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This Universe
Broyles adressing the team after Olivia's abduction in Bound
The Science Team is part of a multi-agency task force under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security. The task force, staffed by at least two dozen, mostly FBI, agents, is lead by Phillip Broyles. Its' mission is investigating the growing number of science-related crimes.
FBI Agent Charlie Francis plays an important role in the command structure of the Division. In Bound, after Olivia's abduction, Broyles informs his staff that Francis is second-in-command.
Parallel Universe
Parallel Fringe Division?
In the alternate universe it is a fully funded military branch of the Department of Defense and is tasked with responding to devastating rifts in the fabric between the universes.
In The Road Not Taken, Olivia envisions a "Situation Room" in a parallel universe Federal Building. She bumps into a fellow agent and has a conversation with a scarred Charlie.
In Over There, Part 1, it is established that Fringe Division is a Branch of the Department of Defense.

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Does the Oversight Committee in our universe manage only this assembled talent, or do they oversee other Divisions?