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Profession:  Collector & Seller Of Valued Books Portrayed by:
Clark Middleton
Connections:  Peter Bishop
First Seen:  Ability
Seen In:  The Bishop Revival, 6955 kHz, Nothing As It Seems
Last Seen:  Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
Remarks:  Looking haggard

Edward Markham, a long-time acquaintance of Peter Bishop, operates a shop specializing in collectible and rare books (Markham's Used Books). Peter characterizes him as a conspiracy buff and a "fastidious packrat who keeps a handwritten log of every book he's ever sold."


  • Markham located a copy of the ZFT manuscript for the science team. (Ability)
  • He helps locate the buyer of the books which were sold to him years earlier by Peter, books that contain critical information related to the scientific work of Robert Bishop... books that are treasured by Walter. (The Bishop Revival)
  • He tells Bolivia and Peter that he shifted his hobby from Number Stations to stamp collection. Markham provides them with a copy of The First People by Seamus Wiles. (6955 kHz)

Adjusted Timeline


"Five dollars - I can name at least one item on your night stand Olivia Dunham. Don't tell me... you're gonna like this - I'm never wrong. It's a gift... okay. Toni Morrison Novel, something by Obama, and, or the current issue of Bon Appetit." - to Olivia (suave and pervy. smooth-talking her on their first meeting) (Ability)

"No, before dinosaurs, before all of it, there were the First People... the first humans to evolve on this planet." - (sending the science team on the road back to Sam Weiss and the components needed to build the bridge between universes) (6955 kHz)

"Here it is. I remember reading it means "renewal" or "rebirth." There's been some rumblings lately about a group out there - - a cult, really." - (sending the science team on the road toward the apocalyptic conspiracy brewed by Bell and Jones) (Nothing As It Seems)

"Markham is dead. He died a hero's death. People were sad. He gave his life saving a bus full of small children..." - (blind bravado as the science team raids his apartment in their search for the Ambered Olivia) (Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11)

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