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Profession:  Virologist Portrayed by:
Philip Winchester
Connections:  Bolivia Dunham
Seen In:  4 of 100 episodes
Status:  Alive, Heart-broken
Remarks:  Last seen walking out on Bolivia in the hospital.

Frank Stanton is a virologist for the CDC in the alternate universe.


He was first introduced as the romantic interest of Bolivia Dunham in the alternate universe. He is unaware that he has been dealing with, and romantic with, two separate Olivia's.

  • In Over There, Part 1, he gives Bolivia Dunham an oil massage after her long day at work.
  • In Olivia, he chats with Agent Francis, trying to find out where Olivia Dunham has been.
  • In The Plateau, he advises Olivia Dunham not to do any field work after learning that she is having hallucinations. The CDC deploys him to North Texas to deal with a smallpox outbreak.
  • In Immortality, he returns from his deployment and is attached to Fringe Division by the CDC to solve the case at hand. He proposes to Bolivia Dunham, and she accepts. Following his two month absence in North Texas, he is devastated to learn Bolivia is six weeks pregnant and moves out of the apartment they shared.
Note: In the adjusted Season 4 timeline, early in the season (One Night In October) it was suggested that he and Bolivia were still together. By mid-season (Enemy Of My Enemy) Bolivia reports that she had recently broken-up. Frank has yet to be seen, following his final Season 3 departure.


"Might be a good day to start drinking." - (to Bolivia, trying to cheer her up as she frets about Lincoln Lee's three months of burn recovery)

"You were gonna marry me." - (to Bolivia, after deducing that she is pregnant with another man's child)

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