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Profession:  Experiment Victim, Murderer, Rehabilitated Portrayed by:
David Call
Family:  Mrs. Lane - aunt, Kendra - sister (unseen)
Connections:  Olivia - Jacksonville childhood classmate,
Sally Clark - Jacksonville childhood classmate, adult girlfriend,
James Heath - Jacksonville childhood classmate
First Seen:  Bad Dreams
Seen In:  Over There, Part 1, Subject 13
Last Seen:  Worlds Apart
Status:  Vanished after escaping custody in this universe
Remarks:  Disappeared on Grayshot Bridge in Central Park in the Parallel Universe
Reappeared in the service of D. R. Jones in the Adjusted Timeline
Alternate Version    

Nick Lane is a Cortexiphan test subject and a close Jacksonville Daycare comrade of Olivia's.


Nick Gets Picked In Facial Recognition Sotfware Hunt
Choosing Death By Cop aka. Cortexi-Buddies Thinning Their Own Herd
  • He is a former patient at Saint Jude's Mental Hospital. Voluntarily self-committed to the hospital, he checked out when a lawyer notified him that he had inherited a large sum of money. His stay at the hospital was covered by an older military insurance policy that was considered uncommon. Lane is considered hyper-emotive and believed to suffer from paranoid delusions. He believes he was recruited, as a child, for top-secret experiments that would prepare him to be a soldier in a the coming war. (Bad Dreams)
  • He was treated with Cortexiphan as a child in Jacksonville, Florida. During the experimental drug testing in his youth, he was paired with Olivia, whom he refers to as Olive. His psychic bond with her enables him to telepathically project his criminal acts to her as he is committing them. His desire to terminate his life appears to be the reason he drew Olivia to his recent murders; see Suicide By Cop. (Bad Dreams)
  • His known murders include a young mother thrown in front of a train, influencing a woman to stab her husband during a meal in a restaurant, slitting the throat of a dancer after an intimate encounter, and forcing a woman to leap from a tall building. (Bad Dreams)
  • Lane is familiar with the ZFT Manifesto and wears the black and gray clothing (uniform) typically adopted by a recruit. (Bad Dreams)
  • With the help of Massive Dynamic, he regains control of his empathic ability. After being shot with a 76-model pulse weapon, he disappeared with his romantic interest, Sally Clark, on Grayshot Bridge in the alternate universe's Central Park in NYC. (Over There, Part 1)
  • As a child, Nick was led in a group exercise by Walter. The children in the Cortexiphan test group were attempting to follow Walter's direction - "your imagination can take you anywhere you want to go". Young Nick became concerned that his toy teddy-bear, Snuggles, would not be able to follow the group if their imagination transported them somewhere new. His staged death by Walter gave Olivia the emotional shock needed to active her Cortexiphan skill of pyrokinetic projection. (Subject 13)
Young Nick Portrayed By Liam Mackie
Living La Vida Jonesy
  • In the adjusted timeline he has been recruited by David Jones, along with other Cortexiphan prodigies, to establish a harmonic blend of the two universes that will destroy them both. He is captured, then escapes custody of the Fringe science team by projecting horrendous, dark emotions on his handler. Because the timeline has varied from the original, it has not been clarified if this version of Nick Lane is the alternate instance of him, or the original version, having been corrupted after he crossed-over. The mild-mannered version of him ultimately allowed the science team to locate the evil version before another earthquake could be generated. (Worlds Apart)


"I think they meant for us to forget. I just couldn't. I did what they told us. I waited Olive. The soldier to come is both natural and unnatural. I waited to be called up." - (to Olivia, listing the factors that brought him to the roof of a high-rise building, ready to commit suicide, and foreshadowing the battle between the universes) (Bad Dreams)

"Maybe you did damage us. But on the other hand, maybe you made us special. Fate is a tricky thing." - (to Walter, moments before he and other grown Cortexiphan test subjects congregate to power the Bishop's and Olivia through the trans-dimensional brane to the alternate universe) (Over There, Part 1)

"Well, every war... has a cost, Olive. Earthquakes are just collateral damage. And you've seen. They're not that bad. But the damage on the other side is far worse. It's almost over. Jones has one more offensive, and the other side will surrender." - (to Olivia, touting his new allegiance in the divergent timeline that has brought him into the service of David Robert Jones to eliminate the alternate universe) (Worlds Apart)


  • He clips newspaper articles about events that may be Pattern-related. (Bad Dreams)

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  • Did Nick Lane die in the alternate universe ambush, or did he and Sally Clark 'travel' to another parallel place?


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