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Project Tin Man is a classified military project intended to help soldiers exposed to a synthetic neurotoxin. (Fracture).


  • After a group of soldiers deployed to Southwest Asia were exposed to a source of toxic cyanogen chloride, Project Tin Man was initiated to develop a cure for them when they began dying. Three Iraqi doctors; Abbas Khalef, Howar Ziad and Malik Yusef, worked on the project in a hospital in Samarra. Yusef, now working at a neighborhood cafe in Iraq, shares with Peter and Olivia that the program failed. He explains that a serum was developed, but needs to be injected daily. Only a few of the soldiers in the project survived; Daniel Gillespie, Joan Klump, Ross Cavanaugh, and Diane Burgess. One serious problem associated with the serum is that it produces a by-product - when triggered with a specific frequency, it turns the patient into a human bomb.
  • As a result of the associated problems, above, Project Tin Man was shut down. However, the projects' lead military official, Colonel Raymond Gordon, argued that the effort should be continued. When dismissed from the project and discharged from service, Gordon continued using the technology and fringe science to fight a new enemy - using his surviving Project soldiers as human bombs to kill couriers delivering information to the Observers. Gordon is apprehended when he attempts to use Diane Burgess for this objective.