Everything In Its Right Place

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Everything In Its Right Place
Season: 4 Episode: 17
Air Date: 06 April 2012
Written by: J.R. Orci (story & teleplay)
Matthew Pitts (story)
David Fury (teleplay)
Directed by: David Moxness
Starring: Main Characters
Guest Cast: Tim Guinee as Rick/mugger→Canaan
Max Arciniega as Dawes/druggie→Canaan
Kirby Morrow as Maddox/sniper→Canaan

Elysia Rotaru as Paige Randall
Zahf Paroo as DoC Technician #1
Biski Gugushe as DoC Technician #2
Erynn Lavallee as Bree Collins
Nelson Leis as Mikey
Nick Baric as Security Sentry
Sebastian Bertoli as Agent Reynolds
Gary Gill as Agent Salerno
Aiden Finn as Daniel
Michael Rys as Vagrant
Michelle C. Smith as Canaan (parking lot)
Patrica Cullen as Helen
Max Teichman as Father Luis

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Previously: Nothing As It Seems
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Everything In Its Right Place is the seventeenth episode of the fourth season of FRINGE. It first aired on April 6th, 2012. FBI Agent Lee lends his law enforcement expertise in the alternate universe to his Fringe Division counterparts assigned with the task of apprehending a vigilante connected to the remaining shapeshifters. Along the way, he gains the respect of those he meets and takes heart with his newly discovered friendships.


In Walter's lab, science team newbie FBI Agent Lincoln Lee joins the festivities as the Bishops and Olivia prepare Gene for a day in the field. Grazing Day is
Guys. I Am Going To Need A Bigger Windbreaker. This One Is A Little Tight In The Udder
intended to get Gene, the lab's bovine sentry, some fresh air and sunshine to help with her Seasonal Affective Disorder. Gene is going to spend a day living the highlife in Warwick - home of her favorite pasture. Lee takes the news in stride. Olivia has something for Lee. She found it in her apartment and thinks he might have left it there unintentionally. The pendant she hands him belonged to his now deceased partner, Danzig. What Olivia fails to remember is that Lee gave it to her. Apparently the memories from Peter's timeline have erased that tidbit from Olivia's synapes. Disappointed at the realization, Lee explains that he gave it to her as a thank you for saving his life. The pendant, a thoughtful gift on his behalf, represents the journey of life, the obstacles in the journey, and making the right choices along the journey. His former partner gave it to him to remind Lee that he always had home and family with he and his family. Olivia still doesn't remember the exchange. Astrid returns to the lab with boxes of files and is headed to Liberty Island for some face time with the Fringe Division folks in an attempt to narrow the effort to capture David Robert Jones. Her day of information-sharing preempted the plans she made to visit Castle Island with her father. Lincoln has an idea - he wasn't included in anyone else's plans, no Castle Island, no Grazing Day, and clearly no interest from Olivia - what if he were to take care of Astrid's assignment for her?
  In the Fringe Task Force Situation Room at the Boston Federal Building, Agent Lee makes his case to Broyles to take over for Astrid on this one particular occasion. She had plans today, along with everyone else from the lab - and he has none. Plus, him sitting down with his investigative counterparts might lead to some new ideas about David Jones. As
Need Brains. Need Brains Now
it is now, there are no avenues to follow that point toward the megalomaniac. Broyles is hesitant and doesn't want to waste the talent of his field agent on straight forward liaison tasking. Lee simplifies his request - he could use some time away from his standard routine.

  On the top floor of a parking structure in Belmont, New York, Paige Randall's alternate universe evening goes sour when she is followed to her car by a common street thug. Not willing to be victimized, Paige attempts to flee and bloodies her assailant's nose in the effort. Before she can get too far, he knocks her to the ground, brandishes a large knife and threatens bodily harm as he grabs her hair. Distracted by a disheveled visitor to the crime, Paige scrambles away when the powerful vigilante picks her attacker off of her, lifts him off the ground and throws him down. This criminal's days are numbered.


