Making Angels

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Making Angels
Season: 4 Episode: 11
Air Date: 03 February 2012
Written by: Akiva Goldsman
Joel Wyman
Jeff Pinkner
Directed by: Charles Beeson
Starring: Main Characters
Guest Cast: Chin Han as Neil Chung
Steven Weller as March
Eugene Lipinski as December

Jeb Beach as Chet Williams
Brad Dryborough as Oncologist
Kris McRonney as Security Guard
Jessie Fraser as Kerry Watson
Eileen Barrett as Forensic Technician
G. Michael Gray as Jared Colin
Janet Kidder as Doctor Brody
Adrian Hough as MIT Professor
Marcus Andrews as Boston Policeman
Brent Chapman as TSA Screener
June Kyoko Lu as Anne Chung
Blu Mankuma as Stephen Farnsworth

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Previously: Forced Perspective
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Making Angels is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of FRINGE. It first aired on February 3rd, 2012. Agent Farnsworth arranges her own deception in order to visit Astrid in this universe and learn about her past. A former MIT professor uses his talents, along with borrowed technology, to intercede in the lives of those destined for a life of suffering. The Observers monitor the entire affair and learn of the failed intervention of one of their own.


Your Name Is Forest? Forest Gump? (run!)
In a medical professional's private office, Chet Williams gets the news from the Doctor he has known for a couple of decades. The news is not good news, but it could be much worse. That tiny mole that has been bothering him is a confirmed malignant carcinoma. However, they caught it early and it isn't very large. In fact, for every 20 cases like this, only 1 patient fails to beat the malignancy. The doctor's confidence is high. After his visit to learn of his diagnosis, Chet waits alone at the bus stop. Another man joins him in the shelter and sits near Chet. Without introductions, Neil Chung begins to describe Chet's short-term future to him. Chet will not be one of the 19 survivors in every 20 cases. Chet will be the one, the minority case that can't be saved. Chemo-radiation will leave Chet weak and ill while the cancer continues to advance. Aches and pains will increase dramatically as kidneys, mobility and continence all fail. Finally, full respiratory failure will claim Chet. Caught off-guard by the unsolicited briefing, Chet Williams defends the odds he received from the Doctor. A bus pulls-up to the shelter and stops briefly in front of the two conversing men. Seconds later, when the bus pulls away, Chet is prone on the bench - dead - having been spared the horror of the final miserable months of his life.


  In the neutral Liberty Island facility straddling
The Air Seems Sweeter Over Here
two universes, one of Fringe Division's top support personnel has left her post at the Headquarters building in Manhatan and is unceremoniously making her way through the security checkpoints utilized by each side. Standing at the base of a very different "Lady Liberty" than she is familiar with, and with her beret in her pocket, analytic savant Agent Farnsworth is 'boots on the ground' in this universe, and on a very personal mission.

In his office at Fringe Division, Colonel Broyles engages his two top agents, Lee and Dunham, on the delicate matter under-foot. An hour earlier, someone from the Fringe Division ranks transited at Liberty Island without any specific mission authority that Broyles knows of. The two agents are curious - maybe someone is attempting to defect. Colonel Broyles doesn't know of any specific motive... just that the one person who could grant their own clearance - Agent Farnsworth - has done just that. Initial attempts to locate Farnsworth, after she crossed, weren't productive and the Colonel wants to organize teams to crossover and retrieve the errant analyst. Bolivia has a hunch about Farnsworth... she never does anything without a reason and probably has one thing she is set on accomplishing. Maybe Dunham should go alone to bring Farnsworth home - she is fairly certain about the destination of her wayward colleague on this already emotionally challenging day for her.

