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Profession:  Portrayed by:
Jennifer Ferrin
Family:  Susan Pratt, twin sister
Connections:  Isaac Winters - kidnapper
Seen In:  The Road Not Taken
Status:  Recovering from abduction trauma
Remarks:  former Cortexiphan test subject

Nancy Lewis is a Cortexiphan subject with an ability to pyrokinetically project.


  • Nancy Lewis, a Cortexiphan test subject, lives in the Boston area and was the target of a kidnapping perpetrated by Sanford Harris and Isaac Winters. She was taken from her apartment by Winters and locked in a clandestine lab for unknown reasons. When Olivia located and attempted to rescue her, Harris locked the two in the holding room, expecting Lewis' emotional state to deteriorate and for her to incinerate both women. Olivia calmed Lewis to the point that she was able to focus her pyrokinetic skills on Harris in the adjacent observation room - killing him in a self-combustive ball of flame.
  • Seconds before Harris died, he placed a phone call to an unidentified man and reported on Lewis, stating - It worked. She's hot. We have an active. But she's a loss. She's highly unstable.
  • Lewis' twin sister, Susan Pratt, died in New York City the day before Lewis' kidnapping, unable to control her own emotional state. Pratt and Lewis had been separated for eleven years. Research indicated that both had been tested with Cortexiphan as children, and like Olivia and Nick Lane, had origins in Jacksonville, Florida.


"Why is this happening to me? I don't understand. - to Olivia (moments before she char-broils Sanford Harris)

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