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Profession:  Bowling Alley Manager Portrayed by:
Kevin Corrigan
Also Known As:  Seamus Wiles (pen name), M. Weiselauss (pen name)
Connections:  Nina Sharp, Olivia Dunham
Seen In:  7 of 100 episodes
Status:  Unknown
Remarks:  Assumed that he died protecting the relayed radio signal coming from Thimble Island


Nina Sharp recommended Olivia meet Sam Weiss (Night Of Desirable Objects) following her initial return from the alternate universe. According to Nina, Sam is not a psychologist, but he was able to help her recover from the ordeal with her arm. Olivia later discovered that the Sam works as a bowling alley manager. Sam Weiss predicted that Olivia will get headaches.

In Fracture, Sam Weiss helped Olivia recover from her shaky hands by asking her to tie shoelaces. He told Olivia that he helped Nina Sharp control her robotic arm by teaching her how to eat french fries. Sam realizes that Olivia was not sleeping well, and she confessed that the headache he had predicted could be coming true. He explained that Olivia might be experiencing acute nominal aphasia and that some of her memories are still inaccessible. Her legs recovered after confronting Sam Weiss for playing mind games with her.

In Dream Logic, Sam asked Olivia if she could collect business cards from people wearing something red. He later advised Olivia to circle one letter in each name from the business card, both first and last, then find a phrase out of those letters. This technique eased off grieving Olivia.

In Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver., Olivia once again visits Sam in the bowling alley, seeking advice for her sleeplessness and secret she is hiding. Sam was able to help Olivia in cracking the case when he cryptically shared his childhood memories in the middle of a Clue game.

In Concentrate And Ask Again, Nina Sharp visits him at the bowling and challenges him. The names of the various authors of The First People books seem to indicate that he wrote them. He avoids answering that question and addresses her concern about the device.

In 6:02 AM EST, he suspects that the fabric of the universe is starting to disintegrate, closes the bowling alley, moves out, and starts to monitor the vortices as they occur. Olivia eventually locates him - he needs her to take him to the Wave Sink Device.. she needs to trust him.

In The Last Sam Weiss, he and Olivia find an ancient key in a museum that identifies her as the second human factor involved with controlling the Wave Sink Device. He explains his heritage in the grand scheme, but is left behind as non-essential personnel when the Science Team relocates to stop the devastating events.

In Black Blotter, Olivia finds a corpse in an RV near the radio relay transmitter in Northeastern Connecticut. A wallet in the vehicle contains Sam's driver's license from two decades earlier.


  • "You're giving up? I tell you he met a girl and moved away, and you're just gonna give up?" - (to Olivia, her first lesson from Sam about persistence (Night Of Desirable Objects))
  • "Whatever it is you need to hear. You'll figure it out. Gotta go." - (to Olivia, during a phone call about a hidden message from random business cards (Dream Logic))
  • "Oh, I don't know. I'm older than I look. I barely remember my childhood. I'm also taller than I appear." - (opening up to Olivia about his childhood while playing a game of Clue (Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.))


  • A chalkboard in Secretary Bishop's old Harvard lab (Over There, Part 2) has the phrase "A DEMONS TWIST RUSTS" written on it. One anagram for this is "DON'T TRUST SAM WEISS". The commercial break glyphs for the episode also spell "WEISS".
  • Seamus Wiles, author of the fictional book The First People, is an anagram for Samuel Weiss (6955 kHz). M. Weiselauss, author of the German Version - Die Ersten Menschen is another anagram for Samuel Weiss (Concentrate And Ask Again).

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  • When did he help Nina?
  • What is/was the nature of his relationship with Nina?
  • Did he work for Massive Dynamic at some point?
  • What did he mean when he said he is older than he looks... barely remembers his childhood... taller than he appears (pp.)?
  • Does he have a psychic connection with Olivia?
  • Does he know about the parallel universe?
    • If so, what is his connection?
  • Does he use the pen name, or alias, Seamus Wiles?
    • If so, was he the author of the 1897 book The First People (6955 kHz)?
    • If so, does he have a connection with the Number Stations and the device components?
  • Did Sam die in a gunfight with Observers/Loyalists defending the radio relay transmitter in Connecticut?


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