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Profession:  Observer Portrayed by:
Peter Woodward
Connections:  Christine Hollis
First Seen:  August
Last Seen:  Peter
Status:  Unknown


  • August's notebook
    In August, August observes and then abducts Christine Hollis to prevent her from boarding a flight that he knows will end in a plane crash. He is confronted by other Observers and questioned as to why he interfered. Although he cannot explain it August feels that Hollis has a future and should not die in the crash. The Observers contact Donald Long and ask him to correct this mistake by eliminating Hollis. When abducting her, August leaves behing a notebook similar to one previously used by The Observer. However the notebook contains a message for Walter to meet with him. When Walter is asked by August for help in saving Hollis from the other Observers, he suggests making her important.
  • August returns to the motel where he keeps Hollis and waits for Donald Long. When he arrives August confronts him and ends up being shot. But Olivia and Peter arrive on the scene at this moment and Olivia pursues Long. August gives Peter his weapon (a gun producing blasts of energy) and he is able to use it to shoot at Long on the roof of the motel. August is scurried from the hotel, wounded, and is seen in the back of a car driven by The Observer. In tears, he states that he loved Hollis. The Observer confirms to August that Hollis will now be safe as "you made her important, she is responsible for the death of one of us".


  • It appears he has been monitoring Christine Hollis since 1989, after having saved her during the Great San Francisco Earthquake that Fall.


"I saw her many years ago. She was a child. Her parents had just been killed. She was crying. But she... she was brave. She crossed my mind... Somehow. She never left it. I think... it's what they call... feelings. I think... I love her. Will she be safe now?" (to The September, confessing an original feeling - - something his colleague knows better than anyone in this timeline) (August)


  • It is suggested that the lack of repetition among the unknown symbols in the notebook lends possibility to the notion that it is not a language. (August)
  • When abducting Hollis, August is able to start a car by putting his thumb over the ignition keyhole.
  • When fired upon by a police officer while making his escape, he is able to catch a bullet.

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