You Wanna Hit Starbuck's ® On The Way - Just Kidding Lee. Let's Go
On Liberty Island, Agent Lee makes it through alternate universe security with the case files Astrid was originally planning to review with a Fringe Division liaison. Agent Salerno greets Lee and escorts him to a private office where he can lay out the paperwork and review it with Captain Lee and Agent Dunham when they arrive. Before Lee can get set-up, Dunham saunters in with a change of plans. Lee's face lights-up as he greets his new colleague. Dunham is glad to see him too, and in her typical boisterous fashion, points-out that a nice cup of coffee would have been a better thing to deliver than a couple of boxes of paperwork. Still, they need to leave now. Something is up and the two of them can talk
Urban Reclamation Project: Getting The Amber Out
about the files on the way.
  On the drive uptown, Dunham and Lee bring each other up-to-speed on the latest happenings. She wonders why Olivia was the target of David Jones and his clandestine Cortexiphan injections. What purpose did that serve? Lee can only speculate. According to Peter, the Cortexiphan was probably a plot by Jones to activate some latent ability Olivia has, though Peter didn't say what that might be. Lee doesn't know if the Cortexiphan worked as planned on Olivia, but there were some side effects involved. Lee doesn't share what he knows about Olivia's second set of memories with Agent Dunham. Side effects? Is that why Olivia isn't here today? The open-ended question is forgotten when Lee spots an Ambered area in a side alley. Dunham explains that the Department Of Containment is reopening the neighborhood, then calls-up the on-board database to explain it for Lee. Parkside, or Zone 13, closed in November of 2004 because of the toxic air. The database also has a recent press video file of Secretary Bishop touting the restoration efforts that are underway. In his statement, senior politician Bishop sees this as a turning point in history - the cities are healing and the world is being restored. But, even in celebration of the recent good fortune, it is important to never forget those that have been lost. Lee assumes that is because of the bridge between universes on Liberty Island. Dunham thinks it is - the spatial rifts associated with the Amber containment sights are being stabilized because of it. Dunham steers the conversation away from work and wants to ask
Okay My 'Brother From Another Mother', No More Sharing Family Secrets With Big Red
Lee something personal - it could settle a bet. What is his middle name? Tyrone. Just like his great-grandfather. Why? No explanation, but Dunham gets the ammo she was looking for.
  Dunham arrives at the new meeting place, parks and walks over to join her partner, Captain Lincoln Lee. FBI Agent Lee hops out of the car and joins her. Captain Lee is busy coordinating the investigation and doesn't notice her arrival on Level Six of the parking structure in Belmont. Dunham does gets his full attention when she blurts out his middle name on the walk over to inspect a corpse from the previous evening. Captain Lee whips around to confront Dunham on their long-running bet about his middle name... then realizes how his secret got out - Agent Lee spilled the beans. What's the big deal? Tyrone is a strong middle name. The big deal is that he has been able to keep it from Dunham for the six years they have worked together. Oops. My bad. Lincoln briefs his partner and her FBI guest on the details of the case. Paige Randall was attacked on the way to her vehicle, but was spared when someone intervened and killed her unidentified assailant. Dunham wonders if it might be the same vigilante that has the police investigating a dozen similar cases reported over the last few months... where the criminals that are targeting good citizens become the target themselves. Agent Lee jokingly wonders if fictional hero Batman has moved to the area and started taking out the bad guys. The comment draws nothing but blank expressions. What has a flying rat got to do with lethal vigilantism? Once it becomes apparent that Agent Lee was referring to a fictional superhero, his host agents school him - in this universe, Mantis is the fictional vigilante superhero of record. Captain Lee unzips the bodybag so everyone can see the pulverized skull of the would-be mugger. No fictional superhero did this. The unique thing about this incident is this is the first time a victim of the
That's Odd - The Sensor Is Saying We Are Tracking Rancid Milk, Used Diaper... And Refried Beans?
vigilante has been found, the first in a dozen cases. Now the big question is - what has changed and why?

  Back in Zone 13, a man that looks exactly like a healthy version of the mugger in the body bag loads his van with personal gear and prepares to leave the Parkside neighborhood. He stops to take a look at a picture of a young boy he keeps in his wallet, then gets defensive when he hears two men approaching. The Department of Containment is combing the formerly restricted area for any signs of residual toxin and the two technicians, wearing full bio-hazard suits and breathing apparatus, are not receiving any out-of-limit readings on the molecular cohesion sensor. With acceptable readings, the men remove their headgear and prepare to call in their findings. Before they can report to Dispatch, a fresh sensor reading indicates that a high level of organic tissue seems to be emanating from a nearby church. When the sensor team moves toward the church, the man loading his van quickly jumps into the back of it to avoid detection. In the process, he drops his wallet with the photo - something he does not care to leave behind. He takes a second to think about it, then rapidly recovers the wallet without alerting the technicians. The two DoC specialists follow the sensor readings into the dark basement of the church and suspect that someone has been there recently, even though Zone 13 has been uninhabitable for the past eight years. Downstairs, a quick sweep with the flashlight reveals the source of the 'organic' particulates that the sensor detected - at least a dozen corpses in various stages of decay and post-mortem liquefaction.


