks... barely remembers his childhood... taller than he appears (paraphrased)?
  • Does he have a 'psychic' connection with Olivia? A: (unknown. never addressed)
  • Does he know about the parallel universe? A: (yes. familiar that an enemy, or other side, exists)
    • If so, what is his connection with the alternate universe, if he has one?
    • Does his connection involve Secretary Bishop, or the alternate Sam Weiss - if one exists?
  • Does his family use the pen name, alias, and anagrammatic variants of - Seamus Wiles? A: (yes. over at least 6 generations)
    • If so, was he the author of the 1897 book The First People (6955 kHz)? A: (no. according to him)
    • If so, does he have a connection with the Number Stations and the device components? A: (partially. only an awareness about device components)
  • Was it genuinely Sam who died in a gunfight with Observers/Loyalists defending the radio relay transmitter in Connecticut, or someone with his wallet/ID?


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