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Profession:  Psychiatrist, Admminstrator Portrayed by:
William Sadler
Connections:  Dashiell Kim
First Seen:  The Equation
Last Seen:  Alone In The World


Dr. Bruce Sumner is the Director of St. Claire's Hospital

Sumner is opposed to the liberation of Walter Bishop from the hospital because he maintains that he is not mentally fit

In The Equation, he tells Peter that he will petition the state to have his father removed from his custody

In Alone In The World, he conducts a psych evaluation of Walter Bishop, in his Harvard lab, and confronts him about the man he has been seeing in every reflective surface in the lab

Also referred to as "Psychiatrist in Chief" of St. Claire's Hospital - in the original scripting


"... since you were here last. I learned a little bit about you. Enrolling at M.I.T. based on fraudulent credentials. Starting businesses and failing, and then running away from the consequences." - (to Peter, indicating he is willing to play hard-ball to reclaim Walter)

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  • Why is Sumner so keen on getting Walter re-committed to St. Claire's, in the original timeline?


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