  In his laboratory in Boston, Walter lapses into another food fantasy - this one has the senior scientist fixated on eggs. In no pain himself, Walter doesn't hesistate to abuse Peter's sensibilities and work ethic. Walter has already eaten twice in the three hours since they started working. Peter needs to get on with the mission Walter agreed to
One Man. One Simple Need... Eggs
support - getting Peter back to
The Odds Of You Now Intentionally Abusing My First Name Are Zero Percent - Don't Let It Happen Again
his own timeline. Dawdling and socially vindictive, Walter doesn't care much for Peter. The other 'boy' (Lincoln Lee), that Walter plays Chess with, does not starve him like this... he is much better company. Growing frustrated with Walter's arrogance and indifference, Peter reminds him that Agent Lee is in Hartford on personal business. Now if they could just get some work done - Peter will play Chess with him when they finish. Walter doubts that Peter could provide enough of a challenge if they were to play. Peter takes leave of the infuriating boffin and fails to notice the lab has a visitor. Agent Farnsworth walks in and says hello. Over his shoulder, Walter hears the familiar voice, mangles Astrid's name into an atypical variant, then continues his previously abated quest for scrambled eggs. Unaware that Walter routinely slaughter's the first name of his primary support agent in the lab, Agent Farnsworth stickles Walter with a simple fact - the name is Astrid, not Astro. Having never been contradicted about his wordplay with her name before, Walter turns to see the woman dressed in Fringe Division fatigues from the alternate universe. Astrid - yes. But just not his Astrid.


Olivia and Astrid wander back into the main part of Walter's lab and find Agent Farnsworth waiting there. Olivia knows and greets the visitor, but Astrid, caught off-guard, yelps when she suddenly comes face-to-face with her identical self. Peter hears the excitement and joins the group. Agent Farnsworth gets to the point - she is visiting solely to meet Astrid. Her mother died from cancer years earlier, just like Astrid's, and now her father is gone too. After they buried him, a walk in the park wasn't going to be enough to help her resolve the feelings and concerns she had about her father. That is when she decided Astrid might help figure things out. Did Astrid love her father? Everyone in the lab senses the weight of Agent Farnsworth's grief... and Walter knows the best thing now is to eat. Who wants eggs? Olivia takes a cell call and gets the news... they have a new case to investigate - and Bolivia is en route to the lab to catch-up with Farnsworth. Walter is incensed at the thought of Bolivia returning to his lab... but remembers that he needs to 'play nice' now that both universes are allied and cooperating. In fact, Walter will look after Farnsworth himself, so the entire science team can deploy to the field. Walter is certain that Agent Farnsworth will be much better company than Peter
Well, At Least I Don't Have To Check The Anus. Again
Broyles meets the science team at the police tape around the bus stop where Chet Williams died and escorts them to the corpse. The details around Williams so far show that six hours earlier, he received a cancer diagnosis from his doctor. Astrid has her head-mounted audio-video link to Walter's lab up and running. Williams has streaks of dried blood on his cheeks and the question comes up - can anyone cry blood? One thing that comes to Walter's mind is the Ebola virus, but the corpse would only "cry blood" once the internal organs were sufficiently liquefied. Oh - that reminds Walter... check the corpse's crotch. Astrid cringes at the unsettling task request, but gets it done. Walter monitors the inspection and concludes that internal organs have not liquefied, since there is no blood around the groin. Peter reiterates the question - what else would cause the bloody tears? Walter can't recall anything other than the Ebola example, however, a mythical example that might cause tears of blood was an alchemical potion
Trans-Dimensional 'Hokey Pokey'... You Put Your Left Foot In, And You Shake It All About...
called the Tears Of Ra. Ancient Egyptians used it to euthanize pets for burial with their owners. But it's just a myth. Walter will be able to tell them more once he gets the body back in his lab. After the link is severed, Agent Farnsworth comments on the working relationship Walter shares with Astrid - that symbiosis must be pleasant. Having his relationship with Astrid assessed through fresh eyes, Walter cathartically confirms it - yes... it is pleasant. As the science team finishes their work at the bus stop, and the odd corpse is prepared for transport to Walter's lab, one of the many Observers steps between universes and/or timelines, into the present one. The crossing coincides with a large window panel on the front of a building near the bus stop. He takes a quick reading and reports that he may have located what the Observers have been looking for. With police nearby, and all of the activity around the bus shelter, the bald man with the Fedora hat, steps quietly back through the trans-dimensional portal he stepped from seconds earlier. Stealth maintained.
  Back in Walter's lab, the investigation into Chet Williams strange demise gets fully underway. Other than undersized kidneys, the thirty-eight year-old consumer goods maker is not married, owes nothing and is reportedly a nice guy. So who would want to kill him? Walter has been running tests and finds the cause of death under his microscope. The chemical compounds that were used to poison Williams should not have been able to interact with one
Please. Please. Please. Don't Ever Let "These" Two Women Find Out That I Slept With Both Of Them In The Other Timeline
another... but they did. So it's magic? No. Just unusual science - the same way the correct combination of alcohols can taste exactly like iced tea. The thing is - nobody could have possibly determined, or predicted, how these various compounds should be mixed to create a poison - compounds that wouldn't be expected to interact in any combination. So, a seemingly impossible toxin - made possible and put to deadly use. Just when Walter starts to get snippy with Peter, Bolivia finally makes it to the lab to grab her analyst and leave. Full of vim, Bolivia's jaunty entry gets Walter's full ire. Betray anyone yet today, Mata Hari? Agent Farnsworth has been ignoring the sniping and blurts the answer to the mystery. There is no chance that the exotic toxin was created naturally, or unintentionally by an individual. But the toxin does exist, therefore an individual created it, but they must have had access to information, or knowledge, garnered from beyond the "realm of causality" that they all experience. The exotic and completely impossible poison is not an 'act of God', but it sure seems like someone is wielding 'god-like powers' by creating it. Walter's infatuation with Agent Farnsworth swells with the clarity she brings to his reasoning. Bolivia makes herself at home, it looks like Agent Farnsworth is going to be needed to help finish the complicated
® Care To Try The New Chanel Number 6? (-6-6)

