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Profession:  FBI Agent Portrayed by:
Chance Kelly
Also Known As:  Mitch - by Olivia
Family:  Samantha Loeb, wife
Connections:  Phillip Broyles - professional peer,
ZFT & David Jones - criminal co-conspirators,
Joanne Ostler, Robert Norton, Ryan Eastwick, Raul Lugo, Evan McNeil - criminal underlings/lackeys
Seen In:  5 of 100 episodes
Status:  Incarcerated - transferred to Wallens Ridge State Prison

Mitchell Loeb is a Federal Law Enforcement Officer working as a double agent in support of ZFT goals/objectives.


  • In Loeb's first appearance, he seemed to be a man on the side of justice who was attacked and nearly killed in the line of duty by a strange parasite that wrapped itself around his heart. Things turned sinister at the very end of the episode when he and his wife exchanged information about "Little Hill", revealing that this man of justice - was decidely not.
  • In The Equation, it was established that he was working with Joanne Ostler, where they used The Equation in conjunction with a highly advanced device to reach through solid matter. He then killed Ostler after he confirmed the math, satisfied with the results she provided him.
  • In Safe, he used the technology acquired in The Equation to break into bank vaults, stealing only a single safe deposit box each time. After Loeb and his team gathered four of the safe deposit boxes, they went to Little Hill Field near Westford, Massachusetts and constructed a strange, ring-shaped device. After triangulating specific, highly detailed coordinates, he successfully teleported David Robert Jones from his cell in Wissenschaft Prison, Germany to Little Hill Field, via the ring shaped device. He also had Olivia captured for delivery to Jones.
  • In Bound, he performs a medical procedure on the abducted Olivia - a procedure later characterized as a 'spinal tap'. After she escaped and returned to work, he was assigned to investigate the abduction he had perpetrated against her. Olivia, unaware that Loeb was responsible for the abduction, recognized a white spot on his shoes, similar to her captors. She then visited Loeb's house looking for evidence, where she confronted and killed his wife, Samantha. After he directed his wife to engage and kill Dunham, Loeb fled the Federal Building, leaving no trace of his illegal acts. Unaware that his wife had died, Loeb was lured into an ambush devised by Olivia. As the team of law enforcers captured him, Loeb drew his pistol, and was shot and arrested by Dunham. During interrogation, Olivia shares that she killed his wife - he subsequently confessed his involvement, but with a stern warning that his actions in her best interest.
  • In Ability, while trying to get information on David Robert Jones, Olivia shows to Loeb his transfer papers to Wallens Ridge State Prison. She points out to him, in a likely attempt to get his cooperation in exchange for a better deal, that this facility will not be very pleasant for him. However, Loeb does not provide any information, stating instead that finding Jones will not change anything because "What was written will come to pass". This in turn led Olivia to discover the true meaning of ZFT - "Zerstorung durch Fortschritte der Technologie" - the name of a manuscript that the group considers their bible. The title translates to "Destruction by Advancement of Technology" in English, and Walter later discovers he may be the author.


  • Mitchell Loeb recently returned to the Boston Field Office from Europe, just prior to In Which We Meet Mr. Jones. He had (allegedly) been in Frankfurt where he was investigating David Jones. Both Mitchell and Samantha Loeb were friendly with, and highly regarded by Broyles, who seemed to lack any knowledge of their ill-doings before Bound.


"John Scott... ...Scott’s the only one I know of. You’re making me paranoid." - (to Broyles, bedside, throwing Scott under the bus as a double agent to protect his own secret criminal agenda with Jones and ZFT) (In Which We Meet Mr. Jones)

"Look around your house your office, your kitchen - numbers make everything work. Here we go." - (to Ostler, after she harvests the complex harmonic "equation" that allows man to pass through solid matter. which he demonstrates by reaching into a closed safe. seconds before he murders her) (The Equation)

"A word of advice... don't pry into things you couldn't possibly understand." - (to a prying team member, probing to know about the complicated equipment stolen from the banks) (Safe)

"Do you not understand the rules? What we're up against? Who the two sides are? Tell me at least you know that!" - (to Olivia, during his confession - highlighting her naivete as a junior agent) (Bound)

"...doesn't matter if you find Jones or not. He's just a part of 'the army'. What was written will come to pass... and nothing you do can stop that. --nothing--" - (to Olivia, as he is being hauled off to prison in shackles, certain that all-things-ZFT the planet must face will occur as prophesized) (Ability)

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  • How long had he been working for ZFT?
  • Did he assemble the heist team?
  • Were Mitchell and Samantha recruited as a couple, or did one turn the other?
    • If not, were the Loeb's truly married?


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