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Profession:  Criminal Portrayed by:
Blair Brown
Connections:  Leland Spivey, David Jones
Seen In:  7 of 100 episodes
Status:  Imprisoned
Remarks:  Apprehended for her part in Jones' plan
Alternate Version    


A co-conspirator of David Jones. She actively defeated Massive Dynamic security and had been using original decades old Cortexiphan that MD maintained. Late night intrusions into Olivia's apartment were to administer Cortexiphan and induce the unique dormant abilities latent from Olivia's childhood. Nina poses as a fellow abductee and "endures" torture at the hands of her colleagues in order to get an emotional rise out of Olivia - activating her unique skills. Sharp evades to the alternate uiverse with Jones when Olivia and Peter gain their freedom in Plainfield Memorial Hospital.

  • In Wallflower, she accompanies Leland Spivey to Olivia's apartment to surreptiously inject Olivia with Cortexiphan.
  • In Enemy Of My Enemy, she communicates with David Jones about the larger conspiracy on a "quantum entangled" typewriter.
  • In Forced Perspective, she pays a house call to make amends with Olivia about an earlier confrontation, and to check on Olivia's general well-being.
  • In A Better Human Being, she poses as a fellow abductee along with Olivia.
  • In The End Of All Things, she submits to "staged torture" in order to get an emotional rise out of Olivia and activate her Cortexiphan abilities. She retreats to the alternate universe with Jones through a localized portal when Olivia's powers become a threat
  • In Everything In Its Right Place, she receives a call from Colonel Broyles about Canaan and is later arrested.
  • In The Consultant, she unintentionally confirms Colonel Broyles role in the David Jones conspiracy.


"I know Jones. I know what he's capable of. William fired him because he was unhinged. You cannot give in. " - to Olivia (setting her up to develop a strong emotional response to the "torture" she is about to witness)

"You really have no idea. Philip is irrelevant. He's just another pawn. This changes nothing, Agent Dunham. I know Jones, and he will come for me." - to Bolivia (her arrogance and over-confidence implicate Colonel Broyles as a felon and traitor, revealing an almost fanatical devotion to master criminal David Jones)

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