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Profession:  Unknown Portrayed by:
Orla Brady
Family:  Walter Bishop, husband -- Peter Bishop, son (real, adopted)
Connections:  Carla Warren, Nina Sharp
Seen In:  2 of 100 episodes
Status:  Deceased (allegedly)
Remarks:  Took her own life (allegedly)
Alternate Version    

Elizabeth Bishop was Walter's wife in this universe.


In Peter, she is devastated after her son Peter dies. When Walter brings back an instance of Peter from the Parallel Universe in order to cure him from his disease, she is so happy to see "her son" again that Walter realizes that he will not be able to return him to his real father. Six months later (Subject 13), she struggled on keeping the secret from Peter. She used Walter's alibi of Peter's sickness to justify his supposed confusion of another world under the lake. When Peter finally accepted her as mother, she was unable to contain the guilt and resorted to alcohol for coping.



"He didn't go to a proper school. He didn't have any proper friends. He... he had no family but us. We kept him so well, we never let anyone else get to know him." - (regretting that she and Walter could not provide Peter with a normal life)

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  • Knowing that her adopted Peter was close to her, why did they part ways?
  • Was Peter referring to her as the one who says the Greek phrase to him every night?


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