  After arriving outside of the
Seriously? He Slipped You A Fillmore When He Shook Your Hand? No. You Don’t Have To Give It Back. But... You Can Buy Me Dinner
church in Parkside, Dunham is apologetic to Agent Lee for the circumstances. It looks like this new investigation is going to keep Fringe Division engaged for awhile. Their planned debriefing is going to have to wait. Lee understands that this takes priority. Dunham summons a nearby agent with fresh tasking - get Agent Lee back to Liberty Island and arrange for an escort back through the trans-universal portal. Lee wasn't expecting the excusal and would rather stay and help-out, if that is alright. Dunham checks with her partner and gets a head nod, okay... Lee can stay. The agent tasked to run Lee back to the portal, takes the opportunity to thank the FBI Agent and shake his hand before getting back to work. Agent Lee is a little befuddled, but accepts the praise and the handshake graciously. Lee privately asks Dunham if maybe the agent had confused him with Captain Lee. No. Dunham explains that in this universe, his efforts aren't as secretive as they are for him back home. Over here, Agent Lee is a bit of a hero because the devastating damage has ended, and that is in no small part due to his science team. Okay then - compliment accepted.
  Clear of the church in Parkside, the duplicate mugger finds temporary sanctuary in a Christian shelter for the income-impaired. The G Street Soup Kitchen is open for a midday meal
But I Asked For Roast Beef - Raw As Possible. Room Temperature Water. Eleven Jalapeños
and kitchen volunteer Helen greets the new guest. He introduces himself as Canaan... and he doesn't have a place to stay anymore. Quiet and somewhat timid, Canaan is eager to assist. Helen directs Canaan to a warm meal while she checks with Father Luis on the local beddown situation for Canaan. The warm meal receives immediate attention and can't be eaten fast enough. A fellow diner near Canaan inspects the new guest and politely identifies the sloughing skin on the back of Canaan's exposed neck. Helen calls to Canaan as he dashes from the facility - upset that his disfigurement was detected.
  In the basement of the Parkside church, Fringe Division gets busy running forensics on the corridor full of corpses, and guest helper, FBI Agent Lincoln Lee, offers his initial head count as nineteen. Too bad the body count is only eighteen. A few months ago, before being recruited to the Fringe Task Force, Lee guesses something like this may have overwhelmed him - now, not so much. Captain Lee admits it took him some time to adapt to the gruesome things
Spring Break 2012 - Ghouls Gone Wild
they see, as well. But not his partner Dunham. He has never seen her phased by anything they have faced in their years together. Never a tear, never vomited - she's the tough one. Dunham has been looking around, trying to piece together an answer to the big question. She figures that the reason the vigilante murderer left the victim behind in the parking lot was because it couldn't bring it back to the basement, knowing that the zone was about to reopen and the hideout would be compromised. Agent Lee examines a corpse and finds a locket on a necklace. He slowly lifts it with his ballpoint pen to examine it closer and the necklace slides right through the gelatinous neck tissue and bone like a hot knife in butter. He quickly joins Dunham to let her inspect the locket and conveniently neglects to mention the little decapitation incident he just caused... obviously no harm done there. Dunham doesn't hesitate handling the slimy piece of jewelry and pops it open. Good. An image they can run through facial recognition software and use to I.D. the corpse that Lee just beheaded. Agent Lee has an additional idea - does Fringe Division have the technology to determine the time of death for corpses in this advanced necrotic state. Dunham thinks they may, as long as certain enzymes are still active, or lactic acid is still present. Why? Lee is thinking they can compare that information with anything the surveillance feeds from around Zone 13 may reveal.
  In the Situation Room in Fringe Division's Manhatan Headquarters, Agent Farnsworth's talents are enlisted in the search for any footage that might pinpoint one of the victims from the Zone 13 corpse dumping grounds. Farnsworth knows that the probability of spotting the victim after they have disappeared under these circumstances is extremely unlikely.
Never Tell Me The Odds, Captain
. Agent Lee begs her indulgence in the matter and asks the same consideration from Captain Lee, now that they have the time-of-death from the corpse with the locket. He will let them know if what he suspects pans out from the research. Captain Lee is curious why the FBI Agent is hanging around and hasn't returned to Liberty Island. Is there a problem back in his universe? Nope - they're handling things fine without him. The Captain's self-image forces him share a small detail... his universe wouldn't survive without him on the job. Agent Lee has noticed that about him - unwavering confidence that approaches self-aggrandizing narcissism. Not that Agent Lee couldn't use a bit of that, now and again. The two take a minute to compare personal historys and see where their paths in life diverged. Grew-up in Teaneck. Check. Moved to Philly after Mom died. Check. Dad owned a hardware store. Check. Hamilton High School. Check. Tenth grade science teacher. Check. Grade Point Average. Check. Skipped the Prom. Check. Wow. Is it normal that they share so much of the same history? Farnsworth interrupts with a finding. The photo in the locket has been matched with images from surveillance footage, but something doesn't jive. Apart from the odd reddish growths on the woman's face, the timecode on the footage is more than two days after the time-of-death established by forensics. That is impossible. How is this woman walking around after she died? Agent Lee's suspicion is confirmed... time to brief the boss.
  In his
The 'Prong' Side Of The Law
office, Fringe Division boss, Colonel Philip Broyles, has Dunham and the two Lee's toe-the-line while he stands and takes their briefing. He understands the timecode concerns that raised the questions, but Broyles is not convinced that an error wasn't somehow made in the lab. None of this correlates at all with what both sides know about shapeshifters. Agent Lee makes his case to the Colonel - he has gained expert knowledge since he lost his partner to a shapeshifter and knows every detail in every file on the topic. Broyles knows those files too, and one victim, among many, with a three prong indentation on her palate is not conclusive evidence. Nothing at the church matches previous shapeshifter actvivity. Most importantly, how does a shapeshifter running around targeting criminals mesh with David Robert Jones agenda? It doesn't. Broyles has heard enough. Agent Lee needs to return home - it really looks like he is twisting the facts with his logic, in order to satisfy his desire to avenge the loss of his partner. Dunham starts to say a few words in Lee's defense, but her Division Chief won't hear it. Lee - thanks for the help, now go. Broyles steps out and leaves simple instructions for his agents... alert me when you have something more concrete.
  In a
Hey! A Little Help There Aqua Lung
busy city park, children run and play while Canaan sits in the bleachers and watches a group of boys chip a soccer ball around to one another. The ball slips from the group and arrives at Canaan's feet. He picks it up and hands it to the boy that the ball slipped past... the same boy whose picture he carries in
Location. Location. Location
his wallet and values so much.

