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ep# Image       Title Air Date       Synopsis
Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 9/28/2012 The science team, preserved in Amber until 2036, joins the resistance forces fighting for freedom against the technologically-advanced invasion forces from the distant future. Reunited with his daughter after two decades, Peter and Etta set out to locate and revive Olivia to help in the battle against the fascist regime. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

In Absentia 10/05/2012 Avoiding the invasion forces, the fugitive Fringe science team infiltrates Walter's lab looking for important information needed to drive the invaders from this timeline. They capture a loyalist security man to exploit his access, then learn that the information they seek will require an extensive search for hidden videotapes. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Recordist 10/12/2012 The science team continues its resistance efforts against the oppressive invasion forces from the future and are diverted into the forest to retrieve part of the puzzling plan Walter left himself. There they encounter a strange subculture devoted to recording all of human history before the invaders have rewritten mankind's past. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Bullet That Saved The World 10/26/2012 Losing their anonymity in Walter's Lab, the science team is forced to make a bold grab for written technical plans left in a childhood hiding place that Walter remembers. Windmark and Broyles intervene and the team is driven-off with a devastating personal loss. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

An Origin Story 11/02/2012 The team goes on the offensive when the Resistance forces apprehend an Observer and the powerful portal creating device he had with him. Astrid solves a critical puzzle that may turn the advantage to the Resistance forces. Peter makes a pivotal choice when he learns of the advanced technology each Observer has implanted. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Through The Looking Glass And What Walter Found There 11/09/2012 Walter sets-out on his own after uncovering another tape and steps into a pocket universe sandwiched in the membrane between parallel universes. Observers converge on Walter's position and only Peter has the skillset needed to rescue the science team. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Five-Twenty-Ten 11/16/2012 A new videotape in the plan demands technology that William Bell kept hidden from the team. Happy to see her old friends, Nina Sharp helps retrieve the crucial elements. Peter works an independent angle against the Observers and scores a minor victory. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Human Kind 12/07/2012 The team uncovers another videotape and Olivia sets out to recover a large magnet from a clairvoyant woman. Windmark tracks Peter to Henrietta's apartment and is lead down a path to his future demise. Walter and Astrid determine that the device in Peter's head may not be removed if he evolves much more. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Black Blotter 12/14/2012 Walter takes an LSD trip and recalls vital missing pieces of the plan to defeat the Observers. Peter and Olivia trace the mysterious signal from the radio they recovered in the pocket universe to a rural island. Walter's personality dilemma becomes obvious to him and he faces an impasse with his megalomania issues. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Anomaly XB-6783746 12/21/2012 The science team makes a raid on a former Massive Dynamic lab to get the equipment they need to communicate with the Observer progeny. Nina Sharp helps the fugitive team avoid capture and is faced with a lethal choice. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Boy Must Live 01/11/2013 Walter finds more clues during sensory deprivation, helping the team locate September in his modest quarters. Captain Windmark reports to his Commander with a request for a variance in their grand scheme - and a requirement to capture the rogue Fringe Division science team. Young Michael sacrifices himself for the team. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Liberty 01/18/2013 The team engages their desperate final plan to defeat the Observers as Olivia embarks on a dangerous mission through the alternate universe into the heart of enemy territory to recover Michael from Windmark's scientist. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

An Enemy Of Fate 01/18/2013 All five of the primary Fringe Division members survive into 2036 and face-off against the invading Observers in a complex and extraordinary battle to manipulate the fate of mankind by altering future events, and deflecting history away from the path to total oppression. GALLERYSCREENCAPS


Season 4
ep# Image       Title Air Date       Synopsis
Neither Here Nor There 9/23/2011 A week after Peter Bishop is wiped from existence, the truce between the two worlds remains intact and sides are forced to work together. Agent Lee helps investigate a shapeshifter case that is personal to him. The Observers realize that their plan to fix the timeline was not perfect. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

