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Profession:  Criminal Investigation Portrayed by:
Seth Gabel
Connections:  Robert Danzig - (friend and colleague), Bolivia Dunham - (life partner)
Julie, Amy & Jonathan Danzig
Seen In:  18 of 100 episodes
Status:  Retired to the alternate universe to pursue a relationship with Bolivia Dunham
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  • FBI Agent Lincoln Tyrone Lee is an FBI agent from Hartford, Connecticut. After receiving information on the whereabouts of Dana Gray, he meets the Fringe science team. He provides key background data on the case (Stowaway), of the immortal woman, whose body went missing at the morgue following her gruesome death from a home invasion robbery. He was oblivious to the existence of the Fringe investigation and a bit shocked at the bizarre and unorthodox way the team investigates. After the case is closed, he expresses a desire to join the team in any future casework.

Adjusted Background

  • Agent Lincoln Lee was an FBI agent assigned to the Hartford Field Office in Connecticut. After losing his FBI partner and close friend, Fringe Division recruits him to work with Olivia, Astrid and Walter on the case work that was being shared with the alternate universe Fringe Division. After Peter rejoined the timeline and rediscovered his soulmate in Olivia, Lee opted to pursue 'employment opportunites' in the parallel Fringe Division, and to pursue 'social opportunites' with their Olivia. In the distant future with his former colleagues under attack by the invading Observers, Olivia arrives through a trans-dimensional portal she generated. She asks for, and receives, Lee and Lt. Dunham's assistance and it becomes apparent that they have established a successful long-term emotional and work relationship together and have produced a son shortly after Lee took his reassignment in the parallel existence.
Alternate Timeline
  • Raised in Teaneck, New Jersey
  • After his mother died, the family moved to Philadelphia.
  • His father started a business there. Lee's Hardware.
  • He attended Hamilton High and graduated with 3.85 grade point average.

In Neither Here Nor There, his previous contact with Fringe Division appears to have never manifested itself because of the timeline change, however, his new encounter with the science team occurs after his partner is drained of trace metals by a more human type of shapeshifter. Angry and upset over the death of his FBI partner and close friend, Agent Robert Danzig, Lee tracks Olivia to Walter's lab at Harvard and imposes himself on her investigation. Lee, unprofessional and bent on treason, threatens to report the existence of Fringe Division to his friend at the New York Times if Olivia does not read him in on the details of her case. Olivia enrolls Lee in a support capacity for a brief time. Later, Broyles grants him broader access to Fringe Division and their case work.

In One Night In October, he gets up-to-date with the shapeshifters and helps Walter with covering a mirror.

In Alone In The World, he assists in killing the fungi in the tunnel.

In Novation, he briefs Olivia on the killing at Dr.Truss's Home,he helps Peter with the shapeshifter tech and assists in the raid on the warehouse.

In And Those We've Left Behind, he briefs the team on the fringe event and escorts the civilians out of the tunnel.

In Wallflower, he notices Olivia is acting strangly.

In Back To Where You've Never Been, he crosses to the other side with Peter Bishop and is arrested by his counterpart.

In Enemy Of My Enemy, he is released from containment and assists in tracking Jones.

In Forced Perspective, he helps Olivia find Emily.

In A Better Human Being, he orders Nina to take him to the original Cortexiphan samples in Massive Dynamic's secure storage.

In The End Of All Things, he assists in Nina's interrogation and helps Peter search Olivia's Apartment.

In A Short Story About Love, he assists in protecting the victims wife.

In Nothing As It Seems, he is infected with the retroviral DNA of the hybrid man-beast.

In Everything In Its Right Place, he solves a case in the alternate universe, befriends many there, escorts a captured shapeshifter to Liberty Island, then returns to comfort Bolivia following Captain Lee's death.

In The Consultant,

In Worlds Apart,

In Liberty,


"You understand what you're saying? Those families are going to spend the rest of their lives wondering what happened to their loved ones, looking for answers. Can you imagine what that would be like? To have that... that hole in your life." - to Olivia (taking the moral high-ground with division policy about retaining the victims of Fringe science that they investigate)

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  • Does this universe's Lincoln Lee know Nick Lane, as the other seems to? (Over There, Part 1)


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