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Profession:  Scientist, Criminal Portrayed by:
Jared Harris
Connections:  Mitchell Loeb - (co-conspirator),
William Bell - (disgruntled employee),
Salman Kohl - (lawyer),
Johan Lennox - (warden)
Nadine Park - (creation),
Colonel Broyles - (co-conspirator),
Nina Sharp - (co-conspirator),
William Bell - (co-conspirator)
Seen In:  9 of 100 episodes
Death Episode:  There's More Than One Of Everything
Brave New World, Part 1 (adjusted timeline)

David Robert Jones is a high-risk criminal with ties to ZFT, the Pattern, Human Hybrid Shape-Shifters and William Bell's maniacal plot to deconstruct both universes and begin anew.


 David Robert Jones is a high-risk criminal with a background in biotechnology, known to traffic genetic weaponry. On his first appearance in In Which We Meet Mr. Jones, he was imprisoned at Wissenschaft Prison in Frankfurt, Germany due to possession of state secrets. When Mitchell Loeb was incapacitated due to a strange parasite wrapped around his heart, Olivia went to Germany to seek help from Jones due to his background. Once at the prison she was denied access by the warden, as Jones was not allowed visitors from the US. However, she managed to get 14 minutes with him the next morning, but only if Dunham could bring him Joseph Smith, a suspect in Loeb's attack. Jones will give Olivia the cure for Loeb, but only if he can get Smith to answer his question, "Where does the gentleman live?". Unfortunately, Smith is killed during an FBI raid, but Walter tells Peter he can still question him after death, using Peter as his mouthpiece. At the last moment, they finally succeed and Olivia gives Jones his answer -- "Little Hill". He then tells her the chemicals needed to create an antidote, and Loeb's life is saved.

 In Safe Jones has been serving time in Germany's Wissenschaft Prison. He makes contact with the outside world through his attorney, Mr. Kohl, and that he is paying Mitchell Loeb to steal safe deposit boxes in the United States. He requests several items from Kohl -- suntan lotion, Dramamine, a watch, and some US currency. He also requests Olivia Dunham's abduction. Later in the episode, he snaps Kohl's neck, takes his suit, and then puts the items Kohl had brought him to use. Standing in the corner of the interview room, Jones is suddenly enveloped by a bright light -- and moments later he rematerializes in Little Hill Field, Westford, Massachusetts. Loeb and his team had used the stolen safe deposit box items (later identified as Walter's DizRay teleporter (Ability) to transport Jones to the United States.

 In Ability, Jones spends two weeks in a decompression chamber, a requirement of being teleported. Shortly afterward, Olivia and the team investigate the death of a man who died faceless, all of his orifices sealed shut. Olivia, now aware of Jones' escape, puts him as her prime suspect, and it proves correct when Jones turns himself in at the FBI Office. He tells Olivia that he plans to kill more people in the same manner unless she cooperates with him and passes a test. Olivia soon recovers his evaluation system, a box containing a series of ten 'tests'. The first test requires one to turn off a number of LED lights using only their mind. Thinking he is playing mind games with her, Olivia returns to Jones and refuses to cooperate. However, Jones insists she is capable of passing the test due to a drug called Cortexiphan present in her body. Jones explains this was why they had her abducted, as a spinal tap (Bound) is required to confirm Cortexiphan's presence. Initially reluctant, Olivia gets Peter to fool Jones that she passed the light board test, and Jones gives her the location of his next bio-attack. Unfortunately for Olivia and Peter, they discover a bomb containing a similar set of lights, and the only way to defuse it is for Olivia to turn off the lights using her mind. Left with no other choice, Olivia is forced to try and turn off the lights using her mind - and to her and Peter's disbelief, she succeeds. However, when Olivia returns to the hospital to question Jones, she finds that he is gone, a large section of the wall having been broken away. As she stares in shock, Olivia notices a message from Jones written on the wall - "You Passed".

 In The Road Not Taken, Jones had two associates wait for Nina Sharp when she exited an elevator enroute to her residence. Jones, not seen nearby, had Nina shot.

Jones... 'Cut-Off' From The Alternate Universe
In There's More Than One Of Everything, the Science Team was inquiring into the Sharp shooting. Using security camera footage and voice recognition software, Olivia Dunham and the others verified Jones involvement. After Nina awakened following her surgery for her gunshot wound, she told the agents that Jones stole an extremely powerful energy cell that William Bell had concealed in her artificial arm. Jones was next seen setting up a device on a busy street that caused a shimmering in the air. He was only partially successful; a tractor-trailer without wheels on the trailer appeared mysteriously. Based in identification numbers, the FBI determined that truck tractor-trailer had never been manufactured. Shortly thereafter, Jones and his party showed up at a field where a soccer game was in progress. They set up their device again and there was another shimmer; this time a soccer player who was running toward the shimmer died while being cut into two pieces, only one of which was found. Jones last appearance was near a lake in upstate New York. When the device was placed into operation by the lake, a portal opened between our world and an alternate reality of the world. As Jones walked toward the portal, Olivia shot him twice. He commented to her that the teleportation process he had used to escape from prison, while slowly killing him, had also made him impervious to her bullets. He proceeded toward the portal. Peter Bishop ran up to stand near Olivia. He aimed a device his father, Walter, had called a "plug" at the portal and it closed while Jones was passing through. The closing of the portal killed Jones, slicing his body into two portions. One portion fell to the ground near the shore of the lake; the other was — somewhere.

