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Last Name: Tzur Character portrayed:
Evelina Mendoza
First Name: Mira
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Israel
IMDb Link: 2408298

Portrayed undecover DEA Special Agent Evelina Mendoza in the opening scenes of The Ghost Network.

From her website http://www.miratzur.com/

Born and raised in Israel, Mira came to the United States after serving in the military, to pursue her career. Having learned and performed contemporary dance and musical theater with the Bat Dor/Bat Sheva Dance Company, Mira had a sound foundation to perform as a headliner in dance productions around the world, most notably, Monte Carlo as a principle dancer in Cine Review. Once in New York she continued dancing with a scholarship at the Broadway Dance Center where she honed her skills. Completing the National Broadway Tour of 'Cabaret' - she also performed in the off Broadway production, and became a series regular on, “Viva Variety” - a Comedy Central television show. Mira continued her academic career into the pursuit of sports fitness and nutrition degree. While doing so, Mira was discovered by Everlast who launched her modeling career. She became the official face and body of the Everlast & Converse apparel group where she was encouraged to begin a modeling career, one that continues to this day. Notable 'Fortune 500' companies have featured Mira throughout numerous campaigns over the years such as; Sony, Verizon, Ponds, Olay, Target, Campbell, AmEx, Four Seasons, Lexapro, Pfizer, Ace, Citibank...