  In an inner city liquor store, struggling alcoholic Kerry Watson purchases a flask of gin and heads-out in to the late afternoon foot traffic to find a place to feed her addiction. Immediately regretting this moment of weakness in the fight for a sober life, Watson discards the bottle and wins a small victory in the battle that consumes her. As she starts to walk through a narrow breezeway between buildings, Neil Chung catches her attention when he starts a prophetic monologue about the destiny of the thirty-something standing before him. He knows Kerry has been putting up a good fight with her addiction to alcohol, but she will not win. When she starts drinking again, and she will, it will shatter the lives of those around her. Her drunk driving will kill her boyfriend. Her brother will try, but fail, to rescue her from her addiction... ruining his marriage and alienating his family in the process. Kerry protests - no one can see the future. Chung validates her protest. That future of hers he just described will not be happening after all. Watson loses any future that she might have had when Chung mists her with the fast-acting toxin he uses when he inflicts death mercifully.


  While the science team gets set-up at the Watson murder scene, Walter angrily drags out a bag of things that Bolivia left behind following her spy assignment the previous year. After he dumps the junk she forgot on the table, Bolivia gleeful prods Bishop about their previous encounter... he saved her stuff, he must have really enjoyed having her around. Walter assures Bolivia, he stole nothing - and she can have her sinister spy stuff back. The little silver lock-box that he couldn't open is the one thing she left that confounded him. Astrid calls over her audio-video link to let the lab know they are ready begin at the scene. The video is active and Peter starts a line of questions for the forensics expert that bagged the dead body. He guesses that Watson was bleeding from her eyes? Yes... how did he know. Walter asks Astrid to get a DNA sample, but before she can mention it, Peter surmises that they will need a DNA sample. Olivia returns with some information and Peter stops her before she can share it - he quickly deduces that the hemorraging in Watson's nasal cavity is how the lethal toxin is ingested, by inhalation. Astrid finally has time to process Walter's request. What did he want? His participation minimized by Peter's pro-active intelligence, Walter feels inpertinent. However, Olivia needs to --- sorry, Peter beats him to the punch again --- needs to bring the body back to the lab. Agent Farnsworth has been monitoring Walter from nearby and has a simple question - does
- Not - A Bad Mascara Day
Peter do all the jobs? Walter's ego deflates completely.
  After the team has returned to the lab with the latest corpse, Walter takes the opportunity to diminish Peter's contribution with word and deed. Walter needs some scalpels sharpened and some screws tightened in simple medical equipment - that would be helpful. Peter's thinking was that he would be involved with the autopsy, you know, something a little more in line with his skillset. Peter reads Walter's body language and attitude just fine, so he moves off without a word. Agent Farnsworth assesses the passive-aggressive confrontation - Walter is angry with his son. Walter reminds her that Peter is not his son. Farnsworth is busy trying to analyze the emotional situation and reaches a solution - and maybe even learn something that she can apply to her own situation. Yes, Peter is from a different timeline, but does Walter feel love for him? She believes that anger seems to be connected to emotional investment, and that leads to suffering. Perhaps a better path for Walter is to choose to believe Peter is his son. Loving him would be a better emotional investment. Walter would be happier that way, not angry and miserable like he is now. Walter takes stock of her advice and adds nothing to the lingering proposal. In one of the inner offices, both Dunhams sit and review
Oceanic Air? Take The Jetway To The Right
what research has been collected. The victims don't seem connected in any way. Still feeling rambunctious, Bolivia takes a tangent trying to get Olivia sparked-up. Secretary Bishops' son - cute, huh? Nothing like his dad. Olivia won't be drawn-in... whatever. She wants to work, not gossip. There must be something that connects Williams and Watson to the killer, or to each other. They just haven't found it yet.

