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Profession:  Team Leader, Alternate Fringe Division Tactical Team Portrayed by:
Seth Gabel
Connections:  Bolivia Dunham, Colonel Broyles, Secretary Bishop,
Charlie Francis, Frank Stanton, Henry Dunham
Seen In:  15 of 100 episodes
Death Episode:  Everything In Its Right Place
Status:  Led The Fringe Division Tactical Unit Before A Sniper Took His Life
Remarks:  Buried With Highest National Honors
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Captain Lincoln Tyrone Lee was a key tactical agent in the alternate Fringe Division, a special adjunct branch of the Department of Defense.


Captain Lincoln Lee is a Fringe Division team leader (Over There, Part 1) in
Getting Fried By Sally Clark w/ Nick Lane
the parallel universe. Members of his team include Agent 'Bolivia' Dunham and Agent Francis. Captain Lee led the ambush in Central Park to collect Sally Clark and Nick Lane. After shooting Lane, he was pyrokinetically engulfed in flame as Clark tried to defend her partner. Ninety percent of Lee's body was charred. He was told he would be treated in a Nanite Regeneration Chamber for three months.
  During therapy for his burns (Olivia), Lee was allowed to rejoin Francis
in the Fringe Division effort to recapture Olivia Dunham following her escape. He located her and reminded her of the history they share together, but was disarmed and locked in the restroom at a gas station.   Lee continued to receive medical
attention for his third-degree burns while investigating the case of Milo Stanfield. He was the first one to notice the ballpoint pen used at the crime scene that was pivotal in causing a fatal chain reaction. In a conversation with Agent Francis, he admitted he kissed Bolivia without knowing she had a boyfriend. (The Plateau)

  Lee claimed to have studied cases of man-made breaches at the Academy. His degree and expertise allowed him to identify, and understand, the sophisticated equipment employed by Joshua Rose. (Amber 31422)

  Lee was
suprised to discover Olivia's superior scientific expertise during the Candy Man case, not realizing Olivia was recalling her experience from her native universe, not his. (The Abducted)   He updates Bolivia on his recovery from his burn wounds,
not knowing that a switch has happened. He also suggests Astrid call Colonel Broyles, after he failed to appear in his office at Fringe Division Headquarters (Entrada).   After Colonel Broyles goes missing, Lincoln takes over his position as Chief Operating Officer of Fringe Division (Immortality). He
struggles on his first assignment in-charge of a case of spontaneous bug eruption. Frank discloses to him about his intention proposal marriage to Bolivia. Lee witnesses Armand Silva remove a queen beetle from his neck in an attempt to create a vaccine for the Avian Flu.

  Together with Bolivia, Lincoln checked on a possible Fringe event at Rosencrantz building and called out the amber protocol after discovering that the rift might have stopped. (6B)

  During his investigation of Bolivia's kidnapping, he learns from Secretary Bishop about the switching of the two Dunhams, and that Bolivia is carrying Peter's child. With the help of Henry Higgins, he finds Bolivia in Chinatown as she prepares to deliver her son. Lee proclaims his love for her, knowing she may die during the birthing process. After visiting Bolivia in the hospital, Lincoln and Agent Francis suspect that more information is being kept from them by Secretary Bishop. (Bloodline)

  He and his team respond to a Class
Ten fringe event on Liberty Island, then aborts the mission when Secretary Bishop calls him to explain the situation. Lee spends the night in Bolivia's apartment watching her newborn son, Henry, while she sneaks into the lab on Liberty Island. He volunteers to go with her on the dangerous outing, but stays with the infant at her request. He is expected to deliver the baby to her mother if she does not return the next day. (6:02 AM EST)

  He and Bolivia Call on Olivia to bring Professor John McClennan from her side over to his to investigate his counterpart J. L. McClennan. (One Night In October)

  He and
Bolivia investigate a class-three fringe event after Peter and Agent Lee his counterpart cross over from our universe. while he and Bolivia investigate the shapeshifter. (Back To Where You've Never Been)

  He arrests David Jones with Bolivia and follows Jones along with Colonel Philip Broyles,Bolivia and Agent Lee. (Enemy Of My Enemy)

Colonel Broyles informs him that Agent Farnsworth has crossed over at Liberty Island without authorization. (Making Angels)

  He works with his counterpart then is assassinated by a sniper when he starts to bring a suspect to Headquarters. (Everything In Its Right Place)


Alternate Timeline
  • Raised in Teaneck, New Jersey
  • After his mother died, the family moved to Philadelphia.
  • His father started a business there. Lee's Hardware.
  • He attended Hamilton High and graduated with 3.85 grade point average.


