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INtREPUS Company Logo
  • INtREPUS is a large pharmacutical company, and a direct competitor with Massive Dynamic in certain industries.
  • Their marjeting slogan, as seen on their posters, is "Treating & Curing your family for over 20 years".
  • They are involved in controversial scientific studies: Prenatal gene therapy, human animal hybridization studies, viral warfare - or as Charlie Francis put it - all the fun stuff.
  • First seen as the headquarters (The Cure) for David Esterbrook. Stock values of the corporation plummeted on the word of Esterbrook's very public arrest.
Mug on Right in Power Hungry


  • The INtREPUS Building is the State Street Bank Building in Boston, facing east; One Federal St is behind it.
  • An INtREPUS coffee mug was seen in Power Hungry at BiCoastal Parcel Shipping.

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