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Profession:  Cancer Patient Portrayed by:
Omar Metwally
Family:  Julie Heath - (dead sister)
Connections:  Olivia, Walter, Nick Lane, Sally Clark
Miranda Greene, Lloyd Becker, Timothy Ober, Alan DeRosa
First Seen:  Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.
Last Seen:  Over There, Part 1
Death Episode:  Over There, Part 1
Status:  Deceased
Remarks:  Overwhelmed by cancer after travelling to the alternate universe

James Heath is a Cortexiphan test subject and Jacksonville peer of Olivia's. He has the ability to exchange energy with other Cortexiphan subjects.


 James Heath was able to transfer his cancer to any Cortexiphan subject by skin-to-skin contact. As Walter explained, Cortexiphan subjects are susceptible because the drug accesses the untapped energies of the brain.

 In Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver., he made physical contact with Miranda Greene and Lloyd Becker; both absorbed his illness and died from the rapid-onset disease. His modus operandi is to talk to his victim in order to extract any information they remember about their childhood, specifically the name and whereabouts of others tested with Cortexiphan. Then, with a touch, he exchanges energy with them resulting in his extended life, and a quick death for his victim. He failed to locate Nick Lane, but was able to meet with Olivia Dunham. After a struggle in Olivia's apartment, he was arrested and confessed his wrongdoings. He was placed in a drug-induced coma and moved to an unidentified facility.

 In Over There, Part 1, Broyles explained to Olivia that five Cortexiphan subjects, including Heath, have been taken out of their drug-induced coma as a measure of prudence. After a series of experiments by Massive Dynamic, James Heath was able to reverse the effect of his touch; instead of providing rapid-onset disease, he can now cure diseases. When he met with Walter Bishop, he clearly despised him for the testing performed in Jacksonville, but still agreed to help recover Peter from the alternate universe. The night before travelling to the alternate universe Heath visited terminally ill patients in the hospital and cured them. Together with Walter, Olivia, Nick Lane and Sally Clark, he added his energy to the collective psychic energy to help open a portal to the parallel universe. Once in the parallel universe, he collapses and immediately succumbs to his rapid-onset cancer. His curative work from the night before, combined with the energy drain from opening the portal between universes, left him with little energy to combat his own disease.


  • When he was in the hospital as a cancer patient, he met a man who claimed that the experiments done on him during his childhood could help him fight the cancer.
  • Julie Heath, his loyal sister, quickly died from his cancer after holding his hand during a hospital visit.
  • He met with Timothy Ober in the hopes of finding the man who visited him in the hospital. He unintentionally killed Ober, then realized how his ability worked.
  • Alan DeRosa is a victim of Heath. His photo is included in the case.


"I know you. You're the man that experimented on us. I could kill you where you stand." - (to Walter, nearly psychotic from the life Walter's childhood testing burdened him with) (Over There, Part 1)

"Hey, F.B.I. guy. We're about to go save the world, right? Two worlds even. Can't we have a night off?" - (to Broyles, confrontationally ironic as they both know that this may be a short, final, and one-way mission) (Over There, Part 1)



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