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Profession:  Chief Scientist for Nina Portrayed by:
Ryan McDonald
Connections:  Nina Sharp
Seen In:  8 of 100 episodes
Alternate Version    

Brandon Fayette is one of Nina Sharp's lead scientists at Massive Dynamic


  • In Momentum Deferred, Brandon is involved in analyzing the Shape Changing Device and in retrieving the image of the last victim (Charlie) of the Shape Changer from one of the device.
  • In August, Brandon studies the script used by the Observers and shows to Peter and Olivia historical images in which he believes an Observer was present. His theory is that Observers show up at important moments in history.
  • In Jacksonville, Brandon is in the Geologic Division of Massive Dynamic, trying to help Peter and Walter calculate the mass of nearly every building in New York City, in attempts to pinpoint which one will be ripped away to the alternate universe.
  • In The Man From The Other Side, he helps Olivia and Peter study recorded interferences between the two universes and reach the conclusion that both universes will be in sync the following day.
  • In Brown Betty, as a patent clerk in Walter's eccentric tale to Ella, he imagines one day working as a scientist for a corporation such as Massive Dynamic.
  • In Over There, Part 1, Brandon explains that travelling to the parallel universe causes the human body to become unstable at a molecular level.
  • In Reciprocity, he became the prime suspect in the shapeshifter assassinations when he was the only investigator identified with A-Pos blood.
  • In 6B. he helps Walter with his quarantine Amber experiment and tests a sample of aerosol mixture.


"It's more like they're observing time. I think these guys show up at important moments. Um, historical, technological, scientific. But it's rare. Maybe two dozen different definite occurrences in the past 5,000 years of human history. But recently, I've charted 26 sightings in the past three months alone. It kind of makes you wonder". - (to Olivia and Peter, on the recent increase in Observer activity) (August)


  • His last name, in this universe, had not been mentioned until the middle of Season 3.

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  • Does Brandon know about the existence of the parallel universe prior to Jacksonville?


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