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Profession:  Loyal Mom Portrayed by:
Amy Madigan
Family:  Bolivia Dunham (daughter), Henry Dunham (grandson)
Seen In:  3 of 100 episodes
Status:  Well
Remarks:  Happy with a new grandchild
Alternate Version    

Marilyn Dunham is the biological mother of Olivia Dunham in the alternate universe.


  • Marilyn came back from France once she learned about her daughters alleged breakdown (Olivia)
  • According to Bolivia (Over There, Part 2), Marilyn had a hard time coping with the death of Bolivia's female sibling following childbirth.
  • She was worried about Olivia's condition after not remembering their lunch date and declaring that she is seeing things. She thought that her daughter went back to work too soon (Amber 31422)
  • She tried to remain positive on the possibility of Bolivia having Viral Propagated Eclampsia, the same condition that killed her other daughter, Rachel, and her infant daughter. After learning that Bolivia has VPE, she explained to Agent Francis that she cannot deliver the baby. She was later relieved to find out that her daughter and grandson were safe (Bloodline)


"Sweetheart... this is your home. This is your safe house." - (to Olivia, unaware that she is comforting a version of her daughter that is from a separate universe) (Olivia)

"To tell you the truth, all you need to do is love him. And you can figure out the rest as you go on." - (to Bolivia, reassuring maternal advice to a nervous new mother) (Bloodline)

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