  At Boston's international airport, federally-trained security screener Neil Chung goes through his daily work routine... checking departing passengers identification and verifying that they are booked appropriately before entering the secure terminal. One male passenger enters the checkpoint, is cleared by Chung, then moves to the scanning station. Chung takes personal note of the man he just allowed to pass through the bottleneck.


  In a Back Bay, Massachusetts, parking garage, Neil Chung locates his latest target, the one he recently screened at the security checkpoint. Jared Colin is having a less than stellar life. The heated conversation he is having on his cell phone as he walks to his vehicle suggests a highly confrontational business association. The fact that he missed his flight earlier doesn't seem to make matters any better. Under close observation by a nearby bald man, Neil approaches Jared after his call is over and begins detailing the miserable life that Colin will soon experience. Specifically, Jared's next call will destroy his life. He will make it while driving, but lose control of his vehicle when he is cut-off by a taxi. His spinal cord will be shattered and Jared will live as a paraplegic in a group home. The sub-standard accommodations will seem like a living nightmare and no one will mourn his passing. Wary of the strange man with his hand in his pocket, Colin defends himself when Chung places a strangely lit device in his pocket then pulls something from his other pocket and aims it at his face. Attempting to dash from potential danger, Jared Colin races between parked cars, then across a driveway. The vehicle that strikes Colin stops, but not before throwing him violently over the hood and onto the ground in a heap.

  At Boston Medical Center, Olivia and Peter think they may have located the most recent victim of the "mercy killer" that has been poisoning local citizens with an atomizer. Though Chung was unsuccessful in his murder attempt, the victim, Jared Colin, is critically wounded and will remain a paraplegic. With his head in an isolation brace to prevent further spinal damage, Colin has the energy for an interview with the investigators. He wasn't even supposed to be in town. He was headed to Texas to sell-out his share to his business partner, but was delayed by security at the airport
Officially Miserable Male Seeks Merciful Savior For Short-Term Relationship
because of a water bottle he allegedly entered the terminal with. That caused him to miss his flight. Later, in the garage the guy that approached him strange 'blue rod' and look into it - sort of like a fortune-teller. The verdict was that he, Jared, was going to be in a car accident and end-up a paraplegic. He "sort of" predicted Jared's current condition - but it didn't happen exactly the way he said it would. Olivia tells the poor guy that he may have been the third intended victim of a specialized killer. Colin looks at photos of the two other victims, but does not recognize either of them. Jared remembers what impressed him about his attacker - he seemed like he wanted to put him out of his misery, like he was doing a good deed, or something saintly. Paralyzed for life, Jared Colin wishes that Neil Chung had succeeded.
Back in the lab, Walter's Angels have
Vipers Strike Quickly - But Not Quicker Than Walter
been working hard to crack the case. Astrid and Agent Farnsworth have yet to find a connecting thread between the three victims, and need a coffee break. Coffee is something Agent Farnsworth has never had before - a rare, expensive commodity in her universe. Bolivia is hovering around Walter and still trying to goad him. She achieves her goal when she gets Walter to deny her request for red licorice... "You're still mad at me." Unrelenting, Bolivia mockingly ponders Walter's current train-of-thought... solving world hunger? ...or perfecting the recipe for peanut butter milkshakes? Accepting that he is, and will be, the target of Bolivia's perpetual attention, Walter shares with everybody his current reasoning. The killer is consistent, choosing the same murder weapon each time, perhaps with the intent of putting them out of their misery. A 'Tears of Ra' scenario? Where death is painless and instantaneous? That would mean the murderer was acting from a compassionate, or humanitarian, footing. Agent Farnsworth has been continually re-assessing the data they have gathered and has a question: What is Logan International? All three victims have been there in the past month. Astrid noticed that too, but they were all on different airlines and going to different places, suggesting no connection. Yes, but the one thing Agent Farnsworth's keen eye did notice is that they were all screened by the exact same individual, which can't be coincidental. The coffee is tasty.

