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Profession:  Fringe Division Agent Portrayed by:
Georgina Haig
Also Known As:  'Etta
Family:  Peter - father, Walter - grandfather, Olivia - mother,
Rachel - aunt, Ella - cousin
Connections:  Simon Foster, Captain Windmark, Phillip Broyles
Seen In:  5 of 100 episodes
Status:  Playful pre-schooler in 2015


  Born in mid-September, 2012, she was separated from her parents when The Purge began in mid-October, 2015. Her parents spent more than two decades in Amber after they failed to locate her in the aftermath of the invasion, and after their plan to defeat the Observers had to be aborted. She is a Fringe Division Agent charged with policing the Native population beyond the scope of typical Loyalist Security operations. She is an active member of the Resistance forces that have challenged the oppressors since The Purge. She has had an active 'work order' on request with her contacts for sometime and in 2036 it paid off. Her family was discovered in Amber and she was able to retrieve and release them. After a brief period with her family, she was shot in the chest by Captain Windmark. Her time distracting Windmark allowed her family to elude capture and eventually eradicate the Observers from the timeline... which negated The Purge and her separation from her parents as a child - negating her Resistance Fighter embedded in Fringe Division role.


"You see him. He's half a fruitcake short of Christmas." - (to Simon Foster, an honest assessment of the first few hours, after twenty-plus years, with grandpa Walter)

"You know, I used to imagine this - - going on a mission with you. You have no idea how many battles we won together." - (to Olivia, sharing the childhood fantasy she indulged in during her mother's two decade absence)

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