One Night In October 9/30/2011 The victims of a highly intelligent serial killer stack-up and both Fringe teams join in an effort to capture the culprit. Reluctantly, Olivia deploys to the alternate universe with a forensic psychologist that knows the killer all too well. Walter slumps emotionally as the haunting images he recently experienced begin to talk to him. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Alone In The World 10/07/2011 Two young bullies are found dead and have rotted to an advanced state of decomposition less than a day after disappearing. The team discovers an amorphous entity that refuses to be regulated. Walter's frail mental state is bolstered when he befriends the timid target of the bullies. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Subject 9 10/14/2011 Olivia is confronted by a dangerous apparition and a fellow Cortexiphan test subject appears to be the cause. Walter leaves the lab for the first time in years to show he is not insane and to avoid being reinstitutionalized. The powerful apparition is neutralized and surfaces in Reiden Lake. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Novation 11/04/2011 The body count builds as a new human-hybrid shapeshifter seeks to perfect the technology that makes her possible. Former Massive Dynamic scientist, Doctor Malcolm Truss, unwittingly contributes to the cause. Nina Sharp makes amends with Walter and encourages his effort to connect with Peter. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

And Those We've Left Behind 11/11/2011 The team searches for a way to stop destructive time chamber anomalies that are wreaking havoc in the Boston metropolitan area. Walter rejects Peter's effort to reconnect, while Broyles and Olivia gladly welcome Peter's assistance. A married couple try to optimize what little time they have left together. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Wallflower 11/18/2011 An invisible force is killing innocent civilians to harvest their pigmentation. The predator has a genetic disorder that was manipulated for years by a well-known laboratory. Olivia suffers from migraine headaches, but has no idea why. Agent Lee is starting to adapt to the demands of Fringe Division. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Back To Where You've Never Been 01/13/2012 Peter gains the trust of Olivia and Agent Lee and leads Lee to the alternate universe to try and find a path back to the timeline he knows. The hybrid shapeshifters have a foothold in both universes, and the man controlling them has infiltrators buried deep in Secretary Bishop's ranks. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Enemy Of My Enemy 01/20/2012 Peter's gains support in the alternate universe and unites the two sides in an effort to eradicate the shapeshifter threat and their creator. Walter assesses his life and decides to participate in the effort. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Forced Perspective 01/27/2012 A young teen is unable to stop the visions she has of pending fatal events. She catches the attention of the science team and is able to avert a mass casualty event just before it occurs. Olivia grows wary of the ominous warning she received from The Observer, as Peter's insights allow him to take the lead in the investigation. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Making Angels 02/03/2012 Agent Farnsworth arranges her own deception in order to visit Astrid in this universe and learn about her past. A former MIT professor uses his talents, along with borrowed technology, to intercede in the lives of those destined for a life of suffering. The Observers monitor the entire affair and learn of the failed intervention of one of their own. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Welcome To Westfield 02/10/2012 Walter joins the field team in response to a commercial aviation disaster, then wanders into a nearby town that doesn't seem to have any way to leave. The general population is either dead or deranged and the team has to fight their way to sanctuary before the area is effectively 'erased'. Olivia is more comfortable with Peter working beneath her. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

A Better Human Being 02/17/2012 The science team investigates a patient at a mental hospital who appears to be connected to a series of murders. Olivia channels all of the experiences and feelings her counterpart felt and had for Peter. Nina's involvement in the grand scheme begins to emerge. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The End Of All Things 02/24/2012 Nina and Olivia face torture at the hands of David Jones. Peter and the science team treat the injured Observer before he is snatched from the current timeline by his colleagues. Peter shares a synaptic interface with the Observer and learns what he is ultimately destined to do.GALLERYSCREENCAPS