  At his security checkpoint in Logan International Airport, Neil Chung proceeds with his daily work routine of verifying credentials and validating boarding passes. With the fresh knowledge about Badge 0047 provided by Agent Farnsworth, Peter and Olivia move quickly through lines of waiting passengers to find their prime suspect. After catching brief eye-contact with Peter, Neil Chung senses that he is being stalked and quickly moves to safety away from the security bottleneck... retreating behind a wall of fellow security specialists. Federal Agent Dunham and Civilian Consultant Bishop don't have enough authority to automatically breach the checkpoint and are intercepted before they can pursue the escaping murderer.


  In a lecture hall on the campus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Olivia and Peter interview a former colleague of Neil Chung.
Colleague Inteview
The math instructor can't explain the circumstances they have explained to him about Chung, since he left the institute. Maybe he has gone insane. Almost everyone there is driven professionally, but Chung was brilliant and believed that math was the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. The professor remembers that Chung returned from a summer break at his lake house only a few years ago and became obsessed with high-level differential equations, and concepts about flattening space and time. Essentially allowing the past, present, and future to be viewed simultaneously. After only a short time, Chung forfeited his tenure at MIT at returned to the lake house. TSA and airport security was never part of the sudden departure from scholastic life, but the professor does remember that mail was forwarded to an address at Reiden Lake. After the interview, Olivia raises the issue. Reiden Lake is where they found Peter. Peter explains that the Observers he is familiar with see the past, present, and future all at the same time. And, at least in his timeline, an Observer saved his life at Reiden Lake. Is an Observer involved in the Neil Chung case? Maybe they need to drive on out to Reiden Lake.
  In Walter's lab, the Farnsworth girls get to spend a little quiet time together while Walter silently thinks. Agent Farnsworth can see that Astrid cares for Walter, and says as much. Astrid acknowledges the sentiment. Yeah - she does. Agent Farnsworth timidly approaches the topic she was intent
Spiritual Obsession
of exploring... her father. She knows that she is uniquely challenged as far as displaying and sharing emotion. With her father recently deceased, it bothers her that she couldn't return the love she received from him in a manner that he might better understand. If Agent Farnsworth were more like Astrid, more 'normal', would her father have loved her more? With her heart in her throat, Astrid refrains from an immediate reply. The topic quickly changes... coffee might taste better with sugar.

  At Reiden Lake, Olivia and Peter make entry into the unoccupied Chung cabin. Inside the cabin, a brief walk-through shows that they have the correct cabin. Covered with news articles, religious icons and imagery, the walls tell the duo that Chung lost his twin brother and father in an accident. The multiple icons tell a different story, they are all heroes, or more specifcally - saviors.
  In the Boston area home that he shares with his mother, Anne, Neil Chung opens the concealed safe in his bedroom, places the time-viewing device he retrieved from Reiden Lake inside, then removes his 9mm pistol. After closing the safe, Neil loads the pistol, racks the slide, then tucks the weapon under his belt in the small of his back. In the living, his mother waits with pressing questions. Where are you going? What do you mean, you are here to say good-bye?