  In a nearby Pelham District flop house for druggies, Mikey gives fellow addict Antonio Dawes a load of grief for going through the product so fast. Dawes stabs home another hit and swells with relief as the poison hits his blood stream. Mikey needs a bathroom break and leaves the chilly, dilapidated room to find relief somewhere else in the small, condemned home. Canaan is in vigilante mode again and slips into the room and hovers over Dawes before grabbing him and pinning him to the ground. Dawes has only a few brain cells left, but enough to know he is in serious peril when Canaan regurgitates a pronged umbilical and directs it towards his mouth. Mikey watches silently through a partially opened door as Canaan withdraws the genetic make-up he needs to adopt the appearance of Antonio Dawes.


  In the Fringe Division Headquarters, Agent Dunham starts to escort Agent Lee to the elevator to get him back to Liberty Island so he can transit the bridge between
<Farnsworth> Colonel. We Believe He Is Canadian. His Hat, Backward Like Bieber. His Attitude, Casual Punk Like Bieber. His Extensive Arrest Record. Just Like...
parallel universes, as directed by Colonel Broyles. Before they can clear the Situation Room, Agent Farnsworth reports that six minutes ago the police took an eyewitness account related to the vigilante suspect in the Pelham District of the 17th Precinct. Broyles orders the perimeter locked-down out to a five-block radius. The identification of the victim arrives too - one Antonio Dawes, who is on the books for possession and distribution of narcotics, auto theft, and burglary. Agent Lee overhears the incoming reports and returns to the hub of activity that Broyles really wanted him away from. If they are dealing with a shapeshifter, circulating Dawes photo should help the police, just in case 'the victim' happens to be running around. Dunham concurs - why not? Just in case. Not wanting to give the impression that he is completely stone-walling Lee, Broyles allows it. Send the photo out citywide. Disappointed that his squad is acting in accordance with their skill levels, Broyles frets as Farnsworth starts reviewing area footage, Captain Lee assembles a tactical team and Dunham herds Agent Lee toward the target area instead of his duties in this, their, parallel universe.
<Farnsworth> (click. click, click... click) No Sir. I Was Not... NOT... Playing Angry Birds. Why Do You Ask?
her auto on the way to the last known location of their suspect, Agent Dunham takes a call from Headquarters… Agent Farnsworth places a man matching Antonio Dawes's photo moving towards 146th Street along Copenhagen Avenue. Captain Lincoln Lee is already in that area with his tactical team and is establishing a security perimeter to encircle and detain the suspect. Agent Lee, apparently trusted to enforce Federal law in two universes, installs a tactical communication earpiece in his right ear and racks the slide on his service pistol to Weaver Ready. He and Dunham concur – get the shapeshifter alive – that’s the best course of action if they plan to quickly get to Jones next.
  Within a few minutes, after racing through traffic, Agents Dunham and Lee join Captain Lee as he briefs his assembled tactical officers. The objective is to surround the subject with three teams, then bring him in alive.
Honest To Goodness. Not A Real Redhead. How Do I Know? Well... Oh Hi Liv. Um, When Did You Guys Get Here?
As the teams deploy around the target, Agent Farnsworth feeds them real-time tactical oversight from the Situation Room at HQ. As the groups melt into tactical mode amid the small warehouses and aging light-industrial facilities, the two Lees pick-up the personal conversation they were called away from about an hour earlier. Physically separated, but linked by tactical comm, Captain Lee offers consolation for the manner in which Broyles hesitatingly accepted Agent Lee’s input on the ‘shapeshifter’ aspect of the case. Good work. Not as good as this particular Lincoln Lee, but good enough for a newb. The two reflect on how their similar upbringings could lead to two very different adult versions of what appeared to be nearly identical adolescents. Maybe it was free choice – they each chose to become the man they each wanted to be. Dunham has heard enough of their jibber-jabber over the radio for one day. Stay on topic ladies. Tactical mission. Now!
  As the teams continue to search their assigned sectors, Agent Lee quickly spots the target, Dawes. Farnsworth is using the local security camera system and
<Dunham> Oh I Swear! If I Catch That Guy Talking About The Day He Saw Me Naked One More Time - - I Promise I'll Shoot Him Myself!
isolates, then identifies, Dawes less than a few hundred meters from all the squads. Agent Lee corners Dawes briefly and then sets out on foot with a couple of escorting officers as Dawes attempts to avoid capture. Captain Lee is at street level and Agent Dunham is working the rooftops as all personnel attempt to converge on the suspected shapeshifter. Dawes avoids visual contact as he works up and down through the abandoned commercial buildings on the North side of the Pelham District. Agent Lee’s initial Fringe exposure, having chased a shapeshifter through abandoned warehouses, gives him the most experience of all the pursuers... and he is hot on Dawes trail. Not as resourceful as he would have liked, Agent Lee goes down and is disarmed when Dawes jumps him from behind. Dawes, or the Canaan part of him, finds it in himself to not shoot Lee when Lee gives the - ‘no… please don’t shoot’ - look from the floor. Genuinely not wanting to murder Agent Lee, Dawes runs downstairs with Lee’s pistol trying to expedite his evasion. Before he can get clear of the building, Captain Lee, Dunham and the entire mobilized tactical squad surround Dawes and are preparing to use immediate lethal force. A shout from
<Farnsworth> Dunham. This Is Farnsworth On TAC Freq Two. You Might Want To Retract Your Statement About 'Shooting Captain Lee Yourself'. Yeah. All Tactical Ops Are Recorded For Supervisory Review...
upstairs save Dawes (Canaan) from peril – don’t shoot! Lee saw that his life was saved just seconds earlier by someone that wasn’t necessarily inclined to kill. Now, filthy with laser aiming-pointers, a reciprocal compassion for Dawes saves him in his non-violent surrender to Fringe Division.