 In the adjusted (Season 4) timeline, Jones lives and is contacted (Back To Where You've Never Been) by Colonel Broyles calling from Fringe Division Headquarters. Jones is notified that parallel universe Agents Lee and Dunham are headed to his makeshift lab in/near the Flatiron District quarantine area. Jones, busy at work on his new shapeshifter technology, tells Broyles he will be ready for them when they arrive.

 The conspiracy revolving around Jones (Enemy Of My Enemy) expands to include Nina Sharp. Jones allows himself to be captured by Fringe Division in order to retrieve the geological data that the shape-shifter replacing Brandon Fayette acquired during his stint on Liberty Island. The data tells Jones where to locate an abundant source of Amphilicite, an ore he will likely convert to powerful energy, or into weapon. Jones unleashes a terrorist attack in a hospital and promises more mayhem, unless he is released. He evades those that would follow him, with the aid of Colonel Broyles, and finds his way back through the portal to this universe. His plan is discovered, but he eludes capture and crosses back through the portal with the ore he had targeted. One of his portal devices is lost to Olivia's team in the process of evading capture, but his return to the alternate universes means that Phase One of his grand plan is complete. Nina updates him on the status of Phase Two.


InterPol File:
  • Is a British citizen - born in London, England on August 8th, 1961.
  • Speaks English, German, Spanish, (plus at least one other language – not viewable in the screen capture).
  • Is "1601 CLASSIFIED".

Adjusted Background

  • This universes' version of him resides in the alternate universe (Back To Where You've Never Been) and is behind the new human hybrid shapeshifters that are actively infiltrating both universes.


"You make two assumptions Ms Dunham, both incorrect. The first is that there is nothing more valuable than my freedom. The second is that I am responsible for the infection of Agent Loeb." - to Olivia, (manipulatating the conversation when she tries to negotiate his only condition) (In Which We Meet Mr. Jones)

"I suppose that works well enough. I need to get into the decompression chamber." - to Mitch Loeb, (after teleporting 1/3rd of the way through the planet from prison in Germany to freedom in upstate New York) (Safe)

"Before they can be considered soldiers - they must be regarded as recruits, and the expectation must be that they shall be unwilling..." - to Olivia, (in light of her hesitance to demonstrate the simple Cortexiphan induced abilities she will soon master, feeding the ZFT master plan in the coming combat against time travelling and trans-dimensional invaders) (Ability)

"The teleporter, it may be killing me, but in the meantime, it's made me something rather special. You see, your bullets just go right through me. And soon, Doctor Bell will see just how special I am. " - to Olivia, (final words before Peter kills him by closing the anomaly) (There's More Than One Of Everything)

"Something about the air on this side -- it tastes sweeter." - to Nadine Park, (after stepping between universes in his grand scheme to harvest a rich Amphilicite vein and ultimately eradicate both universes) (Enemy Of My Enemy)

" Every horse needs a carrot. Every mouse, a piece of cheese. Incentive, Agent Dunham -- all creatures need an incentive to perform tasks. (places a box on the table) Let's give you a little better view, shall we?" - to Olivia, (enticing and inducing her to display her full range of Cortexiphan skills to protect fellow abductee Nina Sharp, but not her Nina Sharp.) (The End Of All Things)

"I see where my showing up unannounced would be worrying. But I wanted to bring this to you - - personally. I understand it's a tad overdue. Christopher's responding extraordinarily well to treatment. It's hard to imagine that a few months ago he was in constant pain" - to Colonel Broyles, (ensconced in his house and hanging-out with his ill son. continuing the coercive manipulation of the alt-Fringe boss in the criminal enterprise he and William Bell have inflicted on two planets.) (The Consultant)

"I got it wrong. I was the sacrifice. I was the Bishop." - to Peter Bishop, (seconds before his terminal demise, having been tossed on the fire like kindling in Bell's megalomaniac plan to exert devine authority on every other known living entity) (Brave New World, Part 1)


  • David Robert Jones is the birth name of David Bowie. (deceased musician)

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  • How many of The Pattern-related events was Jones involved with prior to his attempt to crossover to the parallel universe (There's More Than One Of Everything)?
  • Was he associated with Thomas Newton?
  • What was his involvement, if any, in the pending war between the universes?


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