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INtREPUS Company Logo
Mug on Right in Power Hungry


INtREPUS is a large pharmacutical company, and a direct competitor with Massive Dynamic in certain industries.

Their marjeting slogan, as seen on their posters, is "Treating & Curing your family for over 20 years".

They are involved in controversial scientific studies: Prenatal gene therapy, human animal hybridization studies, viral warfare - or as Charlie Francis put it - all the fun stuff.

First seen as the headquarters (The Cure) for David Esterbrook. Stock values of the corporation plummeted on the word of Esterbrook's very public arrest.

INtREPUS Pharmaceuticals was suspected by Olivia and Peter to be connected to the rapid-onset disease (Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.) primarily because Miranda Greene was preparing a case against the company.

Doctor Warren Blake worked for the INtREPUS R&D department before he was assassinated (Concentrate And Ask Again) for his part in developing a deadly bioweapon at the heart of Project Jellyfish.


  • The INtREPUS Building is the State Street Bank Building in Boston, facing east; One Federal St is behind it.
  • An INtREPUS coffee mug was seen in Power Hungry at BiCoastal Parcel Shipping.