  Back at Fringe Division Headquarters, Colonel Broyles instructs Farnsworth to relay his approval of the completed mission to his people still in the field. After the formality of leadership praise for a mission he never wanted to conduct, Broyles slips into a side hall for some privacy and deliberate sedition. His outgoing call finds David Robert Jones' accomplice, Nina Sharp waiting for intel on the operation. Broyles passes Sharp what she needs - the location of the captured shapeshifter. She will take on matters from here.


  Inside the complex where Fringe Division nabbed the prolific
Memo To Me. Ask Broyles... Both Of Them I Guess. Would Either Mind If I Got A Weekend Cabin Here For Little Micro-Sta'cations
shapeshifting Canaan, Dunham approaches Agent Lee with the info that secure transport, dispatched by Broyles, will be on-scene in about ten minutes. Moody and unwavering, Agent Lee wants a few minutes to talk to the prisoner before he is entered into the system. Dunham just wants to get out of there – Lee can talk to Canaan once he has been processed. Not good enough for Lee. One of these things killed his partner and best friend, Danzig, and David Jones was behind it. Lee needs to talk to the shapeshifter now – or he may never get the access to him that he wants. Come on Dunham! You would want the same courtesy if your partner was murdered. Bolivia Dunham concedes and grants FBI Agent Lee the five minutes he wants before Canaan (Dawes) gets shipped-off.
Duck Season! Wabbit Season! Duck Season! Wabbit Season! Ohww... I Got You Now You Wascalwy Wabbit
around the corner, Maddox, one of Jones’ men, has been dispatched by Nina Sharp and makes his way through one of the still functional office buildings in the area and up the stairwell to the mechanical room, and then the roof. The oversized briefcase he is carrying and his demeanor suggests he is not there to liberate Canaan from his Fringe Division captors. Before taking-up a prominent firing position on the roof, Maddox assembles the silenced, high-powered, sniper rifle he brought with him. Fully prepared and loaded to bear, Maddox cocks the weapon and checks the magnified sight.