  Waiting for a proper answer, Anne Chung tells her one surviving son that 'where he belongs' is not an answer to 'where are you going'? He just now has explained his departure from MIT to her,
Fulfilling A Higher Calling
but what he really wants to talk about is the night his twin brother died. He always felt resented because he wasn't as good as his brother. Why did God take her angel, Alex? Neil knows better now - God had a different plan for him, giving him the ability to see the future. And the power to give others mercy. Anne apologizes for her comments that night - Neil was never supposed to have heard them. Neil thinks that may have been a good thing - her resenting him so, it made it easier for him to find his purpose and follow God's plan. Outside, Olivia and Peter close in on the house and prepare to enter. After identifying herself and issuing orders to Neil for his felony arrest, Olivia has to shoot Neil when he whips around and levels his pistol at her. While Olivia was making entry and taking control of the situation, Neil was saying his final words to his mother... angels don't belong on Earth... I'll see you in Heaven. Olivia drops Neil right back in his mother's lap, dead. In the aftermath, as Neil is wheeled-out in a bodybag, Olivia recounts the split-second gunfight with Neil Chung. It looks like he was trying to get her to shoot - the logistics suggest he was aiming well to her side. Suicide? Then why not just shoot himself? Maybe suicide was contrary to his spiritual objective - access to a heavenly afterlife. Olivia gains a new respect for Peter, he makes a good partner, well, as long as he is stuck in this particular timeline.
  Back in Walter's lab Bolivia prepares to depart with her errant colleague in tow. Agent Farnsworth offers a friendly handshake to Walter for the intrusion,
Viper-licious Fresh Breath
instead she receives the kind of fatherly bear-hug she hasn't experienced in a long time. Bolivia shares the secret of her silver lockbox - it's loaded with mints. Feeling better about the confrontational day with Bolivia, Walter responds in kind and grants her the reward of one single red licorice whip. Gallant as ever, Bolivia formally files flirtation charges against Walter. Not shy to her bravado, Walter files countercharges - In her dreams. The two Astrids say their good-byes next. Astrid rates their encounter as nice, then immediately upgrades it to 'amazing'. Plus, she finally has a reply to the previous conversation. She and her father weren't very close, either. He is very complex and doesn't show emotion. That's just how he is. But, Astrid knows that he loves her. At least, that's what she tells herself when it doesn't really seem like he does. Agent Farnsworth should not consider her tenuous relationship with her father as her own fault. The two visitors head for the door
Fatherly Embrace
and leave with their escort back to Liberty Island.
←   In his home, Stephen Farnsworth prepares dinner as his daughter arrives. Astrid uses her key and finds her father. She quickly loses her handbag, gloves and overcoat en route to a big paternal hug. It has been that kind of day. Of course on the Fringe Task Force, that kind of day is the type that an Agent is
Recovering Lost Technology
not at liberty to discuss. Stephen knows that, but he sure can feed her and make it better. The love is mutual - and easily shared.

  In the Chung home, Anne rests undisturbed in her living room while two bald men in suits and ties pass her on the way to Neil's room. Inside the room, the Observer that has been monitoring Neil Chung, March, touches the keypad on Neil's safe just once and it opens without resistance. He removes the Observer technology Neil has been using from the safe and hands it to December for inspection. A brief check confirms it... the device had been September's. He must have lost it the night that he saved Peter Bishop. December was not expecting what he hears next... September did not obey instructions and Peter Bishop has returned.


"I heard you that night, you know. The night Alex died. You said God took the wrong one. Why did God take my angel? You kept saying. You always resented that I wasn't Alex. Not your angel. I was afraid that you were right. That I would never be good enough. As good as he was. But God had a plan. He let me live for a reason. I know that now. God gave me a way to see the future." - Neil Chung (to his mother, confessing the act that lead him down the path to religious zealotry)

"What you said before... my father... we're not very close either. He's a very complex man. He doesn't really show emotion. He does the best with the tools he has. That's just how he is. I know he loves me. At least, that's what I tell myself, even though it doesn't really seem that way. You shouldn't regret that you could've been more for him. It wasn't you." Astrid (to Agent Farnsworth, sharing a false tale of her upbringing so her alternate universe counterpart can move on with her life)


