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Profession:  Retired Musician Portrayed by:
Christopher Lloyd
Family:  Bobby Joyce - son
Connections:  Walter Bishop
Seen In:  The Firefly
Status:  Alive - rejuvenated
Remarks:  Returned to retirement home

[edit] About

  • A resident in Parklane Senior Care who suffers from sleepwalking. One night, he was observed by the care staff talking to his long dead son Bobby Joyce.
  • Keyboardist of the now defunct band, Violet Sedan Chair. The band broke up after his son, Bobby, died in an accident near Harvard Yard.
  • He is Walter's musical idol. Peter described him as one of Walter's heroes, standing with Tesla and Einstein.
  • Using Walter's hypnotherapy, Roscoe remembered what Bobby told him that night. Bobby said that he, Roscoe, will meet and help Walter. He also recalled that in their last conversation in 1985 - he had a strange dream about a bald man in a dark suit taking Bobby to see an aged Roscoe in a nursing home.

[edit] Quotes

"I forgot what my son felt like, what he smelled like. How it felt to be around him. But now I remember. Nobody is supposed to have a second chance like that." - (to Walter. echoing Walter's conundrum with Peter - the son he stole, saved, lost and retrieved)

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