  Agent Lee joins the shapeshifter in the room he is temporarily being held in and asks the two officers guarding him to step outside. Closing the door behind them as they post outside, Lee, with a heavy dose of angst and disdain in his manner, starts the dialogue he hopes that will lead to the demise of Jones and his shapeshifting monstrosities. First – why did you spare my life just now before you were captured? The prisoner, unwilling to engage, avoids eye contact and sits timidly as Lee examines the personal items taken from him. He, Canaan (Dawes) still has the Show-Me identification cards from previous victims Bree Collins and Rick Pearce. Lee expands the opportunity for reply - who were you?
Never Mind, You Mook. I'm Walking Here. Hey Shift-tard. You Gotz A Little Sumtin' On You Face. I Think They Call It Bree. And Not The Cheese. Hey, Bahda-Boom
You were human once, right? Do you always keep mementos from the lives of people you've become? A photo in his wallet finally drags Canaan away from his malaise. The young lad is Daniel, his girlfriend’s son, and someone he cared for deeply. When they split, Daniel was ripped from his life… and it destroyed him. The emotional vacuum left him vulnerable – he needed to be more than what he was - he needed to be someone unique. That’s when David Jones found him - promising to make him like no one else… a new breed of human being. Ultimately he disappointment Jones. Lee sees the vulnerability and plight in the shapeshifter that once was human. On the run from Jones, Canaan has been targeting only criminals to maintain his existence, sparing the innocent along the way. Jones had promised Canaan that he would repair him, but he hasn’t – and he won’t. Lee implores the obvious – Jones considers you disposable. Do not continue to protect him. Dunham waits for Lee outside and shares his sorrow after the interview. The look on his face and body language tell her he did not get the answers he was looking for from her prisoner.
  Outside the building he was captured in, Canaan is escorted by Captain Lee to the armored vehicle that will move him to permanent DoD custody. The armed agents that converged on the Fringe Division target deploy throughout the alleyway and take-up defensive positions for the short walk to the transport.
Nina Said To Kill All The Golfers... I Wonder If She Meant - Kill All The Gophers. Awww. Fuzzy Foreigners.
With all eyes on the surrounding citizens, searching for any potential threats to Canaan, everyone fails to notice Maddox when he pops-up on a nearby rooftop with his sniper scope trained on the shapeshifter that has crossed Jones. As soon as Maddox has a clear shot at his intended target of assassination, he takes it. Not sure if his first shot hit Canaan, or not, Maddox rains down two more quick rounds as fast as he can recharge the bolt and squeeze the trigger. All of the personnel in the alley take cover and try to figure-out where the shots are coming from. While
Sorry Bucko. It Isn't Wabbit Season, It Is Duck Season. You Failed To Duck. Now YOU Are In Season
everyone is scrambling to get Canaan into the armored transport, accomplished Olympic Marksman Dunham, using a side view mirror on the transport, finds her quarry on the roof of the adjacent building. Knowing what she is capable of, and needs to do, Dunham directs her squad to cover her as she races to the trunk of her service vehicle to recover her sniper rifle. After retrieving it and dashing safely back to the cluster of smaller caliber weapons engaging the sniper, Dunham locks, loads, then assumes an over-barricade rest position to find the assailant as he scrambles along the bric-à-brac façade lining the rooftop. Focusing intensely on the pace and cadence of the fleeing Maddox, Dunham times her shot to reach her target at the exact instance he is exposed to her fire. One well-timed shot catches Maddox in the upper torso and spins him onto the rooftop, eliminating any further threat he might pose as a sniper.
  With the immediate threat minimized, Agent Lee holsters his pistol and everyone’s concern turns to determining the extent of injuries inflicted on the home team. A quick ‘health-check’ finds one officer down – team leader
Alright, Alright Already. I'll Stop Telling Folks How I Know You Are Not A Real Redhead. Just Stop Pushing On This Artery So Hard
Captain Lincoln Lee. Pumped full of adrenaline, and not as concerned about the bloody wound to his chest as others, Lincoln Lee’s thoughts go immediately to solving the compromise in his security detail. “Who else knew we were transporting him? We gotta find out.” Dunham races to his side – she’ll have MedEvac there in no time. He will be fine. Lincoln smiles and plays-off her motherly concern. He has been blown up before – no worries. Dunham smiles at her mentor's cavalier braggadocio as she applies pressure to the substantial bullet wound above his right lung and liver. Still no worries for Lincoln when he jokes about her world-class talent with a firearm… Dunham’s smile
<Agent Lee> Does Your Universe Have Mouthwash? Cuz' If It Does, It Ain't Working!
swells slightly, then fades when she starts to absorb the gravitäs of his potential demise. Guest help for the day, Agent Lee, is infuriated and rushes to find Canaan. Lee scoops Canaan from the ground and slams him against a wire fence. THIS assassination attempt was meant for you! Wake Up! Jones wanted you out and will never take you back and help you! Canaan is still baffled by Jones' betrayal. Agent Lee delivers the quintessential reality-check to Canaan… give up on the broken puppet ideal you are harboring. If you want to be someone unique, define yourself here and now. Choose!


  Just across the Hudson River in Fort Lee, New Jersey, Nina Sharp stands in David Jones gestation lab for shapeshifters and gloatingly studies the nearly developed adult-sized specimens gathered in about a dozen floatation tanks. Maddox returns from his assassination mission in the Pelham District, swipes his security to gain entry to the lab, and is
Oh Yeah! I'll Get Even With Jones. Try This - I'll Order 3000 Domino's ® Pizzas On-Line, Give Them Sharp's Phone Number And A Bogus Address. She'll Never Escape Now
greeted by the sentry. Seemingly uninjured from his brush with sharpshooter Dunham, Maddox joins Sharp in an inner office with news of his efforts. Good news – the ‘loose end’ known as Canaan has been neutralized. The only difficulty he encountered was the remarkable weapons skills ‘The Redhead’ offered – a nearly impossible shot that nearly took his head off. Sharp is delighted… Dunham has always amazed her. Well, both of them actually. Jones will be pleased when he learns that Canaan has been taken care of. While she has her focus on the gestation tanks, Maddox (Canaan) slips to the other side of the control room and takes command of the security protocols safeguarding the shapeshifter young in the lab, and building access. Nina turns and sees the deception immediately – Canaan took control of Maddox’s genetics sometime after Agent’s Lee motivational speech about choosing sides and becoming his own man. The look on Canaan’s (Maddox) face shows no hesitation, or remorse for his vengeful deception. Not far off, Fringe Division tactical personnel are storming the lab with Dunham in charge and Agent Lee not far behind. Dunham finds Canaan still manning the console after Sharp has fled. Where is she? In a darkened stairwell, Sharp retreats to the
Surrendering? No. I Was Just Getting My Morning Cardio. My AM Constitutional. Gotta Go... 'Body Electric' Is On In Ten
exterior of the building, and hopefully a path to freedom -- which isn’t happening, given the two armed helicopters that greet her along the Hudson River boardwalk. Exasperated, she raises her arms in surrender to the gathering Fringe Division forces.

