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Profession:  unknown Portrayed by:
Ari Graynor
Also Known As:  Rach (by Peter and Bolivia Dunham)
Family:  Olivia - sister,
Ella - daughter,
Greg Blake - husband (unseen)
Eddie - son (adjusted Season 4 timeline)
Connections:  Peter - Confidante
Seen In:  10 of 100 episodes
Status:  Moved to Chicage to be with husband

Rachel is Olivia's sister and the mother of Ella


  • As Olivia escaped captivity by Mitchell Loeb in Bound, Rachel arrived with her daughter to spend some time with Olivia at her apartment. She seemed to be having relationship troubles.
  • In The No-Brainer, Rachel meets Peter as he rushes to Olivia's apartment to prevent the computer program from affecting Ella. Exchanges of looks between Rachel and Peter as he plays with Ella and later when he visits Olivia at night seems to indicate that they like each other.
  • In The Transformation, she and Olivia discuss relationship woes after she notices the wedding ring that John Scott had intended to give to Olivia, before he died.
  • In Inner Child, she announces to Olivia that she has begun to search for an apartment nearby.
  • In Unleashed, Rachel receives a casual, friendly phone call from Peter Bishop, making Olivia wary of the budding friendship between the two.
  • In Bad Dreams, she meets Olivia in the kitchen the morning after her sister's vision of the train station murder by Nick Lane. Olivia expresses a subtle disapproval about Rachel's indifference about being involved with two men at one time.
  • In Midnight, she has a friendly couple over to Olivia's apartment for a meal and a chat. During the get-together, she answers the door and is served with divorce papers. Her husband claims she is an unfit parent and is seeking custody of Ella.
  • In A New Day In The Old Town, she returned to her dying sisters bedside to enforce her living will, and request to be removed from life support. It was hinted in What Lies Below by Olivia that this experience made it hard for Rachel to cope.
  • In Brown Betty, in Walter's wild fable she is romantically linked to Peter, but dies after she solicits Private Investigator Dunham to find him.
  • In Over There, Part 1, Rachel briefly talks with Olivia, and the two end up sharing a hug. After Olivia leaves, Rachel's daughter, Ella, runs in and tells her mother about a necklace Olivia had just given to her. Probably knowing what that necklace meant to Olivia, Rachel has a strange look on her face - as if she's worrying whether or not her sister will be okay on the "case she's working".
  • In Amber 31422, Peter shares that Rachel now lives in Chicago with her husband Greg after he found a new job there.


  • Grumpy if awakened early in the morning (Inner Child).
  • Had a sleepover with Olivia at Aunt Missy's, with Lola the hamster and Roxy the dog. (The Transformation)

Adjusted Backround

  • Rachel and Greg are still married in this timeline (Nothing As It Seems).
  • Rachel and Greg have two children, Ella and a younger brother, Eddie (Nothing As It Seems).
  • Rachel's grandfather was named Eddie.


"She is a sweetheart. She's a lying little sweetheart. Sure reminds me of you?" - to Olivia (about her precocious daughter Ella)

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  • Olivia seems concerned that something beyond marital problems is troubling her sister. What is it?
  • Was Rachel also treated with Cortexiphan?
    • If so, why was she not paired with Olivia?
    • If not, where was she while Olivia was at the Jacksonville daycare?


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