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Last Name: Plimpton Character portrayed:
Ann Mathis
First Name: Martha
Middle Name: Campbell
Date of Birth: Nov 16, 1970
Place of Birth: New York City, NY
IMDb Link: 0000588

[edit] About

Made a series of Calvin Klein commercials.

Worked in Chicago theater - debut at Steppenwolf Theater Company Ensemble in "The Libertine" in 1996.

As a member of that ensemble, she received a National Medal of Arts award in the autumn of 1998.

Donates her time to the "52nd Street Project" organization dedicated to matching the inner-city children with professional theater artists to create original theater.

Daughter of actors Keith Carradine. Granddaughter of actor John Carradine.

[edit] Credits

- The Good Wife (3 episodes)
- Company
- Small Town Murder Songs
- How to Make It in America (5 episodes)
- Remember Me
- Medium Grey's Anatomy (2 episodes)
- The End of Steve
- Dante's Inferno
- Law & Order: Criminal Intent
- Marvelous
- Surface (2 episodes)
- 7th Heaven
- Hair High
- Hack
- Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
- The Sleepy Time Gal
- ER (4 episodes)
- 200 Cigarettes
- The Defenders: Taking the First
- Pecker
- Music from Another Room
- The Defenders: Choice of Evils
- Eye of God
- The Defenders: Payback
- I'm Not Rappaport
- Beautiful Girls
- I Shot Andy Warhol
- Last Summer in the Hamptons
- Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
- The Beans of Egypt, Maine
- Chantilly Lace
- Daybreak
- Samantha
- Inside Monkey Zetterland
- A Woman at War
- Stanley & Iris
- Parenthood
- Silence Like Glass
- Another Woman
- Running on Empty
- Stars and Bars
- Shy People
- The Mosquito Coast
- Family Ties
- The Goonies