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First Seen: Pilot
Last Seen: An Enemy Of Fate

Gene is the female bovine requested by Walter Bishop, and delivered to him, during the reopening of his lab at Harvard University.


  • It is unknown who named the cow Gene, but Olivia is the first to use the name.
  • Peter Bishop explains that since cows are genetically very similar to humans, experiments on cows, simulate effects on humans; they are an ethical test subject when using a human guinea-pig might be dangerous.
  • No tests have been carried out on Gene during FRINGE, although she does show an odd interest in watching SpongeBob Squarepants, and has an unnatural attraction to take-out Chinese food.
Covered in Red, Green, Yellow & Blue Circles/Balloons During Walter's Tale After Smoking His Brown Betty
  • Gene, according to Walter, suffers from Seasonal Affective Disease and needs
    <Gene> Wally. I Have Seen All Of The Milk & Cheese Ads On TV... Can We Please, Please, PLEASE Move To California?
    the occasional field trip to a pasture for sunshine and fresh air. Her favorite Boston Metropolitan Area pasture is in Warwick. (Everything In Its Right Place)
  • Gene appears to Walter in his animated hallucination while he attempts to remember a secret code word. (Black Blotter)
  • Sitting under only a few inches of Amber preservative in 2036, Gene is left in stasis in Walter's Lab as the Science Team sets out to reset the timeline and free mankind from the Observer regime. Astrid was going to free Gene from the Amber, but decided against it since her mooing might alert the Loyalist forces that patrol the grounds. (An Enemy Of Fate)


"The only thing better than a cow, is a human. Unless you need milk. Then you really need a cow." - Walter (delineating pragmatic species preferences)

"Mooooooo!" - Gene (multiple episodes, catch-phrase)

• 'Gene! Gene! No licking! No licking!" - Walter (hurrying to intercept Ella meeting Gene for the first time)

"Walter, please tell me you're not giving Gene the evidence to drink." - Astrid (to Walter, discouraging him from testing his bovine-American friend with a liquid that may eliminate cell decay and lead to cheese and milk products that never go bad)



Captive Test Subjects
  • The name Gene is a play on the word Genetics.
  • A variant of Eugene - "Gene" is typically used as a masculine name in Western society The feminine name Eugenia is sometimes shortened to Gene too.
  • Gene, originally played by Toronto-based Pansy, was recast for the remainder of Season 1 filming in the US.
  • According to producer J.R. Orci, Season 1 'Gene' worked for Arvin Sloane.
  • Gene was recast again after returning to Canada for Season 2 filming.
  • In Northwest Passage, Peter tells Deputy Ferguson that he'll be staying under the name of Gene Cowan at the Northwest Passage Motel.

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