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Profession:  Bio-Chemical Arms Dealer Portrayed by:
Al Sapienza
Also Known As:  Conrad Etienne Moreau
Connections:  Ernesto (customer), Gavin (thug)
Seen In:  The Transformation
Status:  Incarcerated

Conrad Moreau is a French scientist that develops chemical and biological weapons for sale on the black market.


  • According to Agent Broyles, recent intelligence indicates that Moreau is behind a pending weapons sale in Chicago. Moreau is also wanted in connection with at least half a dozen biological attacks, and has been manufacturing biological weapons and distributing them on the black market for years. Moreau was arrested in a Chicago hotel room by Charlie Francis's SWAT team during an illegal drug sale during The Transformation.
  • The CIA and the French had limited intel on Moreau, but he was also a target of a top secret NSA investigation, and known to John Scott, Marshall Bowman and Daniel Hicks as a result. Bowman died from a cutting-edge designer virus created by Moreau. The virus rewrote Bowman's DNA and that led to his hideous transformation, and ultimately to the crash of VertusAir Flight 718. Hicks was a target of the virus, too, but Walter Bishop was able to prevent his demise until the reverse mutation antidote could be retrieved.
  • Olivia shared a final dreamscape-memory with John Scott in the sensory tank. Scott recalled a failed mission of his - a sniper assassination attack on Moreau.


"I spoke to Ernesto this morning. He's fine. Kill them both right now." - (to his men, after catching Olivia and Peter in a lie during their undercover sting operation)


  • The Island of Doctor Moreau is a famous H.G. Wells science-fiction novel and has been made into a movie on three occassions. Much like the actions of the character here, in The Transformation, the literary character was responsible for experimentation that created human animal hybrids... man-beasts, beast-folk.

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