Mira Tzur

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Last Name: Tzur Character portrayed:
Evelina Mendoza
First Name: Mira
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Israel
IMDb Link: 2408298

[edit] About

  • Graduated from Talma Yalin school of performing arts
  • Was Countess Theraube when married in France
  • Performed contemporary dance and musical theater with the Bat Dor/Bat Sheva Dance Company
  • Performed as a headliner in Monte Carlo at the Cine Review
  • Danced under scholarship at the Broadway Dance Center
  • Was the official face and body of the Everlast & Converse Apparel Group

[edit] Credits

- My Father, My Don
- Bodies of Work-NYC
- Salvation by Blood
- The Last Dance
- I've Got Nothing to Wear
- 30 Rock
- The Devil Wears Prada
- The Pink Panther
- The Stepford Wives
- Viva Variety (13 episodes)
- Taking the Stand
- Redlight
- Holly