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Semi-canon, or partial canon, describes information garnered from sources other than the originally aired episode... sources that are likely to contain references and material provided by both the Creative-Staff and by persons officially associated with the production, distribution, marketing, etc… While it is fully expected that the Creative-Staff had some input into the semi-canon source, FringePedia does not consider the information a part of, or an augmentation to the FRINGE storyline. Explicit communication from the Creative-Staff on any specific semi-canon issue, is the only method to elevate semi-canon to canon, aka. FringePedia Fact.

Viral is the collective term for FRINGE related IN-UNIVERSE websites, and other tie-in media. ARG refers to Alternate Reality Game.


Fringe Symbols

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Additional Incidents (Viral Marketing)

The following seven incidents are not mentioned in the pilot episode; instead they have been broadcast as viral radio spots for Fringe. One of five different audio samples is played when the butterfly is clicked, and most are followed by a deep male voice which says "find the pattern".
One of the samples does not describe an incident; instead it is a radio advertisement for a car dealership called Franklin Auto (which sometimes appears as Abrams Auto for the radio spot) offering deals on 2008-model cars. The ad is interrupted halfway through, all speech and music become reversed, and the deep voice says "find the pattern". The advert goes back to being played forwards and finishes with the line "tell 'em Charlie sent ya!".

Growing Patient

Radio reporter: "A Dallas area physician reports that a 51-year-old female patient grew over eight-and-a-half inches overnight. Various media outlets have dubbed events like this "the pattern". All government sources are declar-"

Wedding Guests' Amnesia

Emergency services transmission: "Calling all units, there's a 1022 at the VFW hall at spring and fourth. Over 200 wedding guests are disoriented. All claim they can't remember the last two hours. May be linked to the pattern. Over."

Reanimated Husband

Male voice: "Case number 22. Tell me what happened, Mrs Reid."
Female voice: "I identified my husband at the morgue after the wreck. So I went home to break the news to my son... and then I got this call from the coroner. And he said 'I don't know how to tell you this, but... your husband wants a ride home'. [Laughs] He's alive!"

Cruise Ship Mayday

Crewman:"National sea rescue, this is the Solara cruise ship Estrella. Come in. "
Operator:"Roger, we read you five-by-five. Go ahead, Estrella."
Crewman:"Mayday, the navigation system's down."
Operator:"We copy, what was your last position?"
Crewman:"Can't find our way out. There's a sudden fog bank off the coast of patagonia. Gonna try and turn her around. Mayday. Mayday!"

The transmission cuts off, and we hear the sound of the tape being rewound. When it plays again, it is spliced so the syllables "find", "the", "pat-" and "turn" are arranged in order. The tape is rewound and played again twice, each time with the syllables closer together.

Transported Man

Radio Reporter:"A Baltimore family discovered a disoriented man in their back yard today who claims to have been in a London department store moments before. Security tapes confirm his story. Many believe this is part of The Pattern."

Kidnapped Sister

Radio Reporter: "St. Louis police report that a five-year-old girl's dream has revealed the location of her kidnapped sister. Various media outlets have dubbed events like this “the Pattern”. All government sources are declining comm-"

Four-year-old Linguist

Radio Reporter: “An Arizona University is studying a four-year-old boy who spontaneously began speaking six different languages. Is his extraordinary ability part of the events now being dubbed “The Pattern”? Government sources re-”

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