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Profession:  Occupation Administrator Portrayed by:
Michael Kopsa
Connections:  Phillip Broyles - underling,
Mueller, Royce - assistants,
The Commander - supervisor
Seen In:  11 of 100 episodes
Death Episode:  An Enemy Of Fate
Status:  Likely Deceased
Remarks:  Attempted to intercept and eliminate the reconstituted science team as Walter and young Michael prepare to pass through the worm hole to the 22nd century


  • In 2036, he appears to command a large section of the invading Observer corps in the Northeast portion of North America. His elite lieutenants and Loyalist Troop handle the majority of security issues facing the occupation force. He oversees Phillip Broyles and Fringe Division in their specific law enforcement mission limited to native-on-native crime.
  • He is professionally familiar with Henrietta Bishop and was unaware of her ability to mask her thoughts from him. Broyles, with the same ability, has been deceiving Windmark as well and is feeding insider information from Windmark's camp to the Resistance Forces.
  • Windmark has taken it upon himself to pursue the reconstituted Science Team and has personally scanned Walter's mind in an attempt to thwart whatever plans are in the making to defeat his forces.
  • Windmark avoided assassination by Henrietta just before she detonated an anti-matter grenade. He then faced the wrath of her father, Peter Bishop. Windmark became aware of the hijacked Observer tech Peter had implanted in himself and played that knowledge close to the vest in order to trap the team and to further defeat the Resistance movement.
  • His capture, and subsequent examination, of the young Observer anomaly, Michael, set the groundwork that the Science Team and The Resistance needed to complete the total eradication of the Observer occupation forces from the future. Olivia's Cortexiphan talents gave her enough of an advantage in a final epic battle with Windmark, that permanently eliminated him from the timeline. His death may have been immediate, or minutes later, when Walter and young Michael stepped through the portal to the future... effectively redacting all Observers from any timeline.


"I like you, Phillip. But be assured... bite my hand and I will put you down. Your Division is in charge of Native crime. Or would you rather I was in charge of native crime? I don't think you'd like my methods" - (to Phillip Broyles, reminding him of the subservient and tenuous nature Fringe Division suffers in 2036) (Letters Of Transit)

"...there is no hope... for you. Nothing grows from scorched Earth. You seem much more interesting as a human being - than as a vegetable. But, quite frankly, all things being equal, I don't mind which one you end up. The choice is yours." - (to Walter, as his torturous interrogation unfolds and Walter's mind is explored and key memories wiped from it) (Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11)

"These fugitives are confident enough to walk freely. I think they receive information. The Resistance is protecting them." - (to Broyles, unaware of the irony as Broyles is the one feeding the science team the information they need to avoid capture) (The Bullet That Saved The World)

"I have led you here to this place. Everything has taken place as I intended. This was what she saw. This was her last thought before she expired. Your emotions make you weak." - (to Peter, taunting him with the memory he borrowed from Henrietta moments before her death, and seconds before the violent trans-dimensional battle where he intends to kill Peter) (The Human Kind)

"He is merely a curiosity, and you are mistaken about him. He is no child. He is a chromosomal mistake. A genetic anomaly. Designate: Progeny XB-6783746. Like all anomalies, he was scheduled to be destroyed. But he went missing. It was a great mystery in my time. No one knew what became of him... until now. I would very much like to meet him." - (to Nina, seconds before she take her own life to protect the science team, young Michael and the fate of humanity) (Anomaly XB-6783746)

"His name was September. He was part of the original twelve science team that traveled back in time to observe primitive humanity. He was banished for sympathizing with the fugitives I am tracking... the same fugitives who are in possession of the Anomaly. " - (to his Commander, out-ting Walter's time-travelling buddy as the genetic contributor to young Michael's test-tube procreation centuries ahead in the future) (The Boy Must Live)

"The deformity of the Anomaly's brain has resulted in profound neurological changes... ...It has developed an intellect more advanced than our own and a capacity for emotional responsiveness far greater than the native humans... ...It possesses capabilities our diagnostic instruments cannot measure and that we are... unable to comprehend... ...I believe the fugitives intend to use the Anomaly as a means to our destruction." - (to his Commander, finally getting the big picture and upgrading from a 4-1-1 mindset to a 9-1-1 scenario) (Liberty)

"Before we arrived here we sent a team of twelve. Their mission was to observe and report. However, a strange phenomenon occurred. To some degree or other, they succumbed to irrational emotions. Your kind infected them... ...I will never speak of it again. But I will admit this to you, Phillip. I, too, feel something. I believe you call it... hate." - (to Broyles, as he begins advanced interrogation practices to learn exactly what Broyles has been hiding from him all this time) (An Enemy Of Fate)

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  • Did he survive the final battle with Olivia?


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