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Profession:  Military Officer Portrayed by:
Lance Reddick
Family:  Diane (wife), Christopher (son)
Connections:  Bolivia Dunham, Agent Francis, Agent Farnsworth,
Captain Lee, Secretary Bishop, David Jones
First Seen:  Over There, Part 1
Seen In:  14 of 100 episodes
Last Seen:  The Consultant
Death Episode:  Entrada
Status:  Held in custody by Fringe Division after turning himself in
Remarks:  Turned traitor to Fringe Division in exchange for his son's rehabilitation
Alternate Version    

Colonel Broyles supervises Fringe Division response teams in the parallel universe.


  • Olivia Dunham briefly encounters him (The Road Not Taken), as he questions her about the second burned victim.
  • In Over There, Part 1, he aborted the quarantine of the opera house as recommended by Agent Farnsworth.
  • In Over There, Part 2, he wakes up Bolivia to give her a new assignment as requested by Secretary Bishop. He later led the team to the opera house to switch Bolivia and Olivia.
  • In Olivia, he leads the team to recapture the escaped Olivia Dunham.
  • Secretary Bishop clarifies to him that they need to embed Bolivia's memory to make her a willing experimental subject and ultimately, learn how to cross over to the other universe without any dangerous consequences (The Plateau).
  • In Entrada, Broyles is murdered for helping Olivia cross back into her own universe. When Bolivia is transported back to the alternate universe, she is replaced in our universe by the badly burned and maimed Broyles.
  • The alternate Fringe Division was unable to find any leads after he went missing. His car was found at the edge of a 'No-Go Zone'. (Immortality)
  • In One Night In October, the Colonel, restored to the alternate universe timeline after it was reset, tasks his team and a visiting Olivia to locate the serial killer that is stealing the memories of those he abducts.
  • In Back To Where You've Never Been, oversees the investigation of the trans-universal incursion at the opera house in Brooklyn. He allows his team to follow a lead to David Jones secret lab, then calls Jones to let him know that his Fringe agents are heading his way.
  • In Enemy Of My Enemy, continues to hide his conspiratorial agenda from his colleagues, then abets Jones' evasion from authorities.
  • In Making Angels, he deploys Bolivia to retrieve Agent Farnsworth when she crosses at Liberty Island without permission.
  • In Everything In Its Right Place, he receives information on the vigilante shapeshifter, then informs Nina Sharp so she can have the errant shapeshifter assassinated.
  • In The Consultant, accepts medication from Jones to save his son's life, then renegs on his agreement to destroy the trans-universal bridge on Liberty Island.


"Risk assessment. I need to know if this thing is spreading. We can't have another Boston, Captain." - to Lincoln Lee (with a sense of urgency about the interdimensional breach in-progress)

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