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See Amber 31422 for additional details.

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A chemical substance called Amber 31422 was developed by Secretary Bishop in the parallel universe to contain micro-blackhole events causing devastating tears in the fabric of his universe. The alternate universe Fringe Division uses this technology to quarantine the damaging spatial rifts after damaging energy signatures are detected.

Amber 31422 is released in gaseous form, which later solidifies. Anyone who is encased in the solidified Amber is declared legally dead. Secretary Bishop has admitted to Colonel Broyles that those encased are in a state of suspended animation. The one known escapee from the Amber said he was mentally aware during his four years in the Amber, (described by Danielle Rose). Rose was revived from his suspended state after considerable effort by his brother. It is not clear that all those encased in Amber can be revived, or that they survived at all. Secretary Bishop warned that removal of those encased in the Amber will weaken the structural integrity of the Quarantined area.

A similar technology (The Ghost Network) was used by Matthew Ziegler to retrieve a glass disk from Evelina Mendoza's hand. He released a canister filled with the aerosol, causing the bus passengers to choke, then freeze, in the translucent substance. Walter Bishop described the event - "like mosquitoes trapped in amber", and theorized that the gas turned solid after coming in contact with nitrogen. The Science Team deduced that the compound used in the attack is composed of 14 different chemical compounds, three of which were exclusively manufactured by Massive Dynamic subsidiaries. Allegedly, a similar technology was deployed in Prague and resulted in fewer casualties.

In 2015, Walter Ambers himself along with Peter, Astrid and William Bell in catacombs near Massive Dynamic. Not far away, Olivia suffers the same encasement near Central Park. In 2036, all except William Bell are extracted due to the efforts of Henrietta Bishop and her desire to locate her parents. Simon Foster devises a primitive method of Amber extraction, but is encased in Amber as he physically extracts Peter from two decades in the substance. Walter's Lab is partially filled with the Amber he activated there in 2015. When the science team returns in 2036, they work with lasers to remove the Amber and retrieve the videotapes Walter left there with detailed plans to defeat the invading Observers from 2609.

Known Quarantine Sites

  • Harvard Yard - October 17, 1989, when the aerosol was initially deployed to combat an inter-dimensional rift. (Amber 31422)
  • Central Manhatan Sinkhole - 1989 event in Central Park that consumed a lake and loitering helicopter. (Amber 31422)
  • Madison Square Garden (Fringe Event 89722) - quarantined in 1999 due to unstable wormhole. (Over There, Part 2)
  • Orpheum Opera House - quarantined in 2010 after William Bell sent Peter, Walter and Bolivia through the portal between universes he created. (Olivia)
  • Franklin Street Station - initially in 2006, then again in 2010 when Matthew Rose was liberated and Mark Wilner was trapped in an amber. (Amber 31422)
  • Riverdale Mutual Bank - quarantined after Joshua Rose caused a Class Two Breach. (Amber 31422)
  • Central Park, New York. Stabilized the wormhole from prehistoric times. (The Day We Died)


  • In Olivia, the glyphs code shown in commercial breaks spelled out AMBER.