A Short Story About Love 03/23/2012 Peter is ready to abandon Boston and set-off for New York, wanting to avoid any influence he may have on Olivia's memory. A serial killer is using his proprietary knowledge of pheromones to lure and kill, all for want of love. The Observer finds a way to manipulate events and recontact Peter. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Nothing As It Seems 03/30/2012 Olivia's neuropsych evaluation threatens to keep her on the sidelines while Lee and Peter investigate the mysterious aftermath of VertusAir Flt 718. This is Peter's second exposure to the case, and his foreknowledge sends the Fringe Task Force chasing after a cult determined to manipulate the evolutionary process and mankind's future. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Everything In Its Right Place 04/06/2012 FBI Agent Lee lends his law enforcement expertise in the alternate universe to his Fringe Division counterparts assigned with the task of apprehending a vigilante connected to the remaining shapeshifters. Along the way, he gains the respect of those he meets and takes heart with his newly discovered friendships.GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Consultant 04/13/2012 Walter visits Fringe Division in the alternate universe to lend his scientific expertise to the investigation of a recent destructive breach in the fabric between the two universes. David Jones initiates the next phase of his master plan. Colonel Broyles unknowingly raises suspicion with a DoD colleague. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Letters Of Transit 04/20/2012 The saga leaps ahead to 2036, where rogue agents from a minimalized Fringe Division recover most of the original Science Team after two decades encased in Amber. The Observers have most of the native population subjugated, oppressed and repressed as an inferior culture... but there is new hope. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Worlds Apart 04/27/2012 Universes share aligned disasters and it becomes apparent David Jones is using the Cortexiphan talent to draw both universes into the same gravitational space. Fringe Divisions generate a shared investigation and come to a terrible decision - they need to end the alliance they have fostered and terminate the healing influence of the Wave Sink Device. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Brave New World, Part 1 05/04/2012 Citizens are beginning to spontaneously self-incinerate as pawns in a larger game to alter mankind's destiny. The Boston Metropolitan Area faces immolation as the power of the sun is focused on the fossil fuels below Eastern Massachusetts. David Jones makes it personal when he attacks and severely beats a member of the science team. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Brave New World, Part 2 05/11/2012 William Bell brings his captured colleague, Walter Bishop, along as he transports his vessel full of mutant creatures to a precise spot in the North Atlantic. Olivia and Peter locate and board the vessel as Bell's plan to collapse the two universes comes to fruition. The Observer hadn't witnessed this potential outcome before now - and others need to be warned as a result. GALLERYSCREENCAPS


Season 3
ep# Image       Title Air Date       Synopsis
Olivia 9/23/2010 Olivia fights to find her way home after an extremely deceptive tactic leaves her imprisoned and under interrogation in the parallel universe. The Bishops move on with life in the aftermath of the revelations about Peter's childhood. Bolivia begins her infiltration and espionage mission in this universe without raising suspicion. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Box 9/30/2010 The Bishops collaborate to investigate a mystifying case of citizens frozen in a trance-like state, a state induced by a mysterious box. Bolivia turns up the heat on Peter. Walter and Nina meet at Massive Dynamic and learn about the important events that are destined to happen in the future. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Plateau 10/07/2010 Alternate Fringe Division investigates a drug treatment experiment that intellectually enables patients. Secretary Bishop shares his strategic plan with Colonel Broyles about the importance of Olivia. Confusing visions surface in Olivia's mind as she adapts to Bolivia's life. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep? 10/14/2010 Thomas Newton enlists a dormant shape-shifter to deal with the consequences of a recent accident involving a high-ranking politician. Walter and the team gather evidence and move the investigation to Massive Dynamic to deal with the revelations following the accident. Bolivia continues her espionage and subversion. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Amber 31422 11/04/2010 The alternate Fringe team has difficulty cracking the sophisticated escape of two brothers from a quarantined area. Secretary Bishop continues his memory experimentation with Olivia in the sensory-deprivation tank. Visions of Peter continue to haunt Olivia as she struggles with her new identity. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