  • Deus Ex Machina. Agent Farnsworth cites the ancient phrase to explain the seemingly unexplainable toxin that Neil is killing and/or saving souls with. Walter concurs that the toxin is so complex that the creator might appear to have god-like powers, which Neil does appear to have with his borrowed Machina, an Observer trans-dimensional device.
  • Tears Of Ra. From ancient Egyptian lore, the Sun God - Ra, was responsible for all life. The creatures were brought into being when their secret name was spoken. Humans were brought into existence as a product of the sweat and the tears of Ra.


    The thrift shop signage (Forced Perspective), Angels of Mercy (in French), next to the Mallum's apartment, foreshadows the personal mission that Neil assigned himself as religious savior to those he targeted with his knowledge of future circumstances and suffering.


Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 1 in B-Flat Major, K. by Academy of Saint Martin In the Fields
Dixie Chicken by Little Feat


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 2) Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.

  • What happened that gave Bolivia the strong impression that Agent Farnsworth would head directly to Boston to contact her counterpart?
  • Was the 'Smoky Wintergreen Bobbin' that Walter ingested only just a mint, or was it actual spyware (microtracker, etc...) as initially suspected?
    • If so, what was Bolivia's motive, or directive, in having him consume it?
  • Are the "high-level differential equations" Neil Chung became obsessed with, after discovering the Observer's device, related to the math from The Equation?
  • Did Neil Chung plan on the confrontation with Jared Colin leading to a broken spine, and not death-by-toxin?
    • If so, did Chung manipulate events to intentionally draw the Fringe team closer and inflict his death?
  • Do all Observers possess the type of device that Neil Chung recovered at Reiden Lake?
  • Did Neil Chung create the atomizer he used to poison his victims, or was that borrowed technology too?
  • Did The Observer accidently lose his time-viewing device, or did he deliberately leave it to be found, perhaps as part of an overall plan?
    • If he lost the device, why didn’t he use his ability, or those of his colleagues to retrieve the device before Chung started murdering innocent citizens?
    • If he left the device to be found by Chung, or anyone, as part of a larger scheme, what is that plan intended to accomplish?


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Season 5 : Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11In AbsentiaThe RecordistThe Bullet That Saved The WorldAn Origin StoryThrough The Looking Glass And What Walter Found ThereFive-Twenty-TenThe Human KindBlack BlotterAnomaly XB-6783746The Boy Must LiveLibertyAn Enemy Of FateSeason 4 : Neither Here Nor ThereOne Night In OctoberAlone In The WorldSubject 9NovationAnd Those We've Left BehindWallflowerBack To Where You've Never BeenEnemy Of My EnemyForced PerspectiveMaking AngelsWelcome To WestfieldA Better Human BeingThe End Of All ThingsA Short Story About LoveNothing As It SeemsEverything In Its Right PlaceThe ConsultantLetters Of TransitWorlds ApartBrave New World, Part 1Brave New World, Part 2Season 3 : OliviaThe BoxThe PlateauDo Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?Amber 314226955 kHzThe AbductedEntradaMarionetteThe FireflyReciprocityConcentrate And Ask AgainImmortality6BSubject 13OsStowawayBloodlineLysergic Acid Diethylamide6:02 AM ESTThe Last Sam WeissThe Day We DiedSeason 2 : A New Day In The Old TownNight Of Desirable ObjectsFractureMomentum DeferredDream LogicEarthlingOf Human ActionAugustSnakeheadGrey MattersUnearthedJohari WindowWhat Lies BelowThe Bishop RevivalJacksonvillePeterOlivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.White TulipThe Man From The Other SideBrown BettyNorthwest PassageOver There, Part 1Over There, Part 2Season 1 : PilotThe Same Old StoryThe Ghost NetworkThe ArrivalPower HungryThe CureIn Which We Meet Mr. JonesThe EquationThe DreamscapeSafeBoundThe No-BrainerThe TransformationAbilityInner ChildUnleashedBad DreamsMidnightThe Road Not TakenThere's More Than One Of Everything