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The Project Tin Man is a classified military project aimed to help the soldiers exposed to a synthetic neurotoxin in Fracture.


After a group of soldiers were exposed to a toxin containing cyanogen chloride, Project Tin Man was created to find a cure for the dying soldiers. Three Iraqi doctors; Abbas Khalef, Howar Ziad and Malik Yusef, worked on the project in a hospital in Samarra. Yusef reveals to Peter and Olivia that the program failed, when they return to interview him. He explains that a serum was developed, but needs to be injected daily. Only a few of the soldiers in the project survived; Daniel Gillespie, Joan Klump, Ross Cavanaugh, and Diane Burgess. One serious problem associated with the serum is that it produces a by-product - when triggered with a specific frequency, it turns the patient into a human bomb.

As a result of this, Project Tin Man was shut down. Colonel Raymond Gordon argued that it should be continued. Gordon uses Daniel Gillespie as a human bomb to kill a courier of one of the Observers. Gordon is apprehended later when he attempts to use Diane Burgess for the same purpose.