6955 kHz 11/11/2010 The science team investigates a bizarre case of retro-active amnesia where fifteen victims have only one thing in common - their shortwave radios. Walter and Peter deduce that a weapon of mass destruction might be involved. Bolivia fights to maintain her cover as a spy. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Abducted 11/18/2010 A serial kidnapper strikes and Colonel Broyles sends a determined Fringe team to uncover additional details about the abductions. Olivia fights her memory issues and reunites with someone she believes can help her to return to her universe. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Entrada 12/02/2010 The science team believes it has discovered a device that may allow them to communicate with the alternate universe. Peter deals with the aftermath of the recently retrieved ancient artifacts. Olivia continues searching for an alliance that will help her return to this universe. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Marionette 12/09/2010 When the Fringe Team investigates a case where a victim had his heart extracted, it’s just the beginning of a series of mysterious and reanimating events tied together. Meanwhile, Peter comes to terms with the reality of his relationship with Olivia. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Firefly 01/21/2011 The Observer contacts Walter to help him correct a mistake he believes he made decades ago. Walter befriends musical icon Roscoe Joyce, a keyboardist for Walter's favorite band, Violet Sedan Chair. Walter learns why they disbanded and realizes that their lives overlap in strange and unexpected ways. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Reciprocity 01/28/2011 The team joins Massive Dynamic to analyze the reconstructed components that were dispersed around the planet and are surprised when it shows life. Walter discovers a terrible secret about Peter’s role in making the device operational. The discovery of dead shapeshifters add to the concern. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Concentrate And Ask Again 02/04/2011 The investigation follows three men intent on revenge that are using a powderized bioweapon to assassinate those they blame for their losses. A hyper-sensitive test subject from Walter’s past agrees to assist with the difficult case and finds a new friend in Olivia. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Immortality 02/11/2011 The absence of Colonel Broyles from Fringe Division is felt when an obsessed scientist infects citizens in an attempt to develop a key vaccine. Bolivia reunites with Frank. Secretary Bishop questions his willingness to cross certain ethical boundaries. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

6B 02/18/2011 The sudden death of a half dozen party-goers brings the team to a building in Brooklyn and the home of a woman grieving her late husband. Peter and Olivia bridge the emotional gap they share. Walter grows burdened by the physical damages that are manifesting in this universe. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Subject 13 02/25/2011 A complete accounting of the pivotal points for both Bishop families, shortly after Peter's disappearance, and the traumatic childhood events that led to Olivia's awareness of the abilities she possesses. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Os 03/11/2011 The team investigates a group of thieves who appear to be able to defy gravity. Walter attempts to prevent any more physical damage in the rift between universes. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Stowaway 03/18/2011 The team investigates a woman who was believed to have died, but appears at suicide scenes and is connected to each dead person. William Bell looks to locate a suitable host for his soul before any negative impact on Olivia occurs. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Bloodline 03/25/2011 Bolivia Dunham is abducted by a medical team keen on accelerating her pregnancy. The Fringe Division searches the city for her before a medical condition kills her. Secretary Bishop has secret plans for the grandson he expects. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 04/15/2011 The science team frantically attempts to extract Bell's consciousness from Olivia's body before her soul is lost forever. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

6:02 AM EST 04/22/2011 Secretary Bishop determines a method to refocus the damaging anomalies in his universe onto this one. Bolivia Dunham challenges his actions. Our Fringe Team, Nina, Massive Dynamic, and Sam Weiss mobilize to counter the deadly phenomena occurring here. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Last Sam Weiss 04/29/2011 Olivia and Sam Weiss determine a new way to access the Wave Sink Device. A disoriented Peter slips out of the hospital and finds his way to Liberty Island. Casualties mount as anomalies take a devastating toll on the populace of the Northeastern United States. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Day We Died 05/06/2011 After only a minute in the ancient device, Peter gains a week long view of this universe in 2026 with intimate knowledge of the fate of the alternate universe. He temporarily returns to the present... and learns his ultimate mission - he has to save both universes. GALLERYSCREENCAPS


