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Following the FRINGE panel at Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego, participants were handed clues to a scavenger hunt which led them to various location around the convention center.

Clue #1

The first clues handed out at the panel were blue leaves, with a small keychain-flashlight attached. When you shined the blacklight on the leaf, invisible ink read "Booth #4129".

Clue #2

When you went to the booth and showed them your "voucher", you received a gift. It was a FRINGE pocket-notepad, with a nifty lenticular cover. Inside this notepad a card with a map on one side, and a clue on the other: "Investigate the storage container at Seventh and Island to receive the next refreshing clue."

Clue #3

A storage container was found at Seventh and Island. Inside were animal cages filled with fur, the sound of screeching monkeys, and a tall rack containing hundreds of bottles of refreshing "Imagine" Ginger Ale. A quick search identifies an ingredients listing, the following clue was added: "THE IMPOSSIBLE AWAITS AT 5TH AND J".

Clue #4

At 5th and J, a corral was filled with cows and barrels of apples. The apples had stickers on them, with a 10 digit number (8773746430) and the phrase "Are you ready to know?" When you called that number, you received a message from an FBI agent Phillip Broyles: "You are closer than you know. Go to the corner of 10th avenue and J street. The impossible, isn't."

Clue #5

At 10th and J was a parking garage. If you got in the elevator, you could hear the sound of frogs. Taking the elevator to the roof lead to... THE END!

An outdoor screening of the FRINGE pilot, a free bag, and a free t-shirt.