  In his office at Fringe Division Headquarters, Colonel Broyles ends a private phone conversation as Agent Farnsworth reports with more information. Uncertain whom Broyles is talking about, Sharp or Dunham, Broyles wants to know when she is in the building. Attending to Farnsworth’s dutiful attention to detail, Broyles preempts – he knows they have Nina Sharp in custody. What else does Farnsworth have for him? Farnsworth hesitates then approaches silently....

  Back in the Fort Lee laboratory, Agent Lee starts to skim through the database at the heart
<thinking> Crap. He Owes Me Three Fillmore's And A Junior. Saw Me Nekid And Told Everyone. Now Gets Away Scot-Free. I'll Just Get Even With His Doppelganger By Marrying Him
of Jones’ operation. There are all sorts of passports, blueprints and aliases listed – but check it out - a tracking board. Every shapeshifter is outfitted with a tracking module. What they have here is a central hub for shapeshifter operations… a mainframe with the identity of every agent in Jones's network. And there are nearly two dozen active modules alone on the monitor covering just the southern tip of Manhatan, and western Brooklyn and Queens. The two are interrupted when Agent Reynolds approaches with news... and not the good news everyone hopes to hear when a friend and colleague is fighting for his life. Dunham steps aside for the consult. Lee turns from his freshly discovered data goldmine to see what Dunham is dealing with. Her attentive posture slumps when she gets the message and quickly exits the area in emotional turmoil. Lee asks Salerno about the somber information just relayed – Captain Lincoln Tyrone Lee has died.
  Well after the dust has settled on the Jones’ case, Liberty Island, and the bridge between two universes sees a visitor that might not normally make the trans-dimensional journey with approval from the powers-that-be. Agent Lee is making good on his commitment to Canaan and his desire to become ‘relevant”. Still maintaining the genetics of Maddox, Canaan steps
That Smell? That My Friend Is Coffee. Dry Roasted, Steam Brewed Heaven In A Cup. Welcome To My Universe
into the chamber that should deposit him in a universe that has enough scientific savvy to rectify his need to transition to a fresh host every few days, or so. On the other side… this side… Canaan suspends his disbelief about a parallel universe rumor and meets the man that lives in a third completely separate universe most of the time. Doctor Walter Bishop, and relative newcomer Peter Bishop, join the two for a
<Peter> Dat's Right - We Bad. (giggles) Ah Come On Man. I Was Just "Josh"-ing You. (cricket chirp) No? Nothing?
meet-and-greet that will help make Canaan the better person he wants to be. Walter is immediately enamored with his new test subject, strike that… friendly acquaintance in need of help. Agent Lee s honored to give Canaan this fresh star – Walter’s gift of science will generate a fresh opportunity for stability and relevance. Canaan will get the anchor he needs to stop his life from floating away. The trinket Lee shared with Olivia, the one representative of his bond with Danzig, finds a new home and friend. Canaan is appreciative of the symbolic gift and the gift of a new start. He leaves with the Bishops… a confident bearing in his stride. Lee remains in the trans-dimensional corridor. His business is not finished.
  Back at Fringe Division Headquarters in mid-town Manhatan, Agent Bolivia Dunham takes it upon herself to vacate Lincoln Lee’s personal belongings from his changing room storage locker. Inside the locker, mementos and photos line the walls and door interior. His trademark leather flight jacket catches her swollen eyes along with a photo of the two of them in a candid plutonic embrace. She removes the keepsake image, smiles briefly as she studies the face of the best friend she will never see again, then grows sullen at that realization. She closes the locker door and sits on a nearby bench with the few tokens she collected. Another photo with the two of them in uniform at a medal award ceremony squeezes the breath from
I'll Be Honest With You Lee. You And Me - I'm A Real Freak Show. If You Can't Handle It, Now Is The Time To Step Away.... (boo!)
her struggling demeanor. Agent Lee slips into the room and approaches her with the utmost of respect for the loss she is enduring. His voice catches her for a second… that voice… her friends’ voice? Oh. Not her Lincoln. Dunham composes her emotions,
<Lee> Tell You What. How About I Get A Bottle Of Wine. We Can Play 'Words With Friends' And Then Make Fun Of Frank. <Dunham> S O L D !!!
wields that enchanting smile, and invites alt-Lincoln into the private reflection she was experiencing. You still here? Yes he is. Agent Lee realizes that he may unintentionally be pressing her beyond her comfort zone… my bad, ‘’this face’’ is probably the last thing she wants to see just now. When he offers to leave her in peace, she declines. No, no. Stiffening her resolve, she offers him the adjacent bench - - park your carcass Lincoln. What’s up? Taking a few gentlemanly seconds to let her rescind her offer, Lee sits with an update on the case. With all of the intelligence data they gathered on Jones, there is much more work to be done, and… he would like to stay around for awhile – figuring she could use the help. Dunham studies his manner and sees the compassion and caring gesture he has presented… the vexing smile returns to her forlorn face. Sure. That'd be nice.


