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Profession:  Junior Agent, FBI Portrayed by:
Jasika Nicole
Also Known As:  see Trivia below
Family:  Stephen Farnsworth - father), Mother - unseen
Seen In:  Main Character
Status:  Under-utilized
Remarks:  Linguistic, Encryption, Research and Lab Support Expertise
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Astrid Farnsworth is an FBI Junior Agent assigned to support the Science Team. She is an investigative research assistant for Olivia Dunham, a scientific and logistical assistant for Walter Bishop and an emotional backstop and sounding board for Peter Bishop. Her friendship, pragmatic approach and low-maintenance personality are valued by all. Trapped in Amber for 21 years along with the Bishops, her technical prowess has been key in the struggle to defeat the invading Observers.


  • In Pilot, she seems to have few responsibilities except being someone to whom Walter explains things.
  • In The Same Old Story, she contributes to the investigation by recognizing the Sargent Bridge that was the last thing one of Christopher Penrose's victims saw before she died.
  • In The Ghost Network, she translates the Latin that the adversaries are using to communicate with each other into English for the rest of the Science Team. At the end of the episode, she seems to slip back into a semi-clerical role as she takes Roy McComb away to have him sign some release forms.
  • In The Arrival, she was sedated against her will by Dr. Bishop so that he could abscond with the Beacon and protect it from being stolen.
  • In Power Hungry, she helped reprogram homing pigeons with Dr. Bishop, and fit them with GPS receivers, so the science team could locate Joseph Meegar.
  • In The Cure, she helped identify the unique aroma (Methyleugenol, or Hyacinth) associated with the weaponization of Bellini's patients.
  • In In Which We Meet Mr. Jones, she conceived that the secret encryption embedded in the DNA of the advanced parasite was a simple "Caesar Shift" coding - one that is easily deciphered.
  • In The Equation, teases Peter after he cut off his sleeves.
  • In The Dreamscape, she retrieved a Bible for Olivia's return visit to the sensory deprivation tank and a new Synaptic Transfer experiment.
  • In Safe, she was relegated to watching after Walter (and Gene).
  • In Bound, she asks the Bishops if they have seen Olivia, then announces that Olivia has gone missing.
  • In The No-Brainer, she tends to investigative chores in the lab, shares that she has been computer savvy from a young age, and keeps an eye on Peter as his past associates try to climb back into his life.
  • In The Transformation, she helped manage Daniel Hicks affliction in the lab and get his insider info to the sting in Chicago.
  • In Ability, she tends to David Jones in Walter's lab as Olivia attempts to pass the ability test.
  • In Inner Child, she looks after the children in the lab - Walter and the child.
  • In Unleashed, she looks after the injured Charlie Francis and later discovers the genetic composition of the Beast.
  • In Bad Dreams, she researchs and relays an important passage from the ZFT manifesto, as it applies to Nick Lane.
  • In Midnight, she identified a door access stamp as The Cavern, leading to the club where Valerie Boone was stalking her victims.
  • In The Road Not Taken, she identified the dental records from the Susan Pratt autopsy and helped Peter Bishop in the sonic signature experiment in Nancy Lewis's apartment.
  • In There's More Than One Of Everything, she lost track of Walter when he wandered off with the Observer. Met Nina Sharp after Nina's release from the hospital.
  • In A New Day In The Old Town, she initiates a search for victims with prong marks in there mouth, and helps Walter deliver a birthday celebration for Peter.
  • In Night Of Desirable Objects, she supports Walter in his experiment with frogs and travel between universes.
  • In Fracture, she finds the bombing suspicious and gets the team involved with the case, point-out she has an apartment in Sommerville, helps Walter reconstruct the victim and determine the frequency used to detonate him.
  • In Momentum Deferred, she chops and blends a worm concoction for Olivia, links to Massive Dynamic to monitor conversion device data, unwittingly confers Olivia's location to the Shape Changer, thinking he was Charlie.
  • In Dream Logic, joins the Bishops at their new home, delivering the Seattle casework to Peter. Assists Walter in dissecting the Leiter corpse and locates the brain micro-chip implant.
  • In Earthling, tracks and triangulates Vasiliev's position at the motel.
  • In Of Human Action, hacks Tyler's computer and discovers the teen is looking for his mother. Drives Walter during his effort to rescue Peter.
  • In August, locates the hot chile buyers in the area and determines that the handwritten language of the Observers have over 1200 symbols, none the same.
  • In Snakehead, helps to dissect the hookworms, is ditched by Walter during is his investigation, then knocked unconscious by robbers in the lab.
  • In Grey Matters, determines there is no Dr. Simon Paris recognized by the A.M.A. and loses Walter when Thomas Newton comes to abduct him.
  • In Unearthed, tends to Lisa and Maureen Donovan in the lab.
  • In Johari Window, is lied to by Walter and takes him into the town they were told to stay out of.
  • In What Lies Below, escorts Walter to the Children's Science Center and to Vitas Petrol. Full support in bio-hazard suit.
  • In The Bishop Revival, helped in the lab with fingerprints and the address of the murderer.
