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Profession:  Original Timeline: DHS Civilian Consultant, Jack Of All Trades, Uniter of Universes
Adjusted Timeline: Hospital Patient Claiming Familiarity w/ the Science Team
Portrayed by:
Joshua Jackson
Family:  Original Timeline: Walter Bishop, father (adopted, real) - Elizabeth Bishop, mother (adopted, real) - Robert Bishop, grandfather - Henry Dunham, son - Henrietta Bishop, daughter
Connections:  Tess Amaral, Edward Markham, Akim, Mako, Michael Kelly, Gregory Worth, Slim Joe, Ahmed
Status:  Returned to the current timeline.
Remarks:  Fully Recovered From The Observer Tech Implant Removed From His Brain Stem. Pivotal Persona To Olivia's Empowerment. Cherished By His Daughter In All Timelines
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Peter Bishop is the
Peter light.jpg
birth son of the US Secretary of Defense Walter Bishop from the Parallel Universe. Peter has a recorded IQ of 190. Peter's backstory identified him as a high school dropout, misfit, and nomad, who hadn't kept a job longer than two months. He'd been a wild land fireman, a floor sweeper at a meat packing plant in Tennessee, a cargo pilot, and briefly a college chemistry professor -- a position he gained by falsifying a degree from MIT. Despite this, he managed to have papers published before he was exposed as a fraud. He was setting-up a business deal in Baghdad, Iraq when he was recruited by Olivia Dunham to gain access to his father. He has been arrested seven times. (Pilot)

  Once the existence of a parallel universe becomes evident and needs to be investigated, Walter shares with Olivia that he adbucted Secretary Bishop's son from the parallel universe when he was 9 years old, shortly after Walter's real son (Peter) died of a rare disease. (Peter)

  Peter's existence is the perfect counterpart, and soul mate, to Olivia Dunham's existence. Together, their emotional bond, willingness for self-sacrifice, and ultimately, their parental donation leads to the healing between universes and the redaction of time-travelling exploiters from the future. His unique alliance with the Observer saves mankind from destruction in one timeline, only to place mankind in peril again in the aftermath - an adjusted timeline where he does not exist. So critical to the continuance of everything that is, or will be, Peter emerges into the final timeline after an absence of almost three decades following his childhood death. The lives of those that knew him as a boy are capsized. The lives of those that should have known him as an adult are righted. As a result, both universes are 'course-corrected' from the karmic fate they would have suffered otherwise.


Manual Dexterity Exercise
Portrayed by Quinn Lord
In Safe, Walter tells Peter that when he was a little boy he contracted a rare disease. The disease was very much like Hepia, a form of bird flu that hadn't been around for decades. Trying to find a cure, Walter discovered a Swiss physician named Doctor Alfred Gross, the only man to ever successfully cure a case of Hepia. Unfortunately, Dr. Gross had died in 1936 so Walter designed a device to reach back in time and bring Dr. Gross back. But the device was apparently not used as Walter said Peter got better on his own.

In There's More Than One Of Everything, Walter mentioned that "back then" (mid-1980's), when he and Bell took LSD, Walter lost something very precious and wanted to travel to the alternate reality they were envisioning, to get it back. This hints at the possibility that Peter died as a child and that Walter coveted the Peter from that other reality. During his childhood maladies, Peter collected coins as a distraction.

In Dream Logic, Peter dreams of his childhood. In his dream, he is asleep in bed and is rousted by what appears to be Walter. Decorations in his childhood bedroom suggest he may have been raised in the parallel universe. He disappears from his bed. (Peter claims to have not had dreams during his teenage years).
Returning to 'lake family'
Potrayed by Chandler Canterbury
(Subject 13)

After Walter was institutionalized in the early 1990's, Peter moved to Allston with his mother because she could not afford the mortgage of their house in Cambridge.

In Grey Matters, Walter is asked to associate words with images he is shown. Three images elicit the response "Peter" - a bowl of custard, a boy playing on a beach, and a child-sized coffin. This, along with the appearance of his gravestone in There's More Than One Of Everything appears to confirm that the "Peter" in this world died at the age of seven.

Walter had indicated before that when Peter was a child, he was travelling with him to a family Thanksgiving dinner. Their car slipped off the road onto a frozen lake. The ice broke and the car began to sink. However, in Peter, Walter reveals to Olivia that he and Peter went through the ice as they came back from the alternate universe through a device that Walter had installed on the frozen surface of Reiden Lake. With their fate apparently certain, Walter and Peter were saved by the Observer. As a result, Walter owed a debt to the Observer; there is no suggestion that Peter has a debt of any kind.

Adjusted Background

In the corrected timeline that he established by bridging the two universes in a cooperative mission, he...

Rejoined the universe he grew-up in after unsuccessfully trying to communicate his request for help to Walter and Olivia.


Nina Sharp told Peter (The Cure) that she knew him when he was a small boy, that she and Walter were once quite close, and that she and Peter spent time together at the equestrian center.