"Home. A place to belong. Danzig knew I was never much for putting down roots. I never really stayed in the same place too long. He used to joke that if I kept living like that, that one day I would just float off into space. So he gave me this as a reminder that I always had a home. With him, with his family. This, he said, was my tether." - Agent Lee (to Olivia, about the special trinket she returned to him, not remembering his personal interest in her and contributing to his pulling-up roots in this universe for a life and family in the parallel universe)

"I needed to be more than I am. Something unique. Doctor Jones understood that. He promised to make me like no one else. I was to be the first of a new breed of human beings. But I was a disappointment." - Canaan/Dawes (earnestly to Agent Lee. undoubtedly striking a familiar chord in Lee's own struggle to find a unique persona to define his existence)


  • The Observer watches Captain Lee escort Canaan to the secure transport vehicle seconds before the sniper attacks them.
  • Canaan. In ancient times along the eastern Mediterranean, the name became proverbial and associated with the verb kana - meaning to be humbled or subdued - having one's spirit brought into subjection, particularly after a loss to a military conquerer. Canaan was the youngest grandson of Noah and survived the flooding on the Ark.
  • Parallel Naming. The manhunt for Dawes begins North of Harlem heading up Copenhagen Avenue, towards 146th St. In this universe, the comparable location is Amsterdam Avenue and 146th St. Suggesting that parallel NYC had Danish origins, not Dutch.
Continuity Error
  • Capture. Nina Sharp waits for Maddox to return to the shapeshifter lab in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Canaan replaces Maddox and allows Fringe Division Tactical access to the facility to capture Sharp. Nina runs out of the compound and finds two helicopters waiting for her in a hover over the Hudson River, just across from the twin World Trade Center Towers. Fort Lee, New Jersey is 15 miles further up the Hudson, not across from Lower Manhatan.


    Markham's Book Store is located on Canaan Avenue (Nothing As It Seems), foreshadowing Canaan the vigilante shapeshifter.


  • Green Onions by Booker T. & The MG's


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  • What is causing the decay in Canaan's skin after only a few days with a new genetic profile?
  • Is Maddox/Canaan aware of Colonel Broyles role in the Jones conspiracy?
  • Are Colonel Broyles and Nina Sharp conspiring independently of David Jones?
  • Was Captain Lee intentionally assassinated, vice Dawes/Canaan?


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Season 5 : Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11In AbsentiaThe RecordistThe Bullet That Saved The WorldAn Origin StoryThrough The Looking Glass And What Walter Found ThereFive-Twenty-TenThe Human KindBlack BlotterAnomaly XB-6783746The Boy Must LiveLibertyAn Enemy Of FateSeason 4 : Neither Here Nor ThereOne Night In OctoberAlone In The WorldSubject 9NovationAnd Those We've Left BehindWallflowerBack To Where You've Never BeenEnemy Of My EnemyForced PerspectiveMaking AngelsWelcome To WestfieldA Better Human BeingThe End Of All ThingsA Short Story About LoveNothing As It SeemsEverything In Its Right PlaceThe ConsultantLetters Of TransitWorlds ApartBrave New World, Part 1Brave New World, Part 2Season 3 : OliviaThe BoxThe PlateauDo Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?Amber 314226955 kHzThe AbductedEntradaMarionetteThe FireflyReciprocityConcentrate And Ask AgainImmortality6BSubject 13OsStowawayBloodlineLysergic Acid Diethylamide6:02 AM ESTThe Last Sam WeissThe Day We DiedSeason 2 : A New Day In The Old TownNight Of Desirable ObjectsFractureMomentum DeferredDream LogicEarthlingOf Human ActionAugustSnakeheadGrey MattersUnearthedJohari WindowWhat Lies BelowThe Bishop RevivalJacksonvillePeterOlivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.White TulipThe Man From The Other SideBrown BettyNorthwest PassageOver There, Part 1Over There, Part 2Season 1 : PilotThe Same Old StoryThe Ghost NetworkThe ArrivalPower HungryThe CureIn Which We Meet Mr. JonesThe EquationThe DreamscapeSafeBoundThe No-BrainerThe TransformationAbilityInner ChildUnleashedBad DreamsMidnightThe Road Not TakenThere's More Than One Of Everything