Season 2
ep# Image       Title Air Date       Synopsis
A New Day In The Old Town 9/17/2009 Olivia violently returns from her visit with Bell. Peter, Amy and Charlie race to locate a hostile force bent on eliminating one of the science team. Walter and Astrid return to the lab to isolate a bit of fringe science, and prepare for Peter’s birthday. Broyles finds his way to Washington D.C. to face congressional scrutiny and defend the Fringe Division. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Night Of Desirable Objects 9/24/2009 A highway construction worker in rural Pennsylvania goes missing when he is mysteriously drawn into an underground tunnel. In his lab, Walter attempts to simulate travel between alternate universes using frogs. The science team believes that the disappearance in Pennsylvania may not be an isolated incident. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Fracture 10/01/2009 The team investigates a deadly bomb blast that has left no discernable trace of the explosive device. The perplexing circumstances return Walter to the lab to examine human remains in search of the source of the explosion. With the threat of more bombs and the hint of classified projects, Olivia and Peter return to where they first met. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Momentum Deferred 10/08/2009 Recuperating from her return, after meeting William Bell, Olivia consumes a powerful concoction prescribed by Walter, to stimulate her memory. The team investigates a series of robbery cases that are tied to the shape changing visitor. As memories start to return, one of Walter's previous human experiments returns to the lab. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Dream Logic 10/15/2009 The team travels to Seattle when workplace violence is brought on by alleged demonic visions. Similar puzzling murders continue after they begin investigating and clues lead back to a group of patients treated at a local sleep clinic. The Bishops find an acceptable place to live, while Olivia finds peace of mind following the loss of Charlie. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Earthling 11/05/2009 The Fringe Division takes on a puzzling investigation of victims who inexplicably disintegrate into ash. The shadowy case casts a light on Phillip Broyles’ past and entice the team with the possibilities of foreign fringe science. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Of Human Action 11/12/2009 Kidnapping escalates into a hostage situation and when authorities corner the suspects, they discover the victim has unique abilities developed with fringe science research. The investigation intensifies when a team member is taken and forced to commit horrific acts. Another layer is peeled-off of the Massive Dynamic facade. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

August 11/19/2009 A public abduction in Boston sends the team chasing after one of the mysterious Observers. One observer has violated an important rule-of-engagement by saving someone he has cared for over the past two decades. As more observers gather to rein-in one of their own, they also have time to make a few observations about a team member. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Snakehead 12/03/2009 A freighter wrecks near Boston, and the shore is littered with bodies hosting parasites. The team examines the corpses and discovers that the organisms have remarkable medicinal qualities. As the investigation unfolds, Walter recaptures some of his personal style and begins to find his way again in the world, only to place Astrid in peril. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Grey Matters 12/10/2009 Patients at mental hospitals undergo impromptu surgeries that remove part of their brain. The leader of the hybrid army searches for what he needs in our universe and confronts Olivia with his mission. Peter faces a difficult situation that may cost Walter his life. William Bell resurfaces and raises questions about his ultimate objectives. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Unearthed 1/11/2010 A brain-dead teenager is removed from life support so donor organs can be harvested. Doctors operate quickly, but the girl revives and recites a classified alpha-numeric code from a nuclear submarine. As odd as her resurrection is, and that she is speaking Russian, her condition is not what it seems as she begins to satisfy her own agenda. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Johari Window 1/14/2010 An unexplained attack by disfigured humans leads the team to a small town in upstate New York to follow leads surrounding the bizarre case. Certain that these disfigured people have managed to hide themselves for a while, and that they will do just about anything to keep it that way, the investigation turns to Walter's past. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

What Lies Below 1/21/2010 A man enters a Boston business, collapses and erupts blood. The team arrives and discovers an exotic virus is spreading. The CDC quarantines the building to eradicate the pathogen, trapping Peter and Olivia with the exposed office employees. Walter, Broyles and Astrid frantically search for a solution to the life-threatening circumstances. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Bishop Revival 1/28/2010 Wedding guests suffocate and the team investigates how the toxin was delivered and targeted. The wedding ceremony may be another testing ground for weaponized fringe science. Walter believes the formula links to a branch in the Bishop family tree. The threat of more deadly attacks and family ties to the case mobilizes the Division. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Jacksonville 2/4/2010 A violent tremor shakes an office building leaving only one survivor. Walter surmises that what shook the building was not geologic. With another catastrophe imminent, the team searches for an answer in Jacksonville in an effort to save hundreds of people from certain death. GALLERYSCREENCAPS88