  • Spoke Farsi - (Pilot), German - (Ability), Arabic - (Fracture), and Cantonese - (Snakehead)
  • Owes money to a guy named Big Eddie, likely a gambling debt. (Pilot), (The Arrival)
  • Introduced as Olivia's brother "Rick" to a bartender - (Safe)
  • Is forty-seven years old in May of 2026 (The Day We Died), which aligns with his 18 September 1978 birth date.
  • Is friends with the owner of the biggest chop shop in Boston - (Midnight)
  • Walter gives Peter a 'Walking Liberty Half Dollar' coin, supposedly from his childhood, which has always been good luck for Peter - (There's More Than One Of Everything)
  • His grown daughter grew-up thinking of him as the engineer of the Fringe team, and he is referred to as such by the captured Observer - (An Origin Story)


"You may think you know what he's capable of, but you have no idea what I'm capable of" - (to Bruce Sumner. a fertile warning to the St. Claire's showrunner, not just about Walter, but what Peter will do to secure Walter's immediate release from the mental health facility) (The Equation)

"No, look, you're right. I am the guy to break the law for you. What do we need?" - (to Charlie Francis, cowboying-up as Charlie fishes for a not-so-reluctant volunteer to wire-tap fellow LEA guy Mitch Loeb) (Bound)

"The facilities? You're in the sewer, Walter. You're knee-deep in the facilities" - (smartly to his father after a need to urinate arises during the search for the deadly trans-genetic creature occupying the very active latrine they are currently searching) (Unleashed)

"It's a hand-held thermal imaging radiometer. It tells me if you're hot.... so you're definitely hot. I'm looking for someone with syphilis" - (to an eager young barfly, ironically taking the wind out of her hormone-driven sails as he stays on mission for the blood-thirsty killer) (Midnight)

"Walter says this tech isn't from here. And that it's broken. But it is proof, and if they can fix it, they can have an army who can look like anyone they want them to. You tell them you can get this tech, and they can have it, but they are not shutting us down. From now on, we're calling the shots. We're done reacting. We're not gonna be too late anymore. After all, somebody's got to save their asses, right?" - (motivated. handing the shape-changing device to Broyles so he can return to the Oversight Committee with justification for continued funding for Fringe Division in what appears to be a war being waged against this universe) (A New Day In The Old Town)

"As a kid, I used to get these terrible nightmares, almost every night. So I know a thing or two about dreaming... was one of the rare occasions in my childhood that Walter was helpful. He taught me to condition myself. Every night before I went to sleep I had to say a mantra in my head. 'Please don't dream tonight. Please don't dream tonight. Please don't dream tonight'... ...from the age of eight to almost nineteen... don't remember a single dream." - (to Olivia as they investigate the bizarre circumstances around a sleep-deprived murderer. unknowingly foreshadows the history that Walter has kept from him about his 'dual-citizenship') (Dream Logic)

"Faking your kidnapping... jacking your dad's company... killing cops and innocent bystanders... know, I get it. I mean, you wanted to torture your Dad, right? But the thing just got away from you. Blew up in your face... ...what did your Daddy do to you anyway? Didn't pay you enough attention? Forgot your birthday? Didn't play ball with you enough?" - (baiting teen-zilla Tyler Carson who has telekinetically controlled Peter's physical actions all afternoon. Tyler's response - 'He lied to me my entire life.' - echoes the historic state, and highlights the current status, of personal relations in the Bishop household) (Of Human Action)

"When we first met, I was a nomad, moving from place-to-place, job-to-job. She gave me a purpose: She taught me to believe in something bigger than myself. She taught me to fight to keep our world safe, and more recently, to keep it from dying. The truth is –- we’re all dying. From the moment we’re born, we are all dying, and the universe is unspeakably cruel. Our one hope is that we can find some purpose, some meaning before that last day comes. Some happiness... and love. Olivia was all of that to me. There was no one like her. While I will not cease to fight, now that she’s gone, I’m afraid I’m already lost. That we are all lost. The world is a darker place without her." - (at Olivia's funeral following her assassination by refugee and former Secretary of Defense Walter Bishop. standing in the Wave Sink Device for about a minute, Peter is catching his own statement during a glimpse of his personal fate and that of mankind future in 2026 where the Parallel Universe has failed and this one is suffering horrendous Fringe events as well. he somberly sums up his relationship with Olivia for friends, family and colleagues as she is put to sea on a raft and set afire in a night time, Viking-style, emolation. minutes after exiting the Wave Sink Devivce, he resolves to save humanity from that timeline... then vanishes. seconds later, not one soul in the room remembers his presence or intent) (The Day We Died)

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  • Why does Peter have a gap in his memory about his childhood?
  • What is Peter's childhood connection to Nina?
  • What specific abilities does he have that allows him to activate the Wave Sink Device?
  • How did he survive the "harmonic" event when the FBI Agent nearby simply evaporated? (The Man From The Other Side)
  • Was Peter on good terms with Elizabeth Bishop when he left for Europe?
  • Did Peter incur brain damage/memory loss after falling into the freezing Lake Reiden as a child?
    • If so, did it cause him to forget his childhood before being abducted by Walter?
  • Why was Walter notified in Saint Claire's about Elizabeth's suicide, and not Peter in Europe?
  • Did Peter incur memory loss from the treatment/cure that Walter gave him to save his life?
  • Why was Peter hiding his whereabouts from the criminal element in Boston?
  • Why was a photographer secretly following Peter? (The Dreamscape)
  • Is Peter alive after visually disappearing? (The Day We Died)
    • If not, what happened to him?
  • Why was he haunting Walter and Olivia with a request for help? (Season 4)
  • Why did he implant the Observer technology in his brain stem and not tell the rest of the science team? (An Origin Story)


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