"SitRep as follows. Class-One Molecular Dissolution. Numbers show severe molecular cohesion failure. This isn't just a little tear. We got a full-fledged hole here, people." - to his tactical response Team (announcing another major anomaly in the Moebius Loop subspace brane that is ripping his half of the multiverse to pieces) (Over There, Part 1)

" know how Agent Francis can tell which end of the worms living inside his body are which? Tickles them in the middle and sees which end farts." - to the hospital staff (a little bawdy humor at the expense of his doting team mate) (Olivia)

"Alright, help me out here. So the first bus driver was distracted by tree trimmers when he ran the red light. The second bus driver was looking at a fight over oranges. Isn't distraction the root of every accident?" - to Agent Francis (trying to make sense of the nearly impossible Rube Goldberg chain of events that led to what deceptively appears to be anything but an accident) (The Plateau)

" Ion lasers. Pneumo drills. Some kinda gas. Looks like he was trying to build some kind of Negative Matter Ring... ...creates high frequency vibrations, which could weaken the atomic structure of the bank's walls." - to Olivia and Agent Francis (taking his fancy science forensics degree out for a stroll in public) (Amber 31422)

"In theory, concentrated pituitary hormones could be processed in some way to accelerate healing, maybe even reverse aging, but - if that's true, it would also cause some serious side effects... ...anemia, tremors, hypoglycemia." - to Olivia (intuitively identifying the limiting factors associated with the Candy Man's quest for an age regression serum) (The Abducted)

"Check this out. No more pain. No more burns. I'm as good as new. It's like nothing ever happened." - to Bolivia Dunham (ecstatic at his release from hospital rehabilitation and his pending return to full operational duty) (Entrada)

"I have my own, like...Cone of Silence when it comes to secrets. What is it?" - to Frank (assuring complete confidentiality in a personal matter) then, seconds later to Bolivia Dunham... "Frank's gonna ask you to marry him. I'm serious. This weekend -- he just told me. I - I promised I'd keep it a secret, but you know me, I can't... keep a secret." (proving Mister Spoiler Alert never rests) (Immortality)

"Cancel the quarantine protocol. If there was a rift here, it's closed now." - to Bolivia Dunham (unaware that the Science Team on this side of the rift had just terminated the Class IV Fringe Event in Park Slope) (6B)

"You just look at me. You don't think about an hour from now. You don't think about a minute. We're gonna focus on this moment, okay? It's you and me." - to Bolivia Dunham (positive reinforcement. coaching her through the rapid onset gestation and natal delivery trauma that was induced in one of Secretary Bishop's secret laboratories) (Bloodline)

"Let me come with you... You're coming back... You really think Peter Bishop can stop this? That he can heal both worlds?" - to Bolivia Dunham (adamantly. concerned as he has been relegated to babysitting duties on this go-round while she reaches out to mend the conflict between the universes) (6:02 AM EST)

"Blonde looks good on you. I didn't say I didn't like the Red. You look good in both." - to Bolivia Dunham (as she again adopts Olivia's personal style. this time in a coordinated undercover effort to steer Professor McClennan toward the serial killer harvesting memories from the innocent in her parallel universe) (One Night In October)

"Make yourself comfortable. Nobody knows you're here but us." to Agent Lee as they covertly secure him in a maintenance closet, then to Olivia after they leave... "We're breaking about five different General Orders right now. I hope you know what you're doing." - (as they set themselves on a path they may indicate their superior, Secretary Bishop, in the most heinous of crimes) (Back To Where You've Never Been)

"We didn't find a Show-Me -- no surprise there. We ran his biometrics through all the databases -- criminal, medical, insurance. Based on his accent, we even reached out to Scotland Yard. So far, nothing." - reporting to Colonel Broyles (after capturing master criminal David Robert Jones in the act. unaware that this particular Fringe scientist is not originally from the parallel universe) (Enemy Of My Enemy)

"That's impossible. Who? -- who gave her clearance?" - to Colonel Broyles (receiving the report that their own Agent Farnsworth has falsified permission documentation to cross the trans-dimensional bridge to this universe. against directive. with traitorous implication) (Making Angels)

"I been blown up before. This is nothing." - to Bolivia Dunham (minutes after a sniper plants a 7.62mm round in his abdomen, and just a few hours before he loses his fight to live in surgery) (Everything In Its Right Place)

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  • Why did he seem to recognize Nick Lane? (Over There, Part 1)
  • Does he have a brother? Or did he fabricate a fictional one to faciliate the interview he held with the wife of one of the twins? (Amber 31422)


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