  • In Jacksonville, she refused to help perform an autopsy on Ted Pratchet, so went through a box of evidence, some of which had come from the parallel universe.
  • In Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver., she helps Walter with the autopsy of Miranda Greene. She then later assists Walter in making taffy in the lab.
  • In White Tulip, she discovers the cellphone of Arlette is still active. She tracks it down to Albany Street.
  • In The Man From The Other Side, she helps dissect the embryonic shifter and track victims in the area. She aides Walter at home while Peter is in the hospital.
  • In Brown Betty, she watches after Ella in the lab as Olivia leaves on investigative work. She is also described in Walter's fable as a Olivia's sidekick at her detective agency.
  • In Northwest Passage, she helps Walter build a device that would detect the energy signature to find Peter.
  • In Over There, Part 2, she was worried about Peter and when he came back, she fed him pie.
  • In The Box, she prepares Walter for the reading of Bell's Will and consoles him when he returns. She helps in the lab to determine that ultrasonic power comes from the device. She is visited in her apartment by Walter.
  • In Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?, she joins Walter in his Massive Dynamic laboratory and helps locate the residual neural activity in the disabled shapeshifter.
  • In 6955 kHz, she helps with the research in the lab and the field, then solves the encoded mystery of the numbers being broadcast.
  • In Entrada, she provides a lead to the Fringe team, realizing that Bolivia frequents the pastry shop in Bronx. She is surprised to see Olivia comes back to her universe using the sensory deprivation tank in the lab.
  • In Marionette, she helps research an old experiment of Walter's - the Yatsko Project, that focused on preserving human tissue after death.
  • In The Firefly, she looks after the needs of Walter and his new friend, Roscoe Joyce, as they work on hypnotherapy in the lab... and reminisce.
  • In Reciprocity, she works independently of the science team, at Broyles request, to break the encryption in Bolivia's computer database. When she does, the shape-shifting army is exposed and targeted.
  • In Concentrate And Ask Again, she determines the victim of bio-attack was a noted scientist that had saved thousands of lives with his research. She also researches and confirms the attacker as former-military living in the area.
  • In 6B, she locates and collects the seismic equipment needed to monitor the vortex forming in Brooklyn. She later recovers the data collected following the Amber attack in Boston, just after the science team was first formed.
  • In Os, she helps Walter isolate the elements that are allowing criminals to float. Her suggestion as to a potential source of the elements leads to the arrest of the remaining criminals.
  • In Stowaway, she determines the most likely target (train) that Dana Gray intends to bomb.
  • In Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, she monitors the rest of the science team, Bell and Broyles as they take an acid trip.
  • In 6:02 AM EST, she tends to Walter's emotional state after Peter is severely injured.
  • In The Last Sam Weiss, she motivates Walter back to the lab from Peter's hospital, helps determine the pattern associated with the electrical anomalies and need to relocate the device from Western Massachusetts to Liberty Island.
  • In The Day We Died, as a Fringe Division Agent in 2026, she looks-after Peter during his recovery at the hospital, investigates the Electrilight bombings then mourns with the group at Olivia's funeral.
  • In Neither Here Nor There, she tracks a victim's credit card, which leads to the conclusion the shapeshifters are working near rail stations.
  • In One Night In October, she placates and pacifies Walter as his emotional condition deteriorates.
  • In Alone In The World, she warns Olivia and Lee about the danger in the morgue after the corpse in the lab explodes with spores.
  • In Subject 9, she helps research the Cortexiphan testing documentation archived at Massive Dynamic.
  • In Novation, she escorts Walter to the Federal Building to meet Peter.
  • In And Those We've Left Behind, she operates the newly acquired 'molecular cohesion detector' at the time chamber/apartment fire scene. Later, she brings the 'Faraday Harness' to Peter and 'plugs' him into it so he can enter a time chamber.
  • In Wallflower, she identifies the murderer from his post-natal blood sample, and provides 'sanity maintenance' advice to Olivia.
  • In Enemy Of My Enemy, she processes a blood sample from the Observer.
  • In Forced Perspective, she researches a clue and finds the home of the distraught bomber.
  • In Making Angels, she meets and bonds with her alternate universe counterpart.
  • In Welcome To Westfield, she collects data where a magnetic anomaly stopped a road full of vehicles and crashed a commercial aircraft.
  • In A Better Human Being, she looks after Sean Keenan during his detox effort, then warns of the pending threat at the storage facility.
  • In The End Of All Things, she helps treat the wounded Observer before he is snatched from the lab.
  • In A Short Story About Love, she oversees the crime scene.
  • In Nothing As It Seems, she finds the documentation that identifies the science used by the guided evolution cultists.
  • In Everything In Its Right Place, she takes the day off to sight-see with her father after Agent Lee volunteers to cover her assignment on Liberty Island.
  • In The Consultant, she sits with her counterpart at Liberty Island and coordinates simultaneous investigation in the universes.


  • She speaks five languages.
  • She studied cryptology before joining the F.B.I. - was obsessed as a kid. (In Which We Meet Mr. Jones)
  • She claims degrees as a Linguistics major & Computer Science minor. Has been taking computers apart since the age of six. (The No-Brainer)
  • She loves butterflies and hates moths. (Johari Window)

Adjusted Background


"I am not brushing a cow's teeth Walter, you know I have real work to do... right?" - (to Walter, putting her demanding colleague in his place) (Safe)

"My mother always says I stick my nose in places it does not belong. I know we haven't known each other that long. But you are one of the best judges of character I've ever met." - (to Olivia, as Olivia reflects on her lost relationship with John Scott) (The Transformation)

"Should have gone with 'great taste - less filling" - (to Walter, sardonically about his open question on mankind's oldest dream) (Bad Dreams)

"What those school kids must've done to you." - (to Walter, after learning he was bullied when his mother dressed him up to play parts in school plays) (Brown Betty)

"You don't actually believe this? An ancient people who evolved before the dinosaurs just vanished without a trace? It's -- it's absurd... ...Atlantis? Peter. Come on! Help me out here." - (to Walter, flabbergasted at what he is pushing as a potential working theory) (6955 kHz)

"Um... I brought you something. Oh, no, no, it's okay. I got permission. You like it?" - (to her parallel counterpart on their final encounter, an offering of the very rare and valued commodity - - coffee) (The Consultant)

"This is not the end. We're gonna win this. And when we do, we'll be... drinking strawberry milkshakes in the lab and not even gonna remember that this happened." - (to Walter, trying to bolster the wilting nonagenarian's spirits before the final battle for mankind's independence) (An Enemy Of Fate)


  • Walter Bishop finds (or pretends to find) it nearly impossible to remember Farnsworth's first name.
His failures include ↓
Asterisk - in conversation (The Cure)
Astro - in conversation (In Which We Meet Mr. Jones), during an urgent request (Inner Child), during lab work (White Tulip), on an access roster (Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?), preparing to transfer Bell's soul into a brain dead man (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)
Asteroid - in conversation (In Which We Meet Mr. Jones)
Astringent - in the Lab Notes (The Dreamscape)
Astral - in conversation (Bad Dreams) as the first part of 'astral...projection', appearing to bait her, suggesting that he knows about his failures, or that they are intentional
Aspirin - in conversation (Midnight), rushing to leave for the market (The Box)
Asterix - in conversation and quickly corrected (A New Day In The Old Town). Knowingly, or not, the legendary Asterix is a diminutive, fearless, cunning warrior, always eager for new adventures... not unlike Agent Farnsworth
Astricks - during lab busy work (Of Human Action), during congratulations (Johari Window)
Ostrich - being summoned to confirm the color of blood (The Bishop Revival), while helping him up after a lightning strike (The Last Sam Weiss)
Esther Figglesworth - as part of the elaborate fable he imagines while entertaining Ella (Brown Betty)
Ashram - summoned to retrieve ingredients for a strawberry milkshake (The Firefly)
Claire - asking her to tend to the cameras in the lab shortly after he learns he may be returning to Saint Claire's (Subject 9)
Aphid - when summoned to bring Agent Lee more bacon to feed his transformation hungers (Nothing As It Seems)
Ascot - in his exuberance to see Peter and Olivia as a couple (The Consultant)
Athos - looking for a knife to dissect his lemon cake - pig brain cupcake (Brave New World, Part 1)
Alex - when he is explaining his plan to go find Bell at the A-1 Imports (Brave New World, Part 1)
Aspen - directed to find his shoes in Henrietta's apartment (Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11)
Afro - after he escapes Windmark and needs a music fix (Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11)
Astril - as he prepares to scalpel open an eye to defeat Observer biometrics (In Absentia)
Astrif - directing her to get the laser ready (The Bullet That Saved The World)
Abner - as he questions her about the potential explosive fire hazard associated with his bratwurst requirements (An Origin Story)
Agnes - anxious to get her busy with the laser and remove William Bell's severed hand from Amber (Five-Twenty-Ten)
Asner - demanding more heat as Peter returns with a stab wound (The Human Kind)
Acid - when asked to start cutting out more tapes from the Amber (Anomaly XB-6783746)
Asgard - as he declares her brilliance when she suggests a surreptitious method to spy Liberty Island during Michael's rescue (Liberty)
  • The name Astrid is of Old Norse origin, and its meaning is "fair, beautiful goddess". Currently, it is a very popular name in Scandinavian countries for newborne girls. It is also somewhat popular in Canada.

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