Peter 4/1/2010 Walter joins Olivia to help her understand recent events and to share the secret he has kept about Peter' origins in the alternate universe. Walter recounts the loss of his son in 1985, the delicate state of his marriage, some of the alternate technology of day... and his mission to save young Peter Bishop in the alternate universe. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver. 4/8/2010 Death spreads mysteriously, when a perfectly healthy woman is found dead with a disease she'd never had. The science team investigates the origin of this inexplicable fatality and try to halt it before it claims more innocent victims. Olivia struggles to keep Walter’s secret from Peter, and her loyalty to Peter is tested as time progresses. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

White Tulip 4/15/2010 Commuters aboard a train die a quiet death - as if a switch was flipped and electrical power drained from them. The team assembles at the odd crime scene and Peter grows suspicious of Walter, who is struggling to keep his dire secret. A brilliant mathematician is implicated and ironic circumstances end his quest. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Man From The Other Side 4/22/2010 Shape-shifters arrive in embryonic form and take the lives of individuals key to opening a gateway between universes. Newton masterminds the effort in order to pull an important person from the alternate universe over to this side. Peter survives the aftermath of the gateway and figures out the only possible reason he survived. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Brown Betty 4/29/2010 Olivia is watching Ella for the day, but has to work. She leaves her niece in the capable hands of Astrid and Walter at the lab. Not shy to the task, Walter spins a wild fable to entertain the young lady. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Northwest Passage 5/6/2010 Peter teams up with Sheriff Mathis in Noyo County, Washington, after being implicated in a bizarre murder. Still intent on hiding his location from the science team, he provides her accurate insight into the alternate universe perpetrators. Walter flounders at home, concerned he may be recommitted. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Over There, Part 1 5/13/2010 Peter decides to return to his origins. Walter and Olivia follow him to the other side with the help of known Cortexiphan victims. Peter connects with his birth mother while the alternate Fringe Division mobilizes to counteract what seems like an attack on their universe. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Over There, Part 2 5/20/2010 Walter and Olivia continue their quest to retrieve Peter. Bell intercedes and helps them with their mission. Alternate universe counterparts use a covert tactic when Peter slips away from them. William Bell may have made the ultimate sacrifice to help the mission. GALLERYSCREENCAPS


Season 1
ep# Image       Title Air Date       Synopsis
Pilot 9/9/2008 Glatterflug Flight 627 lands on auto-pilot with dead passengers and crew, a multi-agency government task force descends on the scene to search for the answers. With the help of a newly-assembled science team, the task force cuts to the heart of the mystery, only to raise more questions about a disturbing Pattern of events around the globe. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Same Old Story 9/16/2008 A woman conceives, carries to full-term, and births a baby in the span of minutes, dying in the process; the baby dies after aging 80 years in three hours. This leads the investigators on a search involving "cultivated soldiers", exposing the illegal manipulation of human genetics by unscrupulous scientists. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Ghost Network 9/23/2008 Dead bodies of bus commuters are frozen inside like insects in amber. Investigation leads to a man who thinks he is being spoken to by the devil, but who is actually sensing transmissions in his head because of his participation in an experiment conducted years earlier by Walter Bishop. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Arrival 9/30/2008 Appearance of mysterious cylinder triggers odd behavior and surprising revelations. A bald, eyebrowless man who has been seen in previous episodes speaks for the first time. Walter tells Peter the truth about a near-fatal experience from Peter's childhood. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Power Hungry 10/14/2008 A simple man develops the ability to harness electricity and kill those around him. The team tracks the man through his electro-magnetic signature. Dunham envisions John Scott on three occasions. The last one leads her to a repository of Pattern files. Walter admits a long kept secret. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Cure 10/21/2008 A woman's head explodes at a diner after her emotional state kills everyone there. The team learns of a second woman who has been turned into a weapon by an unscrupulous drug company executive. Dunham discloses critical information about her own childhood to Peter Bishop. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

In Which We Meet Mr. Jones 11/11/2008 The team tackles a case involving an gigantic parasite that has attached itself to the internal organs of a dying FBI agent. Agent Dunham flies to Germany to meet with an imprisoned man who shares disconcerting details of a much larger threat. Peter and Walter attempt to help Olivia by tapping into a dead man's brainwaves. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Equation 11/18/2008 A young music prodigy is taken by a serial kidnapper after a sequence of flashing lights lead to the abduction. Walter connects with a friend at St. Claire's Hospital for help. To Peter's dismay, Olivia encourages Walter to return to the mental institution, and Walter's determination to help exposes some chilling information. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Dreamscape 11/25/2008 A Massive Dynamic employee is convinced he is being attacked by butterflies and jumps out of a skyscraper. Olivia's memories lead to a break in the case. Desperate to rid her mind of Agent Scott, she demands to go back in "the tank". Peter's former friend, and some current foes, find out he's back in Boston. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Safe 12/2/2008 Robbers empty safety deposit boxes by using technology to walk through the walls of bank vaults. The thefts give them access to pieces of a device designed to teleport. The untested device allows a convicted criminal to teleport directly from a German prison to a deserted airstrip in Massachusetts. Olivia falls victim to the robbers. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Bound 1/20/2009 The FBI and an increasingly desperate Peter search for the abducted Olivia - unaware that the man heading the investigation is the one responsible for her disappearance. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The No-Brainer 1/27/2009 The team investigates the death of a car salesman found in a pool of dissolved body tissue - exactly like another man across the country. While Walter tries to determine the cause, deaths pile-up, until a common thread linking the victims together is discerned. Dunham gets involved when the case places a loved one in harm's way. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Transformation 2/3/2009 The team into a case when the bizarre corpse of a passenger is discovered at the crash site of an international aviation disaster. Memories tip the team toward some promising leads, but the bigger picture and mysterious threat eludes them. With limited options and insufficient intelligence, Olivia and Peter go undercover. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Ability 2/10/2009 Olivia's connection to escaped prisoner David Robert Jones becomes evident when he surrenders to officials and tempts her into a controversial test - of will and ability. The Federal Task Force investigates related cases where faceless victims have died from their orifices suddenly sealing shut. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Inner Child 4/7/2009 Just before a building is demolished, a child living alone beneath it is discovered. The boy forms an silent connection with Olivia while a gruesome serial killer resurfaces and showcases his 'artistry' his work publicly. As the boy gradually assimilates into his new environment, the team races to prevent further macabre acts. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Unleashed 4/14/2009 Animal rights anarchists ransack a laboratory and are killed by a ferocious hybrid creature. Walter's early work in 'Radical Transgenics' resurfaces after decades, and nearly costs a team member their life. Doctor Bishop's internal torment bubbles dangerously close to the boiling point as he starts to struggle with his sanity again. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Bad Dreams 4/21/2009 Olivia envisions murders 200 miles away while dreaming. A deadly vision happens again and Broyles deploys the team to investigate. As details emerge, Olivia discovers a childhood counterpart who has not forgotten the testing they suffered. Walter is too familiar with what happened... by his hand and by Doctor Bell's? GALLERYSCREENCAPS

Midnight 4/28/2009 Bodies drained of spinal fluid pile-up on the Boston 'after-hours' scene. The case leads to a scientist with reluctant ties to the ZFT group. Olivia has her hands full as Rachel wades into messy divorce proceedings. Walter finds comfort in his collaboration to develop a cure - but is disheartened when more of his legacy is exposed. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

The Road Not Taken 5/5/2009 Reality is challenged when Olivia has vivid visions. The investigation of a spontaneous combustion incident, leads to individuals that have been experimented on as children, and are now becoming weapons in adulthood. Sanford Harris, Nina Sharp and The Observer each peel-back a new layer to their involvement. GALLERYSCREENCAPS

There's More Than One Of Everything 5/12/2009 Events move quickly when David Robert Jones identifies his primary objective. Walter has gone missing, only to come through with the key piece of equipment at the last minute. The history of young Peter changes all that we suspected about the Bishops. Olivia experiences a unique change of venue - in her search for the illusive William Bell